Blackstar, Morohtar

June 9, 914
Light Court

Morohtar Blackstar

Shoot now, shoot later, fuck asking questions.
Snappy, somewhat aggressive, and actually pretty blunt and sarcastic, he's not really all that nice of a guy. He's got a very no-nonsense attitude, about everything, and doesn't hesitate to tell people what he really thinks -- or tell them to shut up if he thinks they should. One always knows where they stand with him, because he very bluntly and flatly tells them, but in this way, he's a pretty decent guy to know. He may be grating, he may frustrate and tick people off, but he never says anything he doesn't mean.

Still, he can be pretty difficult to deal with, and his personality is almost always changing. He seems not to have any real personality of his own, but instead kind of mirror the personalities of those around him to some extent. Even along those lines, however, he can be very hard to fathom and change demeanor on a whim; or for no reason at all, really. The only thing to really know about Morohtar is that you never really know him, and don't fool yourself into thinking you do, because the truth is, you'd be very, very wrong.

If you can speak sarcasm well enough, he's decently personable. He doesn't set out to drive people away, but also doesn't necessarily invite them, either. If you've a decent amount of patience, you can get along with him fine.

... I doubt he really has any. Likely, just people he interacts with here and there, whether because he wants to, happenstance, or because he needs to for work or whatever. He doesn't consider anyone a friend, not really. Some people he dislikes a little less than others, but he goes where his whims nudge him and he realizes not everyone can deal with someone like that; sometimes, he can't even deal with himself. Ha.

But, it is possible to mean something to him, even if he doesn't use the word friend, so it's not entirely hopeless. Just don't expect to be buddy-buddy too quick. He's got a job to do and no time for anything that stands in the way of that. That simple.

I'm sure there are plenty of people that don't like him, don't want to like him, and the feeling's probably occasionally mutual. Whether this will go anywhere interesting is in the air, as he still has things to do and not a lot of time to do it in.

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