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Welcome to the first day of your new life. Embers is an afterlife fantasy cyberpunk RPG, running since 2006, first under the name War Chain, and then under the name Tamashii no Chikai, originally as a Bleach RP. Some Bleach influence still remains, but it is all presented differently and features new elements. The recent 2016 reboot under the name Embers follows a very similar standard and focus that War Chain and Tamashii no Chikai did, and we hope Embers will grow into its own free of its fandom ties. Here's to 157,000 more posts!
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Lucain, Nyori

Nyori Lucain Offline Eidolon // dragonborn 443 HP 271 Years Male Misere
Lucain, Nyori Jan 10, 2018, 06:54AM // 1435 Words

Nyori Lucain


Cool Story

Most view Nyori as something of a fire-ball. Despite this, however, there is an underlying soothing quality to his persona, which seems almost entirely illogical, but there it is. He makes friends relatively easily, and almost effortlessly, and often eventually becomes severely attached to those friends. If one should decide to mess with his friends or those he otherwise cares about, they'll quickly find Nyori is a lion and he doesn't put up with that. Oddly, these two polarities of his personality shouldn't mesh at all, but he's found ways of blending them together.

While Nyori does make friends relatively easily, it's the first steps that turn out the most difficult. He finds it difficult to become interested in socializing with those he doesn't know on some level, as he's more than accustomed to people becoming his friend and then stabbing him in the back. Nyori is, thus, somewhat aloof with strangers, and may be a little gruffer than he needs to be. Nyori occasionally will just make decisions, and to hell with the consequences. This has been construed as courage, at times, which he does have to some extent, as he tends to dive right into the ocean and take the waves as they come, and very little will deter him from his course. There's also virtually nothing that scares him. ... except spiders.

He has many reasons why he shouldn't give a shit about anyone or anything, but, true to his Lucain name, Nyori cares a lot more than he lets on. He'll help almost anyone that needs it and he can give a helping hand to, and if he finds someone that's deserving of his empathy, they have it. It is in his rare moments of compassion that one sees that soothing quality to his personality. Regardless of his outward facade of being nothing more than a punk with too much time on his hands, he is more than capable of, and has on many an occasion, soothing others when they are down. Under most circumstance, he will, too. Unless he is completely and entirely inebriated. His speech, oddly, becomes more intelligent sounding when drunk, but he is seemingly incapable of empathy while drunk.

Nyori is a spitfire. He can be immensely hot-tempered, but those little momentary periods of irritation are not anger. Those are just irritation, and when you really get his anger, you may well not know, because his anger doesn't run hot at all. When Nyori is truly angry, it is icy. The kind of anger that is far too calm to be real. Under his punkish facade, he's actually rather intelligent. You aren't raised by the oldest Diablo alive only to turn out a complete dim-wit. Much of his intellectual thought, he keeps to himself. Who knows what goes on in his head. Sometimes, he doesn't. Loyal to the point of stupidity, anyone that gains his loyalty, and it is mildly difficult to do so, has a life-long friend that'd gladly take a bullet for them, if not worse. Nyori will often put himself in direct line of fire for someone he cares about, if not make other really, really stupid choices, but he doesn't regret any of it.

Despite keeping most of his deepest thoughts to himself, Nyori will tell you what he thinks. You'll hear his opinions someday, whether you want to or not, because that's just how Nyori is. Loud, and he has no issue speaking his mind, or telling you the truth everyone else is afraid of telling you. He's the kind of guy that doesn't say what you want to hear, he says what you need to hear, and if you can't handle the truth, you've got no business hanging around him. Nyori doesn't dance around the proverbial bush. He gets right to the point, and calls a spade a spade, because it's a spade, and it doesn't need to be called anything else. Along similar lines, if you do beat around the bush and turn rhetorical into a new language, he probably really doesn't like you. Nyori is very honest, and feels the mere idea of lying in a situation where the truth is not life-threatening is absolutely the dumbest thing he's ever heard in his life. Nyori is also a man of his word. He never says anything he doesn't mean, or says he'll do something and then not do it. Even if he can't, fuck if he won't try.

He may be loud and somewhat lacking in grace and finesse, but Nyori's a pretty decent guy, and he usually means well.

Regardless of his rougher exterior, Nyori's not hard to make friends with. Assuming you can, however, tolerate his abrasiveness. He has no chill, to be honest, and if you're being a dumb ass, he will tell you, usually rather flatly and bluntly. He has no time for more problems, so if you prove to be a problem, Nyori has no problems walking away from you.

He is a loyal person, however, so if you manage to earn it, you'll have a hard time losing it.

Nyori has a few enemies. On the other hand, he doesn't much give a shit. He'll deal with it if and when it becomes a problem.

Pfft! Well, Nyori's not entirely closed to the idea, but I believe he is demi. He seems to be pan, too. And good luck. Nobody seems to really be able to tame him, so, keep in mind he's liable to remain at least somewhat wild.

Current Residence: Asgard. Sort of. He drifts between Iuna and Asgard.
Alliance(s): Lol.

Daemon Name: Misere (Misery)
Daemon Appearance:
Misere is a dark red metal gauntlet, with three claws at the end. The claws can be retracted, depending on how high Nyori's reiatsu is at any given moment (when he flares it, they snap out).

Release Description:
In release, most of the changes are to Nyori; his hair turns white, eyes a bright fuchsia, and he gains long talons. The rest of Misere is gone in release.
Release Abilities:
-- Misere increases Nyori's reiatsu passively the entire time she is released. It works kind of like a Hierro.
Schatten Blut-turns the opponent's shadow against them for a short duration, causing a shadow-based explosion at their feet.
Schleif Seele-creates shadow- and reiatsu-based teeth that slam down on an opponent. This can hurt. A lot.
Geisterkralle-releases shadow energy blades when Nyori swipes with his talons; these have a 75% chance of injecting a shadow venom that deteriorates the enemy's strength, halving the damage they deal for a short period.
Nehrung-uses Nyori's blood as a catalyst for a poison that slowly breaks down and seals the enemy's reiatsu. Once they run out of what they've already tapped into, their strength drastically drops.
Windschatten-uses Nyori's blood as a catalyst to create a massive vortex of red and purple energy blades.
Dunkle Bote-allows Nyori to paralyze and harm his opponent by attacking its shadow. Typical dodging rules apply. The fainter the shadow, the less damage Dunkle Bote will cause.