Skyclaw, Shiloth

April 9
Seventh Division
Annyocharis Flight

Level-headed and down to earth, Shiloth is a practicality sort of Dragon. He has a practical and rational approach to almost everything in life, a steady and warm presence that feels perhaps a little like home, and yet not quite. Shiloth isn't unfriendly in the least, and prefers to be approachable and personable; while he isn't necessarily open, he is certainly friendly, and is hard not to trust. There's certainly not a single thread of ulterior motive in him, and he is quite direct in his manner. He means what he says, and if he doesn't say it, well, he doesn't mean it.

It's hard to ruffle his proverbial feathers. He has a level-head and keeps his wits even amid crises quite well. He thinks decently on his feet, and makes tough decisions quickly and efficiently. He's not one to mince words or waste time, he gets right to the point and the heart of any matter. However, despite being very practical and logical, he does have a streak of empathy, and he finds it relatively easy to see things from someone else's point of view. Thereby, he makes a decent mediator, as he can take in both sides of a conflict and come to a decent solution rather quickly. He has a spiritual streak, but it is very quiet and much a personal thing. He doesn't flaunt that spirituality, nor does he shove it under anyone's nose, he just knows where he stands.

Sometimes he can be excruciatingly stubborn, and perhaps not exactly reasonable in his stubbornness, but he does eventually back down when he knows he's wrong, and will admit to and own his mistakes.

Shiloth makes a very stabilizing friend. Again, he doesn't say what he doesn't mean, and he won't say things that make no sense for him to say merely to abate the fears or deep-set concerns of a friend. He tells them what they need to hear, and this isn't always what they want to. But he's okay with momentarily being the bad-guy, if it means he helps. He's always willing to lend a helping hand, but he won't do everything for you; you'll have to make some semblance of effort, too.

Given his warm personality, and how approachable and relatable he is, many find it easy to become at least friendly with him, and given time, Shiloth will consider them a friend and poke in once in a while. He does know where he's wanted and where he's not, however.

It's hard to imagine a dragon has enemies, but perhaps there are some that are afraid of him or some such. He pays it all no mind.

Off the market, sorry ladies and gents, Shiloth is happily mated.
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