Lucain, Tihaan

May 7, 1218
Chaos Court

Tihaan Lucain

It is neither strife nor foe that drives a man to evil, it is his own mind.
There are many that wonder why, exactly, Tihaan followed a standard soldier pathway, instead of becoming a healer like several of his siblings did. Certainly, Tihaan has the right demeanor-he's neither overly loud, nor too shy or anxious, and has a pretty decent head on his shoulders. Few would call him a genius, as few would recognize he is one, but he certainly is not stupid, and his mind leans toward the fantastic. If he can't think of how to do it, he'll figure it out, even if it sounds like it should be impossible. That word does not seem to be in Tihaan's vocabulary.

Like most of his family, Tihaan tried that soldier thing, first. He did, however, learn very quickly that wasn't where his real strength lie. He still has some trouble with opening up to others, and will tend to keep a good deal of himself hidden away in normal interaction with others, but he has a very deep, strong-running current of compassion and empathy, almost to the point some wonder if he is legitimately empathic. It's certainly not a far fetched thing to wonder. Simply, though, he's just very familiar with emotions and how they work, typically, Tihaan can figure them out easy enough, even if they are not his own-perhaps especially when they are not his own.

In some situations, Tihaan can still be illogically jumpy. Sometimes, these episodes of jumpiness really don't seem to have a source, they just are, but he'll hide for a day or two, probably spend a lot of time writing and randomly hugging his siblings, and then go on like nothing happened. In all things, Tihaan is progressive-minded. He's always examining how things are done, and pondering ways of doing them better, and more efficiently, and sometimes this leads to him throwing plans and ideas at his aunt Metella at seemingly random. One can't really claim Tihaan lacks in passion, because, like any Lucain, there's a lot of fire in him. His anger, on the other hand, runs cold.

While naturally friendly and personable, he's not the sort to be friendly and personable with people he doesn't see a reason to be so with. Ergo, if he doesn't like you, for whatever reason, he will take his leave of your presence, because he's not going to be nice to people he doesn't like just to keep the peace, whatever peace there may be. It does mean, however, that, at least in Tihaan's case, his being friendly to you really does mean he likes you, and you always know what he thinks of you and where you stand in his eyes. Tihaan does not trust easily, and despite being friendly and approachable enough that he likely has many people that consider him a friend, very few of them are truly trusted. It isn't that he doesn't consider them a friend in return-simply, if he had to choose between relying on them or sticking it out on his own, he'd rather choose doing it himself. He's not entirely sure why, he just knows he will tend to second-guess everything even his closest friends do, and those he does trust, he often questions why, even if he doesn't voice it. So discerning in his choices is he, that his questions of why typically come back wanting for a reason to cease trusting them, and thereby he normally never does, despite the consistency of questioning it.

What emotions Tihaan feels are felt quite strongly. He is rather over-emotional, he's just very good at concealing it. He recognizes that his emotions can be used against him, and he's very careful of to whom, exactly, he shows them, but, yes, they are quite strong. At times, strong enough it almost knocks the wind out of him, literally. It is perhaps a good thing, that he feels so strongly about so many things, because he doesn't move unless he does feel strongly about something. Unfortunately, this has a bad side-effect of causing him to feel perhaps guilty, that he can't be in all places at once, and can't do as much as he wants, can't help or save everyone. There is also a part of himself, a rather large part, that blames himself for his father's current mental complexities, and perhaps a tiny part of him that resents his birth family, wherever they may be.

In all things, Tihaan means well. His execution and reasoning may be off, but his heart's in the right place.

I'm sure he has friends, or at least, people he's friendly with. Tihaan's not a wall-flower like his father is, but sometimes he does need space. Actually, he's rather outgoing and sociable, so I don't see him being particularly obscure.

He teaches at the Valkyrie Academy, but when he's not doing that, he helps the Fourth Division's mental health unit.

Eagles will not like him. He's liable to snap on them.

Good luck. Very gay, demisexual, organic evolution.
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