Eccleston, Cynemaer

November 2, 934
Jeranith Duskrain
Ninth Division
Firebrand Flight
Rider Council
First Wing

Cynemaer Eccleston

It is not the honour you take with you, but the legacy you leave behind.
Most call him Captain Buddha, a moniker he gained from his eerie amounts of calm and collected. He doesn't mean to be unnerving, it just happens that he is. As probably befitting the Captain of the Investigation Division, he's more than capable of keeping his cool even in crises, and can make decisions quickly and efficiently with no trouble. Cynemaer doesn't tend to beat around the bush, either; he's rather direct in what he has to say, and doesn't mince words or say more than is really necessary. He isn't a very big believer in wasting time with sugar-coating and prettifying. If you're talking to him, after all, you'd probably better get a backbone sooner or later.

That isn't to say he's overly blunt or crass. Simply, he just doesn't say what he doesn't mean, what doesn't need to be said, and doesn't typically soften the blow, if there happens to be one. He's more concerned with getting his meaning across, and getting it across properly, that there are no misunderstandings. Cyne does notably have a bit of a soft spot for children and others that are quite a bit younger than he is, and may be a little less direct with them. Even only those that have a more child-like mindset, he'll tend to be a bit less blunt toward.

Given Cyne is a very observant guy, he can pick up on a lot of things most miss, and generally knows when one is playing him for a fool. And trust, he is definitely not one of those. He doesn't tend toward violence, but when pushed to it, he also doesn't tend to screw around in combat, particularly if he's fighting for something.

Thing to know: he's very blind. Don't bother.

Cyne can be hard to hold a conversation with; partly because he doesn't really engage to quite the same level as others might (no having a conversation with a brick wall here), and partly because he's unnervingly calm, all the time. It takes a lot to get under his skin, and thus far, no one's managed it.

However, he is a very honest friend, and will tell you what he really thinks, even if what he thinks may not be what you want to hear. He's not really afraid of losing his friends, either, and doesn't really tend to be particularly bothered when he happens to. It's almost like his friends are more attached to him than he is to them, but that's not entirely true.

In any case, he does stick to the friends he has, whatever may come, so long as they do the same. He doesn't give anything he doesn't also expect to get back, and if he finds he's in a one-sided friendship, he has no trouble walking away.

I'm... not sure if he has any, but maybe he may find a rival or two. I don't think he'd take them very seriously, which may just make it worse, so there's that.

He's poly. If you want to try, go ahead, but I'd prefer any new relationships evolve organically. He is bisexual, I believe, but he leans pretty heavily gay. As in, I can't really tell you for 100% sure he's not actually gay.
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