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Lucain, Surya

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Lucain, Surya Nov 15, 2017, 07:32PM // 1162 Words
Most that know anything about the Lucains typically find Surya does not fit this mold. While the majority of the rest of his family are seemingly made to stick out, in some ways, it is incidentally Surya that does it the most, as he is nothing like them in personality, at least, not on the surface. Under that calm, placid exterior is something a little more akin to what one typically expects from a Lucain, but it takes some time to unbury it. Surya is quiet, reserved, level-headed, and calm. He keeps is counsel, unless someone asks for it, and even then, he may not say all of what he's thinking. Further, unlike the rest of his family, he may not outright lie, but he does not always tell the truth, or at least not all of it. This very much depends on the situation and to whom he is speaking (okay, Surya doesn't speak-interacts with is more accurate), and it can be rather difficult to determine where you stand with him, as he does not make it obvious. Whatever he thinks of you, he usually will not put into words. You have to guess and make inferences and extrapolations from what you can glean by how he acts around you.

The trick with Surya is, he speaks, perhaps just as loud as the rest of House Lucain, but he does it in a very different way than they do. He does not use words, instead much of his communication is entirely non-verbal, body-language based. Surya communicates in expressions, weight shifts, nervous tics, postures, gestures, physical contact, and similar. The truth is, he is just as terrible at concealing his thoughts and emotions as the rest of his family are, but learning to understand the way he expresses these is difficult a task enough, most never really know what's going on in his head. You're not missing much, he'd be the first to tell you. Surya keeps to himself, minds his own business, and rarely will initiate social interaction outside of the necessary. He does not make waves-his family make plenty of waves for him, and Surya is content to remain unnoticed in the shadow of the tsunamis they frequently create. He isn't upset by the fact he has very little peace or stability in his life, but he does desire it, and enjoys the little snatches he gets here and there.

An entirely unbiased party, Surya rarely ever becomes emotionally entrenched in anything. He's very neutral about most things, often to the point of complete indifference. It's not unheard of for him to end up isolating himself, either on purpose or on accident, and he's never really felt like he belongs anywhere. Despite the very obvious, and repeatedly proven, ability to weather storms and handle conflict well, he will steer away from it entirely where possible, often compromising, or outright sacrificing, to keep the peace. If something bothers him, usually, he will not say anything, and just continue on around it. Surya isn't much for ambition, and generally doesn't want anything in life. He considers it a bit of a success, that he doesn't, that he's happy enough with the life he leads and isn't consistently reaching for something else, but some may say this is actually rather a bad thing. He is a decently hard-worker, and whatever and whoever he believes in, gets his full backing with no questions asked, but he does have issues with decision-making. He's more of an indecisive fence-sitter, lacking any confidence in any conclusions he comes to, waffling, changing his mind constantly. Quite frankly, there's a maelstrom under his calm exterior, and he's perfectly content to leave it there. Should his emotions get out of hand, even, he'll rather immediately shut them down, and maybe he'll go back to them later. ... maybe.

Surprisingly to many, Surya is a pessimist. It takes a lot for him to see the good in anything, and most of the time, he'll lean toward seeing the bad things. He easily falls into mental cycles wherein he cannot see any good at all, and will think circles into a depression swing. He gets easily overwhelmed, emotionally and mentally, and it is actually quite easy to sensory overload him. Surya can also be quite jumpy, and occasionally will be jittery, and unable to hold still, jump at the slightest things out of what he considers 'normal,' and generally be an anxious mess. These episodes can last for weeks at a time, but usually only a few days. He prefers to remain on the sidelines of things, watching and not getting involved, and will tend to shy away from new things. Given time, he may eventually warm up to them, but it certainly does not happen overnight.

If he has friends, they are small in number, and have likely been friends with him for a very, very long time. He is at least friendly with people that are on good terms with either his wife, father, or grandfather, and he's usually not quite as distant with others in Eighth Division. He's a wallflower, really, and doesn't usually draw any attention to himself whatsoever, so I don't see him having a lot of friends. If you want to make friends with him, he's a decent one to have, at least, prepare for some work.

Anyone that really considers him an enemy, probably knows him as Gannicus. He uses this name in Asgard. And he will rip apart Eagles that are causing problems or being a general nuisance. And for fuck's sake, do not mess with his kids or his grandkids. Or talk shit about his father or grandfather, for that matter. You may not know who he is before then, but you will definitely know after that.

He is quite married.
I believe he might be polyamorous, but he is also notably demisexual out of necessity. It takes a lot for him to trust, a lot more for him to love, and he's also straight. He's sort of homophobic in that other men coming onto him can set his anxiety off, so I wouldn't try that.

Still, don't expect an overnight fairy-tale. It won't happen with him.
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