Shiba, Shigeru

November 1, 924
Fourth Division
Jade Tigers

Shiba Shigeru

Don't love what you can't trust. Don't hate what you can't have. Don't say what you can't show. Don't judge what you don't know.

That one word can define Shigeru in almost all ways. In all his dealings, he sticks by what he believes to be right, even if he's the only one that believes it's right. The good news is, he's usually not wrong, but sometimes this does make him out to be something of a bad guy, to those that have no idea what angle he's coming from. He's not upset about being the bad guy when he needs to be, however. He's the sort that's really honest, and sometimes he can be overly so, but his heart is always in the right place. No one has expectations for him but himself, no one is harder on him than he is, and while for some that makes them incessantly lazy, it did the opposite with Shigeru. He gives everything he gets involved in all that he's got, and sometimes this is far, far too much, and he can easily be trying way too hard. Actually, usually he is. He trusts his own intuition, what he feels is right, keeps the best interests of others in mind, and follows his own internal moral compass, and damn everyone that'd judge him for it or the decisions he makes.

Some can find him to be a little too stubborn. He won't deny it, because they're probably right. Shigeru is the sort that looks to the past when thinking about the future, and he prefers structure and organization in his life. He sticks to traditional, tried and true, and new ideas and concepts can take a bit for him to warm up to before he'll try them. This isn't to say he dislikes going outside his comfort zone, because it really depends on the situation and in what way. In some things, he'll dive headlong into the latest big thing, but in his personal life, don't expect it. He follows the same routines, the same patterns, and while his organization is exceptional, sometimes he does need to branch out a little and try new things. He can also very easily get trapped in a cycle of doing essentially the same things to achieve a specific result, and never really getting much further than that.

Incidentally, however, despite this issue, he has an easier time changing things where they affect other people. The Fourth Division were the first ones to start recognizing, observing, and attempting to learn to deal with mental health, actually many dozens of years before the living world did. Shigeru actually spear-headed this, as he started to see the same patterns of emotional and mental trauma in the people he interacted with on a regular basis, and then began seeing them in others, and started trying to make sense of them, and come up with plans of helping these people live with these varying disorders. Someone else probably would have done it eventually, but Shigeru introduced Asgard and Valhalla to the concept of a mental disorder, and he remains relatively decent at identifying them even now.

In most situations, Shigeru is always thinking about someone besides himself. He has very few, if any, personal ambitions, and he finds his reason and drive in other people. He needs to feel like he's useful, because for a good number of his earliest years, no one considered him to be that. Quite frankly, he's probably lucky to be alive and functional, because he could have easily ended up spending his entire life in bed. Ultimately, Shigeru doesn't want to feel like he's wasting the life that he has, and rather easily gave in to the urge to help others, because it's in helping others, often-times, that you ultimately help yourself.

Shigeru has an odd sort of bed-side manner. Much of the time, despite his rather deep-running and hair-trigger temper, he will angle for the patience and quiet disappointment. In his work, he's not liable to be particularly judgmental, pushy, or even unnecessarily blunt, but he doesn't have time for that in his personal dealings. With his friends, he's far more likely to smack you upside the head and flatly inform you you're a douchenozzle. It is, in a sense, how he separates work and personal. Captain Shiba is a very kind, compassionate, and perhaps surprisingly understanding man. Shigeru, on the other hand, may be compassionate, may care more than he says, but he won't be your enabler, and he'll be a bit harsher than expected.

He thinks well on his feet, and he's very good at handling crises-Shigeru doesn't lose his head in the moment, and it takes a lot to get him to panic. The closest he's ever gotten couldn't even really be considered panicking, and it certainly wasn't close enough to it to completely disable his ability to think. His head may be going in anxious circles, but he's still getting things done. He's rather good at putting things aside in the moment, and coming back to them later, and unlike some, he really does go back to them later. Perhaps merely because of his dealings with others and heavy involvement in the mental health department of the Fourth, he has very decent ways of handling his own emotions, and is usually quite aware of what he feels-and what you feel, too.

Shigeru makes a good leader, as he is very capable of impartiality, but he can be a little harsh sometimes. He's always fair, however, at the very least, and he's led the Fourth Division since he was a few hundred years old. The Fourth was the first division he joined, and will be the division he dies in, because there is nothing more he wants than to die knowing he went out having spent his life helping people. Shigeru is always thinking ahead, but this makes it difficult for him to live in the now, and he can get extremely anxious over future events and even possible future events long before they happen. Getting stressed out tends to trigger him mentally making mountains out of molehills, and his anxiety will flare and turn him into a jittery mess. He also has a bit of an addictive personality, and can get himself easily trapped in cycles, and he has issues with hyper-focusing too much. Shigeru is actually rather intelligent, but it is not a particularly scientifically-leaned brilliance, more of a common sense one. He has a particular talent for finding very obvious things that others overlook and pointing them out.

Whatever you do, don't mistake his mercy for weakness, or his kindness for lack of will. Yes, he saves people. But he also knows exactly how to bring someone down, too.

If he has friends, he hasn't seen them in a long time now. He is very sorry for his lacking attention.

Mostly, Shigeru is busy. Like, insanely busy, because he loves his job, he loves his Division, and he loves feeling like he's a worthwhile investment of oxygen. Or whatever the hell it is they breathe, probably loose Force particles, not really the point. The point is, he's known for hyper-focusing, really badly, and then looking up five years later and going, 'Wow I meant to go say hi to so and so like five years ago.' It sounds absurd, but it happens.

Shigeru is at least friendly with everyone, and he always has time to be someone else's shoulder. But for him to hang around you on a more consistent basis, he'll need to learn to trust you. For the most part, he can control his cerebral palsy, but when he can't, he is a sitting duck and he knows it. If he's going to spend more time around you, away from work, he needs to trust you with his life, because essentially, that's what hanging out with you away from safe spaces is. Shigeru trusting you with his life.

Sounds perhaps overly heavy-handed, but, that's the life he lives.

He's a Tiger, I'm sure Eagles probably have issue with him, and some of the older Snakes may not care for him, either, but look, he doesn't care.

Lol, honestly. Gay as fuck. Demi as fuck. Busy as fuck. Good luck.
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