Owen, Rory

Twelfth Division
Seat 03
Jade Tigers

Rory Owen
One thing you learn about the Owens, they never mince words and never say anything they don't mean on some level or another. This remains as true for Rory as it does for Ciaran. The trick, if there was going to be one, is that Rory doesn't have to tell you what he thinks, and he's pretty aware of this. He never lies, mind you. What he says is always what he thinks, or the truth, at least insofar as he is aware of it, but he doesn't always say everything he thinks. If he feels it's important, he'll say it, particularly with those he is close to, but beyond that, don't expect him to be very open or blunt with you, because he won't usually be. To most, he's relatively reserved. Almost the precise opposite of his brother, who is impulsive and doesn't tend to think before he speaks, Rory is far more refined, a little more controlled (he does still have a temper, he's just better at containing it), and while he's friendly, personable, somewhat magnetic sometimes, there's plenty more under the surface you'll inevitably miss.

Rory has a lot of care for others. Not to the point he's particularly self-sacrificial, or liable to put his own ass on the line to save someone else's, it depends on the situation, but he makes his decisions based around what he thinks is best, not only for himself, but also for those closest to him. He's not above shoving his nose into someone else's business if they're close enough to him and making their decisions for them, either. If you're close to Rory, and you're doing something stupid, look, he's going to interrupt your stupid-pattern and make you think about it, at the very least. Rory's far too old by now to bother with the childish see no evil games, and he certainly doesn't have much patience for the cute little self-destructive pathways people tend to get onto when they're depressed. He's a decent person to turn to for advice and guidance when you're a little lost, but expect him to be extremely blunt and maybe a little rude about it. The fact is, he doesn't sugar-coat anything. He pulls all of your short-comings out, and shoves them under your nose, because nobody's got time for that kind of negativity in their life, and if you want his opinion and advice, you'll get it. It won't be what you want to hear. It may hurt a lot, maybe even more than it needs to. But he's probably one of the few people telling you the truth.

While he can be blunt and sarcastic, he doesn't usually get angry. He has a temper, but he keeps it under fine control and rarely loses his cool. If you're really being annoying, he might snap a little, but only a little. The thing with him is that it takes a lot to make him snap, and when he does, it's not an impulsive snapping; it's more of a snapping that aims to make a point, even if you don't really recognize the point right away. Rory doesn't get angry over minor irritations-when he gets angry, it's over something a little bigger than rapping your fingernails on your desk for an hour. It boils down to deciding where to expend his effort carefully. As annoying as rapping your fingernails on your desk for an hour may be, it's not worth Rory's effort, because some days, he has a very finite amount of it, and most certainly, he won't be spending it snapping over something stupid. Besides, Rory does take some pride in managing not to lose his cool. He's the sort that always has his, and at least on the outside, it appears like he has all his ducks in a nice, neat little row. The truth may be a little different, but certainly no one else needs to know that. He's also found that brash, jumpy anger is relatively easy to manipulate with, and, well, at least one of the Owens should be immune to this.

For the most part, one couldn't call him necessarily very ambitious. Rory doesn't seem to have too many goals for his life, and for the most part, he's content to ride the waves of life. Most of his wants are usually insignificant to others, and fleeting, more like whims than true wants, but some of them he will pursue anyway. He could easily be a Captain or Lieutenant of Valkyrie, but he has no desire for either one, and truth be told about it, most think he's much weaker than he is (psychological advantages). If he bothered, he'd be a decent fit to Second Division, if only because he has decent luck separating one from the other, and he does believe very firmly in the ideal that when someone he cares deeply for messes up, it's almost something of a personal responsibility to help, even if they hate him for it. But look, Ciaran does stupid shit all the time, but he means well, and Rory doesn't want to end up on the wrong side of a battlefield from him someday.

All in all, Rory's a decent person, but he's not going to put up with too many peoples' bullcrap, and the funny thing is, the more you mean to him, the less he'll tolerate.

He seems the type to at least know a lot of people. He may not really be friends with them, exactly, but they're familiar with each other enough he probably often manages at least general pleasantries with most of Valkyrie. Rory does remember names very well, so he probably at least knows your name. He's a decently friendly sort, though, and doesn't shy away from socializing, so he may have quite a few friends. Just understand becoming his friend doesn't exempt you from his failing bullshit tolerance-if anything, it makes it more prominent, because he doesn't need that kind of negativity in his life.

Are you grown, or are you not.

I'm sure there are a few that can't stand his bluntness. ... he's also a Tiger, and he does expect Eagles to dislike him, but look, he dislikes Eagles right back. Come at him. He'll send you home to your momma.

I. Am actually not sure what sexuality he is. He feels a little demisexual, so this means any romantic relationships he gets into would probably take a decent amount of time before he'll respond to romantic angling decently. Rory doesn't have a damn single problem telling you to go fuck yourself before then, so just keep that in mind. I believe he may be pansexual, but I'm not entirely sure. May also just be flat out gay.
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