Jeon, Habaek

January 31, 1328
Sixth Division
Ebony Lions

Jeon Habaek
Very few know what to make of Jeon Habaek. His outward demeanor is, for most intents and purposes, tranquil and calm. Not much seems to make it past the surface, beyond his serene exterior, though some may manage to wrest some semblance of emotional expression out of him, typically entirely on accident. It is often rather difficult to catch him off-guard, but it can be done, and by this point in his life, he's stopped being so surprised when it happens.

Habaek does not mince words, to say the least-many find his outer demeanor to be intimidating, and others often have trouble approaching him, and very few can find anything to identify with him through. His life has not been easy, but his hardships have been dramatically different from the vast majority of those of the rest of Asgard. In many ways, he's still very out of touch with reality, or at least the reality most would know and understand. At times, even the most simple things to someone else can be puzzling enigmas to him, and he often fails to really grasp basic concepts of survival. Habaek is not lacking in intelligence and self-preservation, however, and despite most appearances otherwise, if forced into a position where he had to, he could probably survive on his own-it may, however, be far less gracefully than it'd be for anyone else.

At his core, Habaek's not entirely sure how to live, or how to make his own decisions and come to his own conclusions in certain aspects of life. He does what is expected of him, and while that may occasionally be a terribly interpreted mess, whatever it is he thinks is expected, he still does his best to live by those principles that were instilled in him from a young age. He spent perhaps too long fighting it, whatever it was his family thought was his destiny and his role to play, both in society at large and in their own smaller one, and then he gave up. Now, Habaek is strict enough with himself that, he'd be very lost without those principles and expectations. While he may hold others at a very clear, well-defined distance, he does not handle being alone very well, as being alone means there's no pressure and no expectations, and he has no idea what to do with himself without either.

One would be hard-pressed to call him intelligent. Most don't know him well enough to call him anything, but while he can be ignorant and naive in some ways, he is certainly not stupid. Habaek is actually rather observant, and does need some semblance of at least mental stimulation in order to remain as serene as he typically comes off. He also still possesses a very strong streak of temper, and it doesn't take much to make his anger flare-he's simply very good at hiding it and channeling it into more constructive applications. Many find him somewhat arrogant. Habaek clearly thinks himself to be above most, and never doubts his ability to succeed in endeavors he pursues. However, mostly, this is just confidence that expresses wrongly in him. Habaek never claims anything he doesn't feel he has earned the right to claim, so at the very least, he can put his money where his mouth is.

In all things, understand this-Habaek is always thinking, always mulling something over, always wondering. He may look like something didn't really sink in, that he doesn't really care, that he isn't paying attention, but he is. He always, always is.

Habaek does not make friends. Instead, he makes acquaintances that at least don't have an explicit interest in murdering him. Those he is at least not hostile to are generally not very low in number, as he doesn't make a habit of being unnecessarily cold to those that have done nothing to warrant such treatment, but he does nothing to invite camaraderie and familiarity, either.

He may be more willing to unwind and actually make friends with someone, genuinely enough that he actually finds himself wanting their company, but I suppose that may take some time. He's had two best friends in his life; Taeyang disappeared and never came back and Hisana died, and Habaek's never really found it in him to try bonding strongly with someone else again.

I know a lot of people probably don't like this guy, but if you think you're worth his time, you've got another thing coming. He has no time for babysitting annoying brats, so go be an annoying brat somewhere else. ... he may, however, whack into an Eagle pretty damned hard.

-cackles maniacally- Come at me bro.
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