Kajiyama, Ichiro

October 1
Seventh Division
Jade Tigers

A decidedly quiet type of man, Ichiro's words are very short and to the point in most circumstances. He is a rather giving, intelligent and tenacious type of person smothered beneath his logic. Because of his innate ability to shove emotional ties aside, he is often sought after for advice, something that got him where he is today. A natural born leader, he has a natural charisma and knack for initiating things and keeping the gears turning. He has learned over the years to calm his originally rampant ego, and can be quite the pleasure to be around if you like silent types, when he so chooses, however he does still have a very commanding presence.

Possessing an indomitable will and persistence, Ichiro never gives up on something once he sets his mind to it. He will get what he wants whether he has to work at it for years or not. As far as he's concerned he's got all the time in the world, so why not. He has a very direct sort of manner and calls a spade a spade. People always know where they stand with him, even if he is a little blunt sometimes.

Despite all that, he is a very wise person, serene and prudent, firmly rooted in his morals, ethics and responsibilities. Led by logic rather than emotion, he tends to seek to plan his life out as far ahead as possible, to expect the unexpected and control his destiny down to the last detail. His disciplined reserve is well admired among some creatures with which he's come into contact. However, he is so bound by logic and dependent upon his own control of things that he does have a fear of the unknown.

Because of that fear, he tends to question his instincts, distrusting even his most cherished dreams and seeing his whims as frivolous distractions. Ahh... he has a very random streak. ... very... very random. Neither a strength or a weakness, but his mind changes about as often as the weather does, and he has very arbitrary and hard to follow thought trains. His mood can change without any warning at all, as well, and when he feels an emotion, he feels it very strongly - both good and bad. He's so intelligent that he tends to question everything, and few really understand what's going on in his head - it's not as random as it seems like it is.

If he has friends, and I'm sure he does somewhere, they should be of the very patient sort. He sort of bounces between being impetuous and impatient, and being practically made of stone, and keeping up with his whirlwind of emotions can be... trying, if nothing else. This complexity seems to exacerbate itself when he's spent any significant amount of time around Izayoi.

Any enemy of the Chaos court is no friend of his.

Aside, he does have a friendly rivalry with Yanxi. Friendly, because they've not come to blows.

He has a crush on Asmodeus. Shh, don't tell. I do believe he may be poly, though.
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