Embersong, Zhierven

Firebrand Flight

While somewhat mysterious, and not as jovial and outgoing as some, Zhierven is nonetheless relatively friendly and approachable. He's easy to communicate with, and observant enough, he often picks up on small unspoken things that are often lost in translation. Empathetic, caring, and compassionate, Zhierven never turns away from someone that he is in a position to be able to help, if and when they need it. He may not ever contact these people again, but he finds a personal fulfillment and satisfaction from helping those that need it. He never asks for anything in return, quite happy to just go the pay it forward route.

Highly intuitive, Zhierven's gut feeling is usually right, and some have called him borderline clairvoyant. He's just very good at picking up on signs and signals, and reading body language. Though he is often outwardly rather calm and placid, internally may be another story; he is, however, very good at masking the inner maelstrom, but it's not terribly often that he has to deal with such things, either. Zhierven's very self-sufficient, and has a decent self-esteem. He makes a good leader, as he has a clear head, thinks well on his feet, makes decent decisions, and has good management skill. Further, he doesn't tend toward force; instead, he influences rather than being demanding.

He does have a habit of occasionally trying to do too much at once, and can get rather scatter-brained. He's also prone to splurts of selfishness, and some can find him a little egotistical and conceited, and can get a little too creative, more into the idealism territory than merely having an overactive imagination. During times of stress, he can be awfully closed, turn deceptive and secretive, experience difficulties expressing himself, and can flip between over-emotional and non-emotional.

Willing to give anyone a chance, maybe a few chances, Zhierven probably has acquaintances everywhere. He does like meeting new people, experiencing new things, though he's not quite as outgoing and loud about it as some. He's prone to wander in curiosity instead, and has a habit of meandering into wilderness because it is grounding for him. As he does like to help others, he's not a rare sight in places where others often need assistance.

Perhaps some don't much care for him; he doesn't take this personally, but neither will he be particularly prone to hanging around where he's not welcome. As is typical with dragons, he is a passive sort, and will avoid conflict rather than instigate it.

I'm sure somewhere in the wide yonder is someone that can capture his heart. Good luck, you may need it. As normal for dragons, he is pansexual, may or may not be polyamorous. I'd prefer any ships develop on their own.
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