Livian, Lucius

August 22, 107 BCE
Tenth Division
Seat 06

Lucius can be a little unexpected. Rather than being book-smart or even military-smart, he's more of a common sense kind of guy. It runs strong in this one. Which is probably a good thing because really, it does keep him from dying, and death, after all, is bad for your health. He's entirely non-judgmental, treating people how they treat others. If you act like a giant douche, you'll probably be treated like one, but as long as you're personable and decent with him, he'll return that.

He's a very loyal guy, that... probably ought to be more concerned about more things, but he isn't. He lives life day by day, and doesn't really stress things too far ahead of him to prevent, or things out of his control entirely. He's a bit dense, one could assume, or at least... naive? Sort of. Sometimes the simplest of things go over his head, but he doesn't mind occasionally being out of the loop. He's a really flexible person, and he doesn't find serious fault in messing up once in a while, or being wrong, making mistakes; these just serve to remind him that he's human, that's all. Even... though he's also kind of not?

When Lucius decides what he's doing, he gives it all he's got, so he's not a half-ass kind of guy. If he says he's down, you can count on him being down. Rarely he'll change his mind halfway through something, you'd have to really mess up or turn out to be a complete douchenozzle for that to happen. Given he's still allied with Metella, after she's gotten him crucified not once but twice, that should say something. In most aspects, Lucius cannot be called a proud creature. Very rarely he may have some semblance of pride, but it is reserved for very specific things. Surprising, even if only because of his upbringing, but he did learn early on he's not as special as his father likes to think he should be, and retained a certain level of humility, in spite of what his father had planned for him. Very little will get on Lucius' nerves, but you go trying to act all high and mighty like you matter more than someone else by virtue of fuck if Lucius even cares what got into your head, and you'll have trouble with him pretty quick. He doesn't tolerate mindsets like that, and no one should be surprised.

He makes a decent friend. Once you've earned his respect, you're not liable to lose it easily, and he's a decent listener. His advice isn't half bad, either, albeit probably more simplistic than most are used to. But one can say this for him -- he does not put up with bullshit, especially from his friends and people he respects, because he expects better of them than that.

I see him having of acquaintances everywhere, but only a small handful of real friends. He is personable and open, and he knows how to cut loose and have fun, but his trust is a little more difficult to get. He does have an easy time getting along with most people, and may even be able to befriend people that are less than warm and welcoming, through sheer stubborn. So if your loner character with a bad attitude needs a friend, they may well get one in Lucius.

He's kind of hard not to like, really, and he doesn't exactly make waves. When he's not at work, even, he becomes just another dude and anything that happens in front of him while off-duty is not retained and used later. Usually; depends on what it is. He keeps his head down pretty well, so I don't know that he'd have many real enemies outside of work. But hey, there are probably many that don't like him, and he gets bonus points for having Metella's last name, holla.

Lucius does have a wifey that he loves very much, and that will not change. However! I do believe he is polyamorous, and simply never really had occasion to think about it. He's pansexual, so he can swing either way. He may be more resistant than usual until he and Iulia are reunited because he has decided he only needs to love one person and she's gone, so, he's done. But you can spin one-sided things if you need somebody for that.
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