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Little Light

Calypso Offline Diablo // Huli 780 HP
Little Light Oct 03, 2017, 03:28AM // 736 Words
The days all blend together here, not that she knew of any other place. Sometimes it felt like she should, scattered visages of what might be memories, what might be half-fantastical daydreams of another world. Maybe it was both. It was hard, sometimes, to tell what was real and what wasn’t, what was her and what wasn’t, what was past and present and future and real or unreal and what thoughts were hers, if she could even think, if time existed or if reality was a knotted line that kept twisting back on itself over and over and over again in an endless loop. Was she thinking this? Could she even think? Maybe it was someone else doing the thinking, someone else using her brain.

Not that it distressed her. Not that she thought it in as many words, fleeting images and emotions that flitted through her brain on the gossamer wings of a dragonfly. It didn’t matter. Didn’t matter, didn’t matter, nothing mattered, some things mattered, mattered to her, mattered to no one, mattered to only her and no one or no one else. Wait. Were those the same? What were the same? Calypso paused, handful of sand falling through her fingers onto another pile. She was building a mountain. No, a dune. No, many mountains. One. Two. Three. Four. Seven? Two. Four. Eight. She frowned and tilted her head, green eyes skating over the small piles of sand she had made. Piles. Piles. Many. Small steps so that she could climb up, up so she can touch the clouds and peer at the brightest thing up there, see what it was to touch solid light. Up. Down. She didn’t need them. She could step by herself. But you needed stairs to climb. But she could fly. But didn’t you need wings to fly? Calypso didn’t have wings. Or maybe she did. Or maybe…

She was doing something. Was she? Yes. She was looking right at it. Right at them. Them? Her. They weren’t alive, were they? No, if they were she would know. Cautiously, Calypso skated her fingers over one of the piles of sand, watching as the errant particles bounced off the edges of the small dunes. The wind picked up, blew more of the piles away, not enough to scatter them but enough to pick up the topmost pieces of sand and scatter them in the air. Calypso scrambled back, making a soft, surprised noise as she fell down from her previous knelt position. One arm raised to shield her face, other hand rubbing the tears away from where sand had blown into her eyes. She should be used to this by now. She was used to this by now. This world was the only one she knew.

The wind would die down soon. Maybe she should stand up. Maybe she should climb and climb and climb until she poked through the sky. Was there an end to it? She didn’t know. There shouldn’t be. … shouldn’t. Wasn’t? What was real? Was the sky real? Instead of climbing up, she flopped onto her back, arms falling limp at her sides, still with her eyes closed. Ah, see, the wind was dying down. She wanted to climb. She didn’t. Not by herself. Never by herself. She wasn’t by herself, though. Was she? Anxiety, familiar in a distant sense, pricked at the back of her mind, and she reached out, brushed at the familiar presences that surrounded her. Surrounded her now. Existed around her. Not surround. Few people approached her, but that was okay. No, it wasn’t. Yes, it was, because sometimes they seemed to hurt around her, and she didn’t like to see anyone in pain. Was it her who caused it? Was it them? She didn’t know. She didn’t want to see it either way. There were people around. That was enough. Where was Kassander? Again she reached out, sorting through the separate strands until she felt his familiar warmth. Here. He was here. She was safe. Safe from what? It didn’t matter. Did it? The moon may be the brightest light up in the sky, but Kassander was the brightest light, period. She didn’t need to climb, when she had him.
Kassander Julian Offline Dragon of the Stars Diablo // Krystal All my obstacles have been absolved. I am god of this new world. 725 HP 2,108 Years Male Juvencum
Little Light Oct 22, 2017, 01:34AM // 503 Words
He'd finally gotten them to grow.

It'd taken probably too much work, and too many stolen gardening items from Iuna, but, finally, he'd managed to plant several different kinds of flower. Sheol was immeasurably boring, and Calypso seemed like she should be unbearably bored. She found ways of entertaining herself, of course, but Kassander worried. Likely, too much, and for little reason, but he worried all the same. Sometimes he understood her decently well, but other times, he could hardly make heads or tails of what was going on in her head. He wondered if she was ever coming back all the way, in her head, or if she'd keep being scrambled.

He missed Hasan. Hasan was better at this sort of thing than he was, but, Calypso did seem to readily decide he was safe, and she stayed near him. Kassander was glad for that. He'd lost everyone else - he wouldn't forgive himself if he lost her, too.

Still, she was a relatively gentle soul, even when a Seeker, to some extent, even when now a Diablo, more obviously these days. He was working on trying to plant things, for her, so that she had a large garden to take care of, and maybe wouldn't wander quite as much. He could sense her almost anywhere she went, he wasn't that anxious about it, but it set his nerves on edge when she wandered out onto the sands. Maybe she'd still wander, but, he hoped she'd wander less far, and less frequently. He'd build her a garden with all kinds of plants and then add in water features, and maybe some actual sand to one side she could play in.

He'd lost everyone else. He couldn't lose her, too. It was a miracle she stayed so long, as it was.

Kassander set aside the pots, each now with a small seedling; one would become marigolds, another would become chrysanthemums, and the last one would become lavender. If nothing else, they'd be a good way of breaking up the monochromatic monotony of Sheol, and maybe give her something more interesting than the sand to look at. She already had a small pile of rocks with shiny things in them he'd found in Iuna, here and there. Most of them had quartz deposits, but they sparkled in the light, and Calypso seemed to like them well enough. He stood, then, shuffled out onto the sands of Tamisra, taking his time as he made his way over to where he could sense Calypso had gone. She usually knew it, when he was there, so he wasn't too concerned about startling her.

When he got there, he just knelt beside her, and held his hand out. He wanted to show her something.
Calypso Offline Diablo // Huli 780 HP
Little Light Oct 22, 2017, 10:47PM // 547 Words
At first, the small little shifts of Kassander's Force didn't register as anything special. He moved around all the time. She knew, because even when she wandered away from him, Calypso still clung to the familiar lifeline of his Force. At least, she did when she remembered it was there, because sometimes she forgot to, forgot that there was a lifeline to cling to, but even when Kassander wasn't physically around to remind her she still found him, somehow. No matter how muddled she got, how difficult it was for her to think, she never forgot the meaning behind his presence, even when she forgot him. Not that it happened as much anymore. Because he was here, he was here, it was only him here - no, no it wasn't, there were others, there were so many others, but they flitted in and out of her awareness like buzzing gnats, like each individual particle of sand stirred up by the wind. Here, then gone, then maybe here again but Calypso wouldn't know because it was all the same to her. They were all the same to her. They didn't talk to her, and they didn't stay. None of them stayed. Only Kassander stayed.

And, oh, he was getting closer, this time he was getting closer. Closer to her, or...? Her ears perked up at the sound of his approaching footsteps, and she tilted her head, eyes still closed, and stayed unnaturally still as she listened to the sound of him getting closer. There were others milling about, but not near here. Calypso opened her eyes and sat up, shaking the sand out of her hair. Oh no, there were lots, she shouldn't have... why was she lying on the ground again? She had a reason, right? She did. ... she did. A frown touched her face, and she glanced down, tried to grasp at any of her slippery thoughts before they leaked through the sieve that existed where most people had a dam. It wasn't until Kassander knelt down beside her that Calypso remembered why she had gotten up.

Right. Right! A warble of greeting rose to her lips and she and smiled, bright and sunny. He was here. He was here. He was always here, but he was busy, of course he was, he was always busy, he was busy and no one else bothered with her and she didn't know whether she was glad for it or not because they were scary. Most people were, but not Kassander. Kassander was safety. He was safety, and the only one who gnawed away at the loneliness, anymore, who made all her various little pieces come together into something that might resemble a whole. Was it him, or was it him? She wondered, but also didn't, because the thought came and left as quick as any other, swallowed into the void where all thoughts went as soon as it appeared. Calypso didn't hesitate to slide her hand into his and glanced up with a curious chirp that lilted up into a question. Was there something that he wanted to show her?
Kassander Julian Offline Dragon of the Stars Diablo // Krystal All my obstacles have been absolved. I am god of this new world. 725 HP 2,108 Years Male Juvencum
Little Light Jan 10, 2018, 07:49PM // 829 Words
As was normal, it was only ever Calypso that could get him to smile. Those that might've besides her, they were gone now, either somewhere in the melange he'd become, unfortunate as that may be, or somewhere else entirely, perhaps Asgard, perhaps back in the living world. The valhalir called it Iuna, it seemed, after a dragon god, if he understood it properly. It was not as if Kassander spent a particularly prolonged amount of time around valhalir, but he heard things. Many things, mostly things the valhalir likely didn't want a diablo of his calbre hearing, but since when did Kassander ever care? Never, that's when. He was waiting, you see, for one to say a name he knew, like Mirah, or Leon, or Hasan, Apollo's blazing fucks, he'd even be glad to hear Crassus these days.

Only a handful of those names he knew might make him interested in this Valhalla they spoke of, interested in Asgard at all, but some obvious part of him really hoped that someday, one said one of those names, likely as a side effect stabbing him in the heart, but those were his little lights, the lights he held onto for so long he didn't know how to let go of them, now, didn't want to know, didn't care. Someday, he'd find them, somehow. He had no idea what he'd do, when he found them, but someday, he would.

His smile faded, albeit only just, as he tugged for her to follow. "It's a surprise, Caly," he explained. "I can't tell you, it'd spoil it." She would, at least most likely, entirely forget he'd told her what it was, when they got there. Kassander could tell her, and it wouldn't ruin anything. Even if, by some miracle, she remembered, Calypso saw the world through the eyes of a child, in many ways, and would likely be just as excited as she would've been had she forgotten. It would be, however, difficult for him to remain so excited about something he'd already spilled, and he didn't want to ruin her experiences. Even as far away as she was, in her head, she seemed to pay very close attention to him, and may well notice he wasn't as excited as he should be. For that reason, Kassander tried, very hard, not to misstep, to upset her in any way, even if the upset was superficial. Calypso was a delicate creature, at the moment, and he stepped with care, lest he mess up too much, and scare her off, or, gods forbid, seriously hurt her, somehow.

He'd always wondered, and likely always would, why she stayed. He'd think, given the opportunity, she'd have been rather glad to be free of him, a chain as he was, but Calypso never did seem to see him that way. Perhaps that was the difference. Kassander had, when he'd had them, rather good relations with his slaves, and in a sense, even then, he'd been a protector. Most likely wouldn't have seen him, that way, but he had done what he could to protect those in his house from others that might not be as gracious as he and his family were. Well, as far as he knew, his family were. He remembered his father was an idiot, but he couldn't recall, now, if he was the sort of idiot that was vicious in its idiocy, or if he was just dimwitted. The point remained, he supposed.

Gently, and not hurriedly, as always, Kassander led the way back to their small territory on the edge of Tamisra, where the rocks began to erupt from the sands and reach for the starless sky of Sheol. There were others, here, he and Calypso weren't alone, but one of them was, apparently, going to sleep for ten years, and the others more or less kept to themselves. There weren't many, but as it happened, Kassander still seemed to attract others to him, without even really meaning to. It'd been like that all his life, he wasn't sure why he was, on some level, surprised by this. He circled around a bit, toward where he'd set the pots, only then letting Calypso go - she got distracted, and wandered, sometimes, he usually didn't let go, until they'd gotten where he was taking her.

"These will be marigolds," he explained. "They're baby plants, Caly. For you, so you can make a garden." It was difficult to gauge whether she'd understand the words, but he usually tried words, first. Sometimes, she did. Sometimes, he had to get a little creative.
Calypso Offline Diablo // Huli 780 HP
Little Light Jan 23, 2018, 10:20PM // 651 Words
Words, words, sounds... her ears swiveled forward attentively, as they always did whenever he spoke. She'd forgotten why, now, but it was another familiar instinct borne from millenia past. When Kassander spoke, she listened. When Kassander spoke, everyone listened. Even when she couldn't make out the words, even when she didn't remember what words were, Calypso still listened. Her expression didn't change when he finished except for a blink as she followed him up, but sometimes it took a while to process. That was her, that was her name. Right? It was. No. Yes. No. Yes. Kassander was holding her hand. Kassander was taking her somewhere. Where were they going?

Kassander was here. She trilled and smiled as she followed. Calypso didn't know what he said – didn’t recall that he’d actually said anything at all, but somewhere, in the back of her mind, she felt an urge to fill the silence. It wasn't really a response, but approximate responses were the best that she could give. Briefly, she wondered what she was replying to before the thought fled her mind, quick as any other. If it were anyone else, she might’ve worried about what she'd forgotten, and she had, before, with him. Of course, Calypso didn’t remember this anymore, but they'd been together for so long that his patience must've made some impact even on her muddled mind.

Initially, her attention was fixed on him, but as they walked, her senses wandered, as they always did. Ears twitched at distant sounds, and her eyes skipped over the still sands of Sheol before they drifted up, up to the wrong sky. No, it was the right sky, but it was wrong. But it was incomplete. But – a tug at her hand. Why was Kassander holding her hand? No, he already was holding her hand. Where were they going? She cooed a question as she followed him, more curious than confused.

And then they stopped. She glanced down when he let go of her, and almost grabbed his hand again, but he was making – but he was talking. Words, those were words, it finally registered that those were words, and she tilted her head, frowned slightly in concentration as she tried to make sense of them; or rather, as she tried to grasp the sense that she knew, she knew, she did, that kept going fuzzy and soft and slid sideways in her head. Calypso glanced around, seeing if anything would help – oh, those were weird rocks – wait, wait, wait. It was the scent that hit her first; different, it was different, and for a moment she froze, ready to bolt. Different meant danger. It was another lesson that had made it through her scrambled head. Different meant danger, and only the familiar was safe. Kassander was safe. Kassander wasn't moving. Kassander wasn't angry.

Abruptly, her wariness turned to curiosity, and she wandered towards the pots, forgetting that she looked away for a reason. Some part of her noted that it was almost strange to see them placed among all this wild desert. The round lines of their form were too deliberate for Sheol's blowing winds, but it almost seemed familiar, somehow. She sat down, looked closer. There was something... Calypso almost reached out and touched the seedling, but something stayed her hand, some long-forgotten instinct that whispered no. This was. She didn't know what it was, but she missed it, and – did he know? Did Kassander know? He had to, had to, had to see this. A lilting chorus burst from her throat that almost sounded urgent as she hopped up and tugged on his arm, restless with excitement.