Delacroix, Axelle

September 29
Third Division
Seat 03

Outward appearances with Axelle are typically rather misleading. She tends to portray herself as a slacker, whom would much rather drink all night than do any form of work, but this isn't exactly the case. Her outward laziness and enjoyment of the high life are more of a front, to keep people from asking too many questions, and getting too familiar. If she seems like a ditsy party girl, few will bother looking past it and realise exactly what's under the surface. Axelle can get to be relatively lonely - we all blame Arion for that one, given he's never holding still, even when he doesn't move at all, and the rest of the family are much the same. Still, it's the only family Axelle has ever really known. Some part of her resents that she is essentially unable to help any of them more than she already seems to, and holds it as a bit of a personal failing. They saved her life, probably many times over, and she can't even seem to chip away at some of that ice in their eyes, and every damn one has some, even the most cheerful of them.

Axelle tries to be a rather supportive friend, but sometimes she falls a bit short. Once, and you'd never guess it, Axelle was a much shier, more emotionally closed and skittish person. She wasn't outgoing in the least, and preferred to hide from other people than to make friends with them, but somewhere in there, the Nikiatous managed to get her to open up and bloom a little. Unfortunately, they also managed to make her a little more head-strong and blunt than they were probably meaning to, so while she'll try being supportive, she is a bit go-getter. Axelle doesn't believe in moping, and will take somewhat straight-forward and occasionally outright impetuous pathways to deal with situations. Admittedly, she does have some tact, and Axelle can manage diplomacy when it suits her, but it really depends on the situation and who she's speaking to. Her actions and words are much less impulsive around Arion, but that's really because he's the sort of guy you have to mull over for a bit before you understand him or his angle.

She isn't without her teasing streak. Typically, she uses teasing to get her points across, rather than just plainly saying whatever it is, and if she's teasing you, she probably likes you. Again, she does not really do this to Arion, because Arion tends to take things terribly in unexpected moments and situations. Axelle cares for others a great deal, but she puts her own personal spin on her compassion. She's also entirely too aware of how attractive she is, and isn't above using her feminine wiles to her advantage. Probably, the only reason she can do so now without internally panicking is because she's never really had to worry about her own safety. Most would probably look at her friendship with Arion at the surface and immediately think he's being emotionally abusive to her, at the very least, but she's learned over the years not to pay too much attention to what he says, and she does understand he doesn't do this purposefully. Despite appearances otherwise, she's never really had to wonder too much if he really does care about her or just tolerates her, because when it matters, he shows instead of tells.

Because of this, and being extremely familiar with many levels of communication, Axelle's actually quite observant. You may think you're hiding things from her, but look, nobody can hide things like Arion. You're good, but you're not Arion good, and she can usually figure him out, so don't think she didn't figure you out. She knows, a lot more than she seems to, but she usually doesn't say these things she knows, because it's funnier to watch you think she's got no idea. She can also get quite serious when the situation calls for it, she just prefers to have people underestimate her. It works in her favour.

All in all, Axelle is spunky, friendly, and a lot more intelligent than she lets on. She enjoys the fun things in life, but she also recognises when it's time for the gritty things.

Axelle probably has a good handful of friends. She's not shy, not any more, and makes friends relatively easily. Some might question whether she truly considers her many friends actually her friends, but she does, in her way or perhaps just when it matters. She doesn't ditch good friends, but she may take some patience to deal with.

I'm sure she has some enemies somewhere, but they're not here, and Axelle isn't going to worry about it. They probably also have a habit of disappearing, if they're really a threat to her, a la Arion.

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