Deiorio, Andrei

September 19, 110 BCE
Crimson Snakes

Andrei Deiorio

You don't know me, so let me explain this to you once. If I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed.
A very level-headed and serious guy; he thinks well on his feet and has a practical sort of intelligence, rather than a scholar's. He had to learn and learn fast, and probably the hard way, in many cases. No thanks to his father, he is very family-oriented and his family comes before everything else, he takes it very seriously. There's some sarcasm and a fair bit of pessimism to him, and he has a dry sense of humor to a degree. Andrei has a vaguely off-kilter sense of right and wrong; he follows his own tune instead of the rest of the world's, and he will treat everyone with grace and civility until they prove to be unworthy of that gesture, at which point he revokes it without question.

Mind you, sometimes, it doesn't take a lot to prove unworthy of his grace. And then you're probably screwed.

Despite his appearance otherwise, as he prides in keeping control of his emotions and typically will flat-line them in social situations, Andrei feels his emotions very strongly. Sometimes his shoving them down to live around them does end in an explosion of a sort. During these overwhelmed periods, despite his blinding intelligence and street-savvy, he can become rather stupid. Andrei attempts to always do what he thinks is right, but he is still human, of a form at least, and makes mistakes at times. The good news is, he is very well-aware of his shortcomings, and has no trouble admitting when he is, in fact, in the wrong, and he will usually try and make amends for it. Others may not really understand what, exactly, it is he thinks he did wrong, but he does have a very strong internal moral compass, and he keeps to the standards that he has for himself, not the ones others tend to think he should be keeping to.

It doesn't come as any surprise to anyone the Mamba has a temper. Typically speaking, it doesn't run very hot, nor is it a particularly hair-trigger temper. Actually, it's so subtle and quiet that most tend to completely miss that he was ever angry at all. It comes in, it does its job, and it leaves. Unlike those that are more impetuous and less in control of their emotions, Andrei has had over two thousand years to hone his anger into a weapon, but many that knew him back then say he's not much different than he was while living.

Once a line's been crossed, and his ire is provoked, Andrei does what needs to be done, and that's that. He doesn't drag anything out that doesn't need to be, and despite him often needing to be angry in order to make such sudden, harsh decisions, rarely does he make them without some semblance of thought. The trick, you see, is that he is always thinking and considering. Easily could Andrei become someone that isn't a particularly good guy, and admittedly, he's had to be less than a model member of civilized society in order to take care of him and his on many, many occasions. He won't apologize for it. Andrei may not be particularly book smart, and the details of science-related things may go over his head, but he's watching. Andrei is watching, paying attention, extrapolating from what he knows and what he's seen before, and chances are, he's got you and your game long figured out, but sure, keep thinking him the fool. It works in his favor when you do.

He's a decent leader, and got a decent head on his shoulders, and primarily, the reasons why are he knows people. Andrei's had over two thousand years to watch and learn how humans and human-like beings tend to react to things, what choices they tend to make, how they bear hardship, and he knows in most situations what they'll do. He knows the signs that he's being played, or someone's trying to play him, at least. You don't live as long as Andrei has if you're naive and easy to pull one over on. On the other hand, he does know people, which makes it particularly good at putting things together, figuring out what people don't say, and really knowing it when someone truly needs help, and is just afraid to ask for it, or can't for some reason. He makes a good listener, because he gives off this sense that he knows what's going on in your head, and that he does actually care about it. Andrei's compassion is never shallow or faked, however, and he really does usually care about most people. Unless that someone is really horrendously terrible, then maybe he doesn't care as much.

Very little will make Andrei back down. Short of something very clearly life-threatening that he can't think of a way of getting around, Andrei goes and he does not stop. Stubborn to a fault, sometimes he's known to be stubborn merely for the sake of being stubborn, or because he isn't quite ready to admit he's hit a wall. Sometimes it takes a while for him to accept it, even if he logically knows it. He knows what he wants, and usually he knows how to get it. He's not afraid of a little hard work or even spilling a little blood if it means getting what he wants, and in some cases, he's more than willing to trample over others to reach his goals. If it's you or him, unfortunately, a lot of the time, he'll pick him. It depends. If you're in his way and you're fully capable of understanding and preparing for the ramifications of that, expect to get slammed into, and hard, because Andrei don't fuck around and he don't cut corners. If you're just in a bad place at a bad time, he'll just move you somewhere else, much gentler.

All in all, a decent guy, but don't make the mistake of underestimating him or thinking him some kind of god-sent angel, because his hands are as bloody as anyone's out in Asgard, and he's not entirely ashamed of it, either.

He probably has friends absolutely everywhere he can get them; the medical field, law enforcement, among other criminal organizations, among lawyers, anywhere he can make them, because when a guy makes enemies with a lot of people, he'd better make a lot of friends, too, if he intends to survive. So, if you're a name to know, he wants to know you.

He'll need some ride or die friends; maybe some sibling-like relations with people that he knows he can trust, right hand people he can turn to when shit gets hard, because it gets pretty dang hard pretty dang quick sometimes.

Primarily, I imagine a lot of Andrei's relationships are either mutual dislike, rivalry, or perhaps fear-based. He can be relatively imposing and hard to handle at times, and despite his down-to-earth approach to life and his humanity, I imagine a lot of people he doesn't know well are somewhat intimidated by him, or feel threatened.

He's not entirely uninterested in the idea of falling in love again, but I want it to be organic and happen on its own, as that's really not at the forefront of his mind, he has much bigger things to deal with.
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