Shihoin, Iname

Feburary 4th
Second Division
Seat 05
Ebony Lions

Iname is a closed book with razor blades hidden between the pages. Everything seems relatively normal, for a second division member from the surface. He doesn't have much tolerance for stupid or for time wasting. His emotions rarely seem to ruffle the surface, to the point where someone who didn't know him probably would imagine that Iname doesn't have many emotions at all - which isn't really true.

Beneath that surface that his training allows him to maintain is quite a lot of things that, frankly, even Iname doesn't entirely understand. Guilt, anger, sadness - mostly by-products of grieving that was never properly handled. He doesn't share his feelings well, and he doesn't entirely know how. He generally prefers to pretend, even with Ciaran, that he's just fine. Even though the reality of it is that all this time later, he's still living a pretty hollow existence.

He does have some pride, and there is a large part of him that is extremely embarrassed by what happened out in Asgard, it's not something he'll easily own up to, and it's not something that he'll take well to having brought up.

But he does love very deeply, for all that it takes a good bit to get him to trust anyone. And he always pays his debts. ... Even the ones no one blames him for. And, when he doesn't have his reasons for hiding, Iname does like to give back, to an extent, in Asgard, to make sure no one else has to live the way he was forced to live. But currently Asgard is off-limits as far as Iname is concerned.

And he knows, he knows he should get the hell out of Second. Will he? Ah, currently the answer is no.

Iname's friends are mostly those who have managed to stick with him through a rollercoaster of things - including actively avoiding them at times. Really it's a miracle if he has any friends. Any he does have should be patient sorts, and maybe a touch on the stubborn side. He could use someone trying to drag him back out into the open again and, you know helping remind him how to live. He's not terribly patient himself, and isn't likely to spill his life story on anyone, save perhaps Ciaran.

A couple of the surviving Shihoins qualify as enemies. In a broader sense, the Eagles. At it's simplest - whoever his Captain tells him is his enemy, is. The joys of being Second division. ... Seriously though, Iname probably has a few personal enemies too.

Iname is happily taken, and anyone other than Ciaran making a move on him will get a firm no the first time. ... And probably meet his daemon the second time. He loves the redheaded sword monkey. ... They'll be married, eventually. Iname even has a ring already, he's just a dork.
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