Sorrenson, Kaspian

August 1
Soul Fighter

Kaspian Sorrenson
Soul Fighter

Victorious warriors win first, and then go to war. Defeated warriors go to war, and then seek to win.
He's a natural leader, and very determined. Kaspian can be a little tough at times, particularly in situations where a decision needs to be made on the spot, but he's actually not that terrible a guy in the end. He thrives on pressure, functioning at his best when there's some sort of it, and loves variety. He's good at keeping his cool, though internally, it may be an entirely different story. Not that you'll ever know that. Among his shortcomings is that he's actually rather self-centred, or at least he occasionally appears to be. He's known for preening like a peacock, though he often does not realise he's doing it, and worries about money a lot, again, internally at least. He likes to splurge on others sometimes, just because he can.

A business-minded person, he does really well in the world of figure skating. He knows how to play his cards right, bolster his strengths, and make up for his weaknesses in a way that has made him extremely successful. He hasn't won anything less than silver at any competition he's taken part in since he was in the junior division -- that was a little under ten years ago. Despite how confident and assured he can seem on the outside, though, not all his ducks are in a row. He gets nervous, he just doesn't show it, and he can be relatively sensitive, and easy to hurt. Even though some things may hurt him, he gets up after these hurts and stands again just fine, and moves on with his life. He doesn't have time to wallow in his hurts. Because of this, though, he never quite deals with them, either.

Kaspian is not an easy man to fool. Quite insightful and observant, he can usually see right through people's lies. He prefers keeping company with people that think the way he does, but he isn't completely adverse to branching out, either. He likes meeting new people regardless of who they are, or whether their thinking falls in line with his; it's actually more interesting if their thinking doesn't match up to his, because then he learns. Still, he doesn't like to disagree with his friends a lot, so he's unlikely to remain friends with these people. Further, he doesn't take very well to people that put up fronts and pretend to be something they aren't, and never will be.

Enthusiastic, charismatic, easy-going, and social, he tends to be naturally attractive to others. He has a way with words, a magnetic personality that stands out even when he's not entirely trying to. He is at least engaging and interesting, if a bit easy to distract, prone to wander off on quite random tangents, and seemingly not very serious about much of anything. He doesn't have much of a sense of inappropriate or appropriate, and is usually also quite straight-forward and honest. Highly independent, he doesn't believe in getting hand-outs, and everything he's got now, he worked his rear off for.

Mind, he can also be relatively blunt. Sometimes, relatively domineering and occasionally pretty arrogant. Usually, he doesn't have a clue he's embodying these facets of his personality until someone points it out, if they do, he's just a relatively proud person, and doesn't think twice about how his confidence can come off as arrogance. He's very comfortable in who and what he is; it just happens to come off wrong sometimes. He's no stranger to being a little pushy once in a while, either, sometimes well into the realm of being a little nag. While warm, engaging, albeit a bit of an attention-getter, maybe a tad boastful and a bit air-headed, he does have a temper. Most won't know it, but it's there, and it's not always a hot temper. He may snap eventually, but when you've really crossed a line, his anger is like ice, and it can sting pretty harshly, too.

Kaspian is so lively and engaging, it's hard not to like him. While he is a little bit of a preening peacock and can be somewhat arrogant, he genuinely cares about others, and will listen to them, usually with rather rapt attention. He knows how to make people feel important and valued, because he feels that everyone needs someone that does just that. Sadly, too many don't. He may not always be entirely serious about anything, but he's good enough at social cues to know when he needs to be serious, and he will be when it matters. Surprisingly loyal, he'll stick by his friends through thick and thin, as long as they're willing to do the same for him.

Thus, it's hard to imagine he has a small circle of friends. Given he's lived over half his life in the limelight, so to say, I'd be more surprised if he had less than ten friends. He probably even made friends, of a sort, with fellow competitors while skating. But he has quite a bit of charm and a way of making friends with even the most stubborn people. He'd probably know people all over, at the very least, even having friends in other, far away countries. He can also usually tell when someone else has higher than average Force, and he's liable to be relatively attracted to them - mostly because, look, you see dead things, that's not a thing anyone tends to explain, and he does make a decent mentor figure.

The worst I can see is, fellow competitors that aren't quite charmed by him exactly. Otherwise, it's hard to imagine he has any true, actual enemies. ... well, his ex boyfriend may count, and some may hate him because of that homo scandal a few years back...

He should be bisexual, leans toward men but he doesn't mind girls either, probably somewhere on the grey-ace spectrum, too (demisexual but not entirely, I guess), and very resistant to long-term commitment. Good luck. He should be polyamorous, however. Here's where it gets tough. Essentially, he's good with everything until you try meaning more to him than just a fuckbuddy or a fling, and then he's like okay, we're done here.

It's not really that he doesn't have interest in it, or that he doesn't have any desire to settle down, because it is there. He does want to. But he's been burned in relationships bad enough it takes a lot of effort on his part to even try beyond blind lust. It's also relatively common for people to get crushes on him, so feel free, just don't expect him to ever reciprocate. He's probably aware of it, he catches onto those pretty quick, but he will just completely side-step them, because addressing them essentially opens the door for them to become something deeper, and he decidedly does not want that.
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