Livian, Ryhil

Jan 18

Ryhil Livian

From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues come our honors.
You can't call Ryhil quiet, but neither is he necessarily loud, at least, not in the traditional sense. Rather blunt and unafraid of telling the truth, Ryhil doesn't sugarcoat anything, even incidentally, and whatever he says, he means. Some may find him irritating. Some may find that he's too open a person for their comfort. The thing is, though, Ryhil doesn't give a fuck. He is what he is. Either you accept that, or you know how to get away from him, because nobody's making you stay.

Admittedly, however, Ryhil can be a bit like the wind, always moving and never really staying in one place, or sticking to one task or project too long. He's a difficult guy to pin down, even with such things as responsibility and duty. This isn't to say he doesn't get them done and meet these expectations, but if he does, he will meet them because he wants to, not because other people expect it of him, and, well, he may also tell them quite bluntly exactly where they can shove all that. Needless to say, if you're looking for a push-over that's easy to take advantage of, Ryhil is not your guy. Unfortunately, in the Kazanic courts, you can't take your time learning who'll play you and who won't, and how to recognize it when they do, because none of them really give you the leisure to do so slowly. And Ryhil learned -- Ryhil learned fast, and he learned hard, so don't try playing games with him, because he'll teach you the rules.

He goes wherever he feels like today, and does whatever it is he feels he should, no more, no less. There's little he cannot do if he puts his mind to it. Stubborn isn't exactly the word, it's perhaps more of a bull-headed determination that drives him. There's a fire in his heart, and he doesn't intend to let it go out. What he does decide to do, he does whole-heartedly. He's sharp and witty, but he isn't perfect, and he doesn't try to be. Mostly, he just tries to be the kind of man he can live with being. He's done well so far. While he isn't uneducated, he's got enough of a street-smart to go with it, fortunately, as he's a pretty common sight all over Asgard.

Most wouldn't peg him for it, but Ryhil's pretty creative, simply not really in the traditional paint-splatter sense. Admittedly, he could probably learn to do that, too, if he chose, but he's more creative in the resourceful way. He learns, learns well, and wields the power knowledge gives him rather spectacularly. Ryhil's also not above cutting tradition and tried-and-true up, to put new spins on old things, and make these old things better suit him and what he needs them for. Similarly, he's pretty skilled at taking charge of his life. His intuition rarely steers him wrong, and he's usually pretty well in touch with his spiritual side, which guides most of his choices -- enough he rarely ever goes a bad direction, or makes a truly horrendous decision. Many would argue this isn't spiritual so much as intellectual deduction, but either way, it serves him well.

While he isn't loud, he doesn't hide, either. If he has a particularly strong opinion about something, someone's likely going to hear it. Despite being raised in relative privilege, Ryhil hardly acts it. Many take him, at face value, to merely be some punk kid ( and he'd admit to causing more trouble than he needs, sometimes -- his conflicts are occasionally his own fault ), but that's exactly how he likes to be seen. He's just Ryhil. Screw the rest of it.

I'd like to say he has many. I'm sure he has an impressive number of them, really, as he's relatively outgoing. He has a habit of going everywhere and meeting everyone there is to know -- most likely, he's met pretty much every major organization leader there is in Asgard, probably met all the flight wingleaders and nation rulers, President, King, Chancellor, doesn't matter, he'll meet and greet anyway. He's not a rare sight in Valhalla, either, as he's pretty tight with Metella and familiar with the Ironscale Flight's wingleaders.

I'm sure he has a few. Either those that dislike him personally, or simply consider him to be in the way due to his particular status as a Prince of the Chaos Court -- and the only one of them left, at that. Either way, he's not afraid of you. Just remember that.

I do not believe he's poly. Strangely. Huh. If a relationship happens, it should evolve on its own.
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