Valerius, Cyprian

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Cyprian Valerius

Could it be that I fell apart, it shows; the lines on my face ate away my smile.
If you can get past his terribleness, to the Cyprian underneath, he is very affectionate, caring, and loyal a guy. The problem is just getting to that. ... probably a little on the shy side, too. Otherwise, he's rather abrasive, snappy, and tends to be generally unpleasant to be around ( unless you are certain Diablo, as he cannot really be mean to him ). It's not really that he wants to be mean, he's just not really sure how to be nice, if that makes sense. Likely, there's also some self-defence in it, because if you get too close then you can hurt him, and boy he's tired of that.

This one needs patience. A lot, a lot, of patience. He tries, and he's doing a lot better than he has been before, slowly learning how to form relationships with others, and how to interact and socialise again, mostly from Gage. It's still a bit of a bumpy road, and he will still have days where you just frankly need to leave him the fuck alone, but, the good days even out the bad ones, or so.

I will warn you, he has: Borderline Personality Disorder, mild Histrionic Personality Disorder, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar, and is a Multiple System ( related to Dissociative Identity Disorder ). Systems are basically several different distinct individuals inhabiting the same body. Occasionally, he literally isn't himself, and the personality switches can be really jarring. He has about six other distinct people living alongside him. Don't worry; he's the vicious one.

Good... fucking luck, smh.

Basically, he has zero friends ( okay, two ), and zero interest in making friends. The problem is, he desperately needs them. Cyprian does not handle being alone very well, and his father basically ruined him; his friends will have to be patient, at least somewhat aware of the fact he's at least marginally damaged and willing to accept that fact and not ditch him because of his behaviours ( it's hard to overcome mental illness and constant abuse ). I'm not saying be a doormat for him or don't blame him, I'm just saying work it out with him instead of just walking away.

Most of his current relationships with others are probably very strained and more along the lines of enemies, maybe a few frenemies. He conflicts with others because he has no idea how to have an actual relationship with someone else that doesn't include hefty amounts of conflict, and is not entirely aware of how other people should be treated, and may be rather ... horrible and a bit cruel to other people out of sheerly not knowing any better, or just being in a really shitty mood. He's not actually malicious, in his heart of hearts; he just literally doesn't entirely know better.

He may also conflict with non-Eagles in Asgard, but he personally has nothing against any of the other gangs, so he's more liable to... freeze you to a tree and walk away.

Cyprian is a terribly difficult being to love, and he's very aware of that; even he has a hard time loving himself ( he's basically never, in his entire life, loved himself to any extent, and honestly probably isn't sure how ). Gage managed to get somewhere, though, so that's a start. Cyprian is very gay, but he is poly, so there's that. Good luck trying, and remember, organic evolution, and he has a limit to his ability to socialise and be intimate, so you may want to think about a second lover, because there will be days, sometimes weeks, where he just... can't, reciprocate, the way you want.
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