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Livian, Laelia

Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Livian, Laelia Oct 25, 2017, 08:23PM // 1572 Words
Peppy and energetic and cheerful, Laelia has a bright and vivacious presence that tends to draw people in like a beacon. She comes on strong and continues to come on strong, even to those who have known her for years. Most eventually learn to live with it. Extroverted and outgoing, she has seemingly boundless energy that spills everywhere, on everyone, whether you want her to or not. It’s hard to remain stagnant around her; Laelia is always in motion, always working towards one goal or another.  You can’t really call her a bit of a whirlwind – she is a lot of a whirlwind and has a tendency to uproot others and drag them along for the ride. Sooner or later, you will get dragged into her wake and you better hang on for the ride because it will not be a smooth one. Whimsical and chatty, Laelia doesn’t have much of a filter and says whatever comes to mind. At times, her thought processes are outright incomprehensible and trying to follow through on all her leaps of logic is an exercise in frustration.

While small talk may be difficult for some, for her it is easy as breathing and she can happily talk for hours and hours about trivial matters. Materialistic and superficial, most don’t peg her for the type for deep, philosophical discussions. In fact, most are quick to pigeonhole her into a particular stereotype, and this is very deliberate on her part. While she is genuinely as emotional and easily excitable as she seems, beneath all that bubbly cheer lies a cold and calculative mind. More than just her sister, Laelia is the sword of the Livians as a whole, always the first to get her hands dirty and cut swathes through their enemies. Every whisper and rumour eventually makes its way back to her, and she trades in secrets and gossip. Just assume she knows all your secrets, and she is willing and eager to use them to destroy you if you step too far out of line. Even as her intimidation is ensconced within the same net of bubbly cheer as the rest of her, you would be wise to not disregard her warnings. That jaunty playfulness that overlays her every action? Yeah, it won’t seem so lighthearted and innocent when it’s turned to toying with you.

Laelia does not play fair. Laelia does not take turns. Laelia does not bother herself with pride and honour and mercy when ruthless trickery is much more effective and efficient. Which isn’t to say that she is an amoral wildcard who cuts down everyone who stands in her way; simply, she lets others chew over the morals and principles for her and then does what they say. Laelia is a weapon, in every sense of the word, and doesn’t really consider herself much of a person at all. In her mind, she is a tool for others to use, and though she may choose who wields her, someone will, all the same. Actually very close to being a completely unselfish individual, any ambition or hunger for power that may be deduced from her actions is probably for the sake of her family as a whole, not Laelia herself. In fact, she’d be lost if she were to live for herself. She doesn’t know how to, anymore. Really, she never did.

In spite of her reputation and capabilities, Laelia is a lot more fragile than she would let on. She would sooner die again, a third time, than admit to it though, except to a few very select people. It is very easy for her to become overstimulated and anxious, and Laelia vanishes for up to days at a time, though usually only for a couple hours, when she needs to cool down. She tends to avoid loud, chaotic environments when she can, and unexpected touches may make her flinch or lash out. The smell of too much blood may send her into a panic, causing her to revert back to her Daemon form, or to not be able to maintain her Astral body. She hasn’t stepped foot outside Valhalla by herself in decades; the last time she tried, she came back and abruptly vanished for two months. … and do not even mention the Eagles around her.

Anyone can be her friend, and Laelia is always willing and eager to make new ones. This does not mean, however, that she will consider herself close to any of them. She’s been through a lot that most people can’t even begin to emphasize with, and while she doesn’t purposefully try to keep a distance, it usually ends up happening anyway. But, she’ll still be her happy chirpy self with whoever, so maybe that distance isn’t very noticeable. At the same time, she treats everyone the same, friends and enemies alike, at least outwardly, and it can be hard to read her true feelings towards you. Laelia doesn’t bottle or hold any of her emotions back, they just display in very strange ways. She was like this while she was alive, too. There is a method to reading them, but it’s such a convoluted language that it is almost not worth the effort. At any rate, she’s usually honest, unless she is toying with you. … not that she doesn’t toy with her friends, another thing that blurs the lines between friends, enemies, and frienemies. But, when she actually wants to destroy someone, she is very efficient about it, even if she takes time to play with them, so… if you’re alive and your reputation isn’t irreparably ruined, you should be good?

Gang members might have a harder time with her, even if you’re in one of the good ones, especially if you have a very visible tattoo. She doesn’t really like to think about… anything involved with them, not because she is purposefully avoiding the situation but because it hurts too much.

Any Livian worth their salt has their fair share of enemies. They tend to operate in a unit, so any enemy of her sisters or her parents probably consider her an enemy as well. With Seia marrying into the Lucains, this has expanded to include most of theirs, too. She picks away at the really bad ones, and makes it no secret that the ones who remain are only allowed to do so because she considers them too inept to be a real threat. Laelia doesn’t push herself into the limelight as much now as she did before, but she still does. There are probably just as many people who hate her as there are who love her. Laelia generally makes herself the first line of defense to any internal threats to Metella and Narcissa that come within Valhalla, so she is probably one of the more visible targets for animosity. … and if you’re an Eagle, stay away from her, stay away from her sisters, stay away from her parents, stay away from her nieces and nephews. Trust, the consequences of doing otherwise will not be pretty.

Laelia is very married, but she is also very polyamorous and free with her love. She doesn’t like to sleep alone, and it is not always her husband who shares her bed. Or only her husband…

Romantic feelings are sort of messy with her. Sex is just an extension of physical touch and affection, and Laelia tends to be very touchy and affectionate with those she likes. Either that, or it’s another tool for her to use. It doesn’t have any strong romantic connotations with her, but romance itself doesn’t have any strong romantic connotations with her, either. She’s not completely aromantic, maybe something like grey-aro, but friend-love and romance-love tends to blur together for her and she can’t really differentiate between them. You can think of her having at least a small crush on all of her friends. Even so, her actual relationships aren’t usually messy. Laelia hates displaying emotional vulnerability, but she also has a hard time holding her feelings back so they tend to come out anyway. And she is good with communication and won’t keep any secrets from you. Neither is she shy about showing affection. When she loves someone, she makes them feel loved.

If you want to approach this from a serious angle, you’ll need an established relationship with her first. Laelia doesn’t fall for people she doesn’t know, and if a stranger tries coming on to her she’ll probably string them along for shits and giggles and toss them aside when she gets bored.
Livia Andronica Laelia2,317 | Daemon | Roman Valkyrie Second Division
Narcissa Livian Offline Valhalir // Pham Thanh And I must live, knowing of all these fates that I cannot change, no matter what I do. 458 HP 2,109 Years Female Fourth Division Seat 13 Dahlia Nigrum
Livian, Laelia Jan 10, 2018, 11:52AM // 12 Words
... what the shit.

And Susu.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Livian, Laelia Jan 11, 2018, 09:23PM // 31 Words
LOL k. I was holding her back because she is so Much but I was gonna let her loose soon anyway because she's been getting bored and I am Afraid™.
Narcissa Livian Offline Valhalir // Pham Thanh And I must live, knowing of all these fates that I cannot change, no matter what I do. 458 HP 2,109 Years Female Fourth Division Seat 13 Dahlia Nigrum
Livian, Laelia Jan 12, 2018, 02:56PM // 28 Words
... yeah. I'd get her entertained before it's too late and the world implodes and I have to do an IC board reset because the universe broke.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Livian, Laelia Jan 20, 2018, 10:40AM // 35 Words
Omfg. She's like, god if I did that it would be awesome, and I'm like Laelia no. Which one did you want to do first, or do you want both of them together?
Narcissa Livian Offline Valhalir // Pham Thanh And I must live, knowing of all these fates that I cannot change, no matter what I do. 458 HP 2,109 Years Female Fourth Division Seat 13 Dahlia Nigrum
Livian, Laelia Jan 21, 2018, 01:33PM // 12 Words
... idk if I can handle all three in the same room. Lmao
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Livian, Laelia Jan 24, 2018, 12:10AM // 2 Words
u right............................................