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All The Little Things

Mirah Lucain Offline Valhalir // Huli 700 HP 533 Years Female Crimson Snakes Nar Heykel
All The Little Things Oct 21, 2017, 04:41AM // 1069 Words
Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Mirah wasn't freaking out. She was... okay, maybe she was freaking out. A little. Only a little! Tiny bit. Slightly. She was Mirah Goddamn Lucain, she didn't freak out, which sounded good in theory when she wasn't freaking out. Except, she was. She was totally freaking out. Internally, thankfully, she managed to keep it contained, hopefully she could continue to keep it contained enough that Andrei wouldn't see it. ... hopefully. Unfortunately, Mirah never seemed to be good at keeping secrets from him, or maybe he was just too perceptive. Not that she ever tried to hide anything major; she might occasionally be too stubborn and full of pride, but she wasn't stupid. Just. Personal secrets? Emotions. Feelings. Those things ... she was tripping over her words, even in her head. Gods, she was a mess.

Why was she this nervous anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal. At least, it shouldn't be. Not that she didn't care, or wanted to not care, just, people did this all the time. This, where two people went out for dinner, because they were friends and friends did this kind of stuff together. Not that Mirah herself had done it much, before, because she was bad at socializing and having friends. She did actually have a substantial amount now, only because she travelled so much, but they were less friends and more acquaintances. She didn't have any colleagues, not anymore, but she did have people who owed her favours and vice-versa, clients who kept requesting her services and who could make the jump to friendship if Mirah reached out or acknowledged their offered hints. Most of the friends she had, she wouldn't trust to watch her back. Mirah might accept their dinner invites, but she wouldn't offer it herself, not unless she needed something from them or to repay a favor.

She didn't do this. And yet, here she was, restlessly tapping a finger against the cracked wood of the bar. Gold eyes scanned the crowd that walked past, keeping an eye out for any familiar faces. One, of course, moreso than others, but Mirah knew people, and Andrei knew more, and she wanted to at least keep note of anyone who might see them. Her. With him. Not that they should care, but - augh. Friends did this all the time, but this wasn't just a friendly outing. Or, at least she didn't want it to be, though he might've taken it that way? ... did she want it to be? No. Or. Yes, because that was more uncomplicated, but - fff. Finally noticing her nervous tic, Mirah pulled her hand off the bar, smoothed it down the front of her dress, nervously ran it through her wavy hair. Wait. No, she didn't stop a nervous habit just to fall into another one. Not that she blamed herself for being nervous, because she didn't do this, she didn't, she didn't think about this sort of stuff, she didn't - she shouldn't care. It had just slipped out before she could stop it, and while she had mentally floundered for a way to take it back behind her blank expression, Andrei had accepted, and, and, and she was so lost.

Mirah didn't socialize. She certainly didn't go on dates. What the fuck do people even do on dates? Maybe she should've picked a fancier location. Then again, Andrei didn't seem the type for glitz and glamour, anyway, and an outdoor kiosk situated on a semi-busy side street seemed to suit him more than an expensive restaurant with a five-course meal. It wasn't like this was a trashy place, anyway, just, more of a homey feel. Like most places in Asgard, they served mostly drinks, but they did have food for anyone who needed it. Mirah wasn't hungry, but it might just be nerves twisting up her stomach. What was she doing, what was she doing, she didn't take gambles, didn't take risks, and yet...

"Here you go, Doctor." A cheerful voice shook her out of her thoughts. Mirah dragged her eyes away from the street to find a drink being slid towards her, water catching on the cold glass. "On the house. Try this while you wait, yea? Is it a friend, or...?" The bartender trailed off suggestively, mischievous smile on her lips.

With some effort, Mirah kept her cool, controlled expression. "Thank you, Amy." She peered into the dark drink, caught a whiff of something fruity. There was what appeared to be mint leaves floating amongst the ice. Blackberry mojito? Amy did like to experiment. "How's your grandfather? Are you working alone today?"

"Gramps is doing great! Thanks again, Doctor. He's actually in the kitchen right now." Amy waved her hand at the silk screen that separated the kitchen from the front of the bar. "Can barely tell he's got a limp, now. And yeah, but don't worry, I won't interrupt your date."

Mirah took a small, cautious sip, and pointedly ignored the wink that was sent her way. "Do tell Carson to be careful. His leg should be healed by now, but the bone is still weak. We wouldn't want him to fracture it again."

"Yes, ma'am!" Amy gave her a salute, then, thankfully, got distracted talking to another customer. Mirah let out a short breath, then turned her eyes back to the street. With the short distraction gone, she was reminded once more that she was nervous. Haah, she was so lost, she was going to muck this up. What was she doing, asking Andrei Deiorio on a date. Shit.

((Mirah: O V E R T H I N K S))
Andrei Deiorio Offline Black Mamba Valhalir // Ian You don't know me, so let me explain this to you once. If I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed. 746 HP 2,126 Years Male Crimson Snakes Commander
All The Little Things Oct 21, 2017, 09:40PM // 565 Words
Funny enough, Diego seemed more concerned about this than Andrei was. Not to say he wasn't actually concerned about it, but Diego was doing all the fretting, and Andrei was going to opt to do the getting things done. That sounded like a better plan. All 'Are you sure that looks nice enough,' and 'did you tie your tie right,' and 'you didn't forget a belt, did you'. Andrei, for his part, was smirking, and may occasionally be rolling his eyes, just a tiny bit. Diego was cute.

He needed his own love life, though. Not that this was-because it was definitely not-Andrei was too old for-and god forbid he have more kids-not that he'd mind more-okay then. Now that we've just gone in required male-thought circles...

Admittedly, though, he and Mirah weren't quite as close as they could be. He was always busy, and so was she, and it seemed a little odd for this one to come out of the blue. Andrei certainly didn't mind it, it wasn't like he had anything more pressing to be doing, and Diego sure seemed pleased he was doing something besides murdering people work, for once. Diego would be pleased for that. Perhaps he should take this more as a passing interest thing? It probably didn't really mean anything, and it'd be rather detrimental if he started making leaps that didn't have any business being made, here. It was just a-no it wasn't a-it was casual. Just a casual outing, you know, like friends did, or people that wanted to be friends and weren't quite there yet. He should-he should slow down a little, and not let his brain go into very awkward, random, nonsensical, ridiculously forward directions. Right.

One more adjustment to his attire-he was mostly ready, at this point, he was just stalling. It wasn't like he'd dressed up or anything, either, but Andrei did have a habit of dressing well, no matter where he went. He lost the tie at some point, his blazer left loose because it looked less strict and formal, guns hiding. Of course, they were still there-you never knew when you'd have to shoot at someone, and chances, Marcus Aurius Adranos did not take them. Playfully shoving Diego, who was still rambling and fretting, and he just blinked instead of bothering with anything else. He could've taken public transportation, but why bother when you could just-exactly.

Fortunately, it didn't take very long to find her (when did he start figuring out which thread of Force energy was her?), and he made his way over to her, settled down, careful not to sit on his blazer... "I do hope I am fashionably late instead of jack-ass late," he mused. "Diego made me change my clothes a thousand and one times. Just for good measure." For pacifying Diego's anxiety, more like, but Andrei had figured out his son had anxiety a long time ago, and learned to just indulge him. It was easier on him, and it made Diego feel better, both outcomes of which were quite rather worth whatever slight awkward it managed to dredge up.
Mirah Lucain Offline Valhalir // Huli 700 HP 533 Years Female Crimson Snakes Nar Heykel
All The Little Things Oct 21, 2017, 11:09PM // 789 Words
Of course, Mirah did sense Andrei's Force before she actually saw him. When did it become so easy, anyway. Then again, it did make sense, for Mirah to have committed his to memory, just as she had committed Metella's and the other captains within Valkyrie to memory when she had been among their ranks. It was pragmatic, because Andrei was stronger than her, because he ranked above her and could easily hurt her, because she usually needed to find him more than he needed to find her. In theory, at least. In practice, it didn't always play out that way, but. Though Metella was her aunt, so maybe it wasn't the same... ack. Mirah was still doing the thing, the thing where she was thinking in rambles because she was nervous. Well. To be fair, she usually was. Thinking, at least, and maybe it did count as rambling a lot of the time because of how much of it she did, but - but. She needed to stop. She needed to get a grip on herself, because if she could feel Andrei's Force then he could definitely feel hers, and he was skilled and experienced enough that he could probably read those small little fluctuations in it that sometimes gave away your mood. ... even without Andrei as a variable, Mirah should reign it back anyway. Sometimes, having elemental-aligned Force came with its downsides, especially when said element was something as volatile and difficult to control and predict as fire. There was a lot of wood here, and she'd already singed the doorframe of the Lucain mansion on her way out. Fortunately, only her mother had seen it happen, but. ... ah geez. She was definitely not living that down. Then again, without Andrei as a variable, there was no need for her to have to pay so much attention in the first place, and - god, could her mind just shut up.

She glanced up when she heard his approach, keeping the same cool, contained, neutral expression that she always did. It was actually her thinking face, but no one had to know that. Though this time it might be slightly edging into something more nervous, but she was careful to just keep it at neutral because her panic face was purportedly actually quite scary. Shit, maybe she should've picked him up? Though wasn't it usually the guy who - then again, it was she who asked him. ... you know, if she couldn't keep these new-fangled dating trends straight, he probably couldn't, either. She didn't know just how old he was, but she did know that he had a very long history with her mother's side of the family. Maybe she should - what were Roman dating trends, anyway? Didn't it involve ritual kidnapping...? Or was that marriage. Er. Probably marriage. Come to think, Mirah had walked in on her mother puzzling over the entire concept of dating once with Auntie Laelia and her husband, so... yeah. ... why was she thinking about this.

"It's alright," she said, keeping her voice smooth and level. ... ahh, that was cute. It was nice to know that Diego approved, at least of them being friends? Not that she could think of any reason why he shouldn't, but. Mirah worried, and she thought too much, that was just what she did. She blamed her mother. Axel, of course, had been ecstatic at the news, as had her brothers... and her sibling... and her parents... and her grandfather... and her other grandparents... annnnd her great-grandfather..... and her aunts. ... Mirah had long stopped trying to keep secrets within her family, but at the same time, she didn't exactly volunteer every detail of her life, either. One day. Only one day! How did they all know??! She could attribute it to most of them having their own information networks - Mirah did, too, not as extensive as some, but she had one all the same - but most likely, it was because they were all gossipmongers. Sigh. Not that she actually minded.

Her eyes swept over his outfit. "You do look good," she offered. A second later, she blinked and glanced away towards the bar when she realized what she'd just said and done, hoping that she was dark enough that he couldn't make out her faint blush in the encroaching twilight. "Your outfit. It, ah. That. Yeah." ... ahhh, shit. How very smooth and casual. She was already messing up.
Andrei Deiorio Offline Black Mamba Valhalir // Ian You don't know me, so let me explain this to you once. If I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed. 746 HP 2,126 Years Male Crimson Snakes Commander
All The Little Things Oct 23, 2017, 12:52AM // 478 Words
That was good. She didn't decide which one he was, but didn't seem to mind him being late, that was... that was good. See, he knew Diego was worrying about nothing, and it was totally Diego worried about being late and looking like a jerk, it was, it was definitely Diego. Because Andrei was much too old to be concerned about silly nuances like that. Well, Mirah wasn't, presumably, she was-fuck he didn't know how old she was, and really it didn't matter, she was an adult. Looking person... he was going to stop going down that thought path. If he remembered right, she was a Lucain, and the only Lucain pairing that'd made children in a long time was Surya and Seia-neither of which had had any kids since... at least half a century ago. Right. Yes, definitely an adult.

Did she know she had the same name as-probably not. He was not going to point that out.

"At least he means well, I suppose," Andrei mentioned. He sounded partly amused and partly exasperated, actually. Diego did actually have anxiety, it just wasn't as ah, active, as he liked to make it out to be. What? He got it from somewhere, and it was probably Andrei he got it from. He was much more refined and quieter about his anxiety, but Andrei did actually have it, and his mind ran anxious-circles sometimes. It was easier to blame it on the kid; most thought it was cute instead of going seriously, you're like two thousand-and Andrei was just shut up, I still worry. Perhaps a little more than most, because he was so old, he'd picked up on patterns and what was typical, and he usually knew what was coming long before it hit by virtue of recognizing these patterns and what was typical.

It was tiring.

That was kind of cute. Maybe he shouldn't say that. Instead, he just smiled a bit. "Thank you," he answered. "You do, too. Your outfit. But to be honest, I think you could probably make a sheet look like a dazzling gown." Actually, the proper way of wording that phrase was probably something more like 'you yourself looks good enough nobody would notice you were wearing a sheet,' but that didn't sound quite as flattering, somehow. English, it was weird. That was not to imply Latin was somehow better. ... wait, maybe that was kind of forward... oo, shit, he still didn't know the rules to this dating thing-not that they were on a date, it was definitely not a date-uh, quick, save it... "How's your day been?" ... that was mostly safe.
Mirah Lucain Offline Valhalir // Huli 700 HP 533 Years Female Crimson Snakes Nar Heykel
All The Little Things Oct 24, 2017, 02:55AM // 1003 Words
An expression that resembled amusement touched at Mirah's face, though it was such a light veneer over her (attempted) usual stoic mask that it didn't make the full leap. Mirah rarely had the opportunity or reason to interact with Diego much, or at all, but he seemed like a good kid. They've never had a reason to discuss their children before; the topic never came up. There was still no reason for it to come up now, and it made her... glad, that Andrei seemed so casual about mentioning Diego to her.

Or, wait, no, not glad. Happy. The right term was happy.

Not that it should. Andrei wasn't as reticent about discussing his son as she was about hers. Most people weren't, and maybe she shouldn't be, either, but Axel was a special case. Who's ever heard of a Valhalir having children with a human, anyway? And though she rarely saw signs of any active discrimination against him, that was only what she saw. Children hid things from their parents all the time, and she couldn't guarantee Axel's safety when she wasn't around. At the same time, there was only so much she could push her protection onto him. Axel was so young, but he was still an adult, and Mirah couldn't hover constantly at his shoulder. Still, she worried, perhaps more than she should. ... did Andrei even know that she had a son? Well, if he didn't, she wasn't about to mention him, at least not now. Mirah was notoriously tight-lipped, but she was even more so about her son, at least to those who weren't family.

Later, maybe, if this thing worked out. ... not that there was a thing here in the first place, that, no. It was. Casual. Yeah. Friends. They were... were they friends? ... it was probably some measure of sad that Mirah honestly wasn't sure. Where was the line drawn between friends and acquaintances, anyway? She and Andrei didn't talk that much, but still, they talked, and that was more than most people could say when it came to Mirah. But, Andrei was probably better at this than she was and had other standards, starting with having standards in the first place. Not that Mirah didn't have standards, just... she didn't know what they were, which was probably not much better. Ahhh, what was she doing. Why was she doing, jumping so abruptly from keeping her usual careful distance to asking Andrei, of all people, out on a... out. Asking him out. On. On a not-date. Because this was not a date, it was not, despite what half of her family said. Right. It was not a date, and she had absolutely no reason to be this nervous, or any nervous at all, to keep having to push back the urge to fidget under the gentle weight of his acknowledgement.

She was being ridiculous. He was - and here, that faint blush bloomed like wildfire. She turned to look at him, gold eyes startled wide. He was just. Nice? He was being nice? ... that was not a thing said by one who was merely attempting to be nice. Cool, cool, play it cool, she could do this, she could - how the hell was she suppoused to play it cool when she had always been the exact opposite of cool. Mirah pressed her parted lips closed, schooled her expression back into its - or - wait, maybe she shouldn't - and it faltered, somewhere between flustered surprise and her usual aloofness. No, that was not what she wanted, because this, THIS was what she wanted, this right here, or - maybe not this, exactly, but it was closer than the distance she usually kept. Closer, just, closer. She wanted him closer, she didn't want to push him away but how. How, how do people just do this, how could Tahsin and gramps make it look so easy. Shit, how could Axel make it so easy, it had to come from his dad because he certainly hadn't gotten it from her. Er. Words. He had. Question, right, words were... helpful, when holding a conversation, which was what they were doing, right. Ah. Ahhhhhh.

"Decent," she said, her tone perhaps a bit more cold than she'd intended only because she tended to flatline when she was surprised. Ah, shit, she needed - she couldn't just leave it at that - and Mirah let out a soft breath and shook her head, a small, rueful smile on her lips. "I'm sorry," she murmured, and glanced down almost shyly. "I'm bad at this." This, right here, making friends, holding conversations, socializing... rarely did Mirah regret the centuries of time she'd poured into her craft, and she still didn't, but she was starting to see why others might, now. "What about you?" She asked. "How has your day been?" This was how these things usually went, right? Her eyes rose to meet his, almost rested on his lips but skimmed past them instead and slid up the curve of his nose to linger at his brows, his hair, the only sign of her restless inner tension. It almost hurt to look directly at Andrei sometimes. He didn't have the brash, ebullient sort of presence of someone like her Aunt Laelia, but he was still... he was like quicksand pulling her in, and the longer she lingered, the faster she sank. Mirah didn't know why it was so easy to drown in him. She didn't know why she wanted to, why it didn't absolutely terrify her.
Andrei Deiorio Offline Black Mamba Valhalir // Ian You don't know me, so let me explain this to you once. If I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed. 746 HP 2,126 Years Male Crimson Snakes Commander
All The Little Things Jan 15, 2018, 06:57PM // 567 Words
To him, it was cute, really. The way she seemed to slip illogically between this and that, between hot and cold, almost. Well, she was related to Sahura and Seia, of all people, they'd undoubtedly chosen her name well. It was a thought he'd had before, admittedly, when considering where they might've gotten the idea to name her that. Inevitably, he always wondered where Kassandros had gone, and how he was doing, but, Andrei supposed it didn't matter. Kassandros never seemed the type that'd get lost in the transition between living and not-living, but he was also far less infallible than he'd have one believe. Andrei knew that, perhaps better than most thought he did. It was an odd thing to consider. She wouldn't remember him. Most wouldn't, perhaps, and it was almost strange Andrei did, but he'd taken a liking to Kassandros, for... purely business reasons. Of course.

Ah, yes, they were having a conversation. Back to the present with you, Andrei. He did his best not to laugh at her, albeit he probably seemed a bit amused at her momentary surprise, there. At least she hadn't taken his forwardness terribly, that was something to be quite thankful for. It was, perhaps, a little too early for things like that, their relationship still too uncertain to start treading the waters of off-handed compliments. Andrei was, at this point, a flatterer by nature, it was almost what he had decided was the thing he did. People took your harebrained ideas much better, if you flattered them a bit first. It only worked on certain people, though. Mirah certainly wasn't one of those people, but many of the politicians and businessmen he dealt with were, and it'd become almost second-nature, by now. Sometimes, he wondered why he'd stayed in the shadows and back alleys for so long. Then, he remembered, if you did, far fewer people were willing to look at you cross-wise.

"If it's any consolation, so am I," Andrei answered. He wasn't lying. Despite being decent enough with typical politicians and -- well, one could debate whether he was good with Eagles or not, given he tended to just put a bullet in their brain, and call it good enough -- other particular individuals, he'd never quite fully gotten the hang of interacting with people outside of business. Barring, of course, his family, but Mirah wasn't quite that familiar, just yet. "Ah, aside from the frantic running around looking for something that didn't make me look like a pompous jerk to wear, and the perhaps several hours of frantic pacing and Diego making fun of me for it, I lost track of how long I was doing that, honestly... rather quiet. I decided to do nothing today. I can't tell you if that's because I didn't want to do anything else today, or because I was too busy internally panicking to remember I had other things to do, because honestly, I don't know." Honesty was usually a good idea, right? Yes.

He coughed slightly, adjusting in his seat. "... at least I didn't smack into a wall today?" That was good?
Mirah Lucain Offline Valhalir // Huli 700 HP 533 Years Female Crimson Snakes Nar Heykel
All The Little Things Feb 05, 2018, 12:52AM // 502 Words
Really. Her expression slid somewhere to flat amusement, though she was still flustered enough that it didn't quite make the full leap. Already, she could hear her mother's gentle scolding, that she shouldn't be so quick to judge, but people like Andrei weren't bad at this. Not just this, right here, whatever this was, but with people in general. If rumours were right, he felt every tug on Valhalla and Asgard, and she knew he was charming without even trying - and no, it wasn't just her crush making her think that. Still, he didn't seem to be lying right now to make her feel more at ease. Perhaps his position belayed his naturally magnetic personality, or his long life had left him with a skewed perception. ... or he just didn't think about it that much. You know, like normal people. And usually, Mirah didn't think about this type of stuff, but her mind had a tendency to run when she was nervous, latch onto and overanalyze every small thing it could. Honestly, it was a bit embarrassing, but thankfully little of it actually leaked out into the world.

A small huff of amusement, and she glanced down, briefly, before looking back up, this time catching his eyes through her lashes. "Were you, now," she asked, the corner of her lips curled up. Did it make her a bad person, to be touched by his anxiety? Well. Not exactly touched, more... Andrei admitting to his nerves actually put her more at ease. Maybe it was the fact that he admitted to it so readily. She knew that not everyone was as reticent as she was, but it still made her happy. "There's no need to panic. I promise, you bite harder than I do." In fact, she tried to not bite at all unless as an absolute last resort, but most people didn't know that. Pacifists were seen as easy targets, and she had a reputation to maintain.

Probably not the point, anyway. "I thought your son was the one panicking, not you." Her tone wasn't light - it never was - but less serious than her usual. She leaned back in her seat, and her eyes made a slow, very obvious path down his body, making up for the short, quick glance she'd stolen before. Ostensibly to check over his outfit, but mostly to check over him. ... checking out was probably a better term to use in this case. "At least it wasn't a wasted effort." She'd already complimented him on his outfit, but it couldn't hurt to repeat it. "... is smacking into walls a usual concern for you?" That, ah. That didn't seem like a good thing. Albeit, he was probably strong enough that it shouldn't cause any lasting damage, but.