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Long Time Coming

October 16, 2016
Metella Pls
Jade Acre Offline Valhalir // Lenara 458 HP 1126 Years Male First Division Seat 15 Smaragd Tijger
Long Time Coming Sep 28, 2017, 11:12PM // 277 Words
Jade wasn't actually sure how long he'd been quietly trailing Jasper. He wasn't sure how long it had been since his last check in - he only knew that it was long enough he really ought to be arrested for merely daring to show his face in the Seireitei. Somewhere out there he'd lost track of time, and had really stopped caring, too. Except as much as he had his reasons for being out there, he knew that he couldn't be there all the time.

Being out in the seventies was hard in a lot of ways. Watching Jasper was harder, in some ways. Jade was never really worried that Jasper himself would hurt him, but there were a lot of things out there that weren't Jasper, and Jasper also wasn't really himself. Things were very touch and go, and honestly, he'd made no progress in the time he'd been doing this.

But Jade was stubborn, and he tried to be hopeful.

The good news was, Metella was the sotaicho, and despite his being gone way too long no one was likely to bother him as he made his way across the grounds until he reached Ichibantai. He wasn't sure if Metella was around at the moment or not, but going to her office was usually a safe bet because eventually she'd come back from wherever she was, even if she wasn't there when he got there.

It was generally easier than trying to track her across the whole Seireitei. So, yeah, slipping into the office quietly.
Metella Livian Offline Kazan // Krystal Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.' 906 HP 2,112 Years Female First Division Commander Noctis Gemma
Long Time Coming Jan 10, 2018, 07:20PM // 1003 Words
Paperwork, paperwork, more paperwork... most likely, this was just how her life was going to be, for the next however long she had left. Given Metella had lived this long (how old was she, now?), it was hard to imagine she wouldn't make it even longer, presuming she kept her mental facilities in tact. There were days, of course, where she was rather quite convinced she didn't have those even now. Other times, she wondered if ever she had had them, because some would argue she hadn't, even back at Rome. Perhaps especially back at Rome, what with her habit of challenging every social norm and breaking every taboo.

Rules were, after all, made to be broken, and none so adept at doing so than Livia Andronica Metella. It made one wonder, if only just, what on earth she was doing making and enforcing rules, these days. Most would assume Metella too wild, too carefree, to be able to remain chained to due process, reports, and laws. For all that she'd run an entire nation, she never did really settle into the role of law enforcer. Some might argue, and some did, that she was too lenient, bent those rules too willingly, but in the end, rules were really more like guidelines, and circumstances could, in fact, greatly change things. Keeping too strictly to laws and rules, even, made you not a fair and just leader, but an unyielding, apathetic tyrant. Metella never wanted to be one of those, even if her life was a little more difficult than it had to be, because of it.

Sometimes, she wondered what the point even was of it all, given that, when it mattered, she couldn't protect -

No. It was better not to think that way. It didn't matter, she'd had somewhere else to be, and it wasn't there, that's all. Everything was, as the dragons say, exactly as it should be. She was down both of her husbands, had lost a sister, and then all of her children but one, and the one left was insane, and had no idea who she was. Had no idea who he was, and it was difficult, to think it wasn't her fault, because it was, it was, it was... and yet, she knew. Even if she'd been there, she'd have just been one more statistic, and maybe the Chaos Court wouldn't exist at all.

At times, she had a hard time believing that to be a bad thing. She should free Tyrenth... she knew what would happen, if she did. At this point, Metella no longer cared, but there were many that would, that might flounder, even if only a little, if she was suddenly gone. She couldn't, in good conscience, essentially knowingly abandon them, just like she'd unwittingly abandoned her empire, and look what happened to it. He'd chained himself here, Tyrenth had, convinced that she had much more to accomplish, and his dying would end all of that. Perhaps he was right, perhaps he was wrong. The point was, it wasn't her idea. If she'd had her way, he wouldn't have, but she knew better than to try arguing with him. Tyrenth was a bit bull-headed, but it took one of those sorts to handle her, anyway, and if he hadn't been, their bonding wouldn't have worked near as smoothly as it had.

But he'd been here far, far too long. It was time for him to rejoin the cycle of living and dying. She could make him move on, she knew that. Yet, the second she did, the buzzing would start, and quite possibly, very, very loudly. Who knew? She could be dead within minutes, seconds, even.

She shouldn't be thinking about that, right now. Metella shook her head, more to herself, glancing down at the paperwork in her hand, shuffled to her office door. As she reached it, though, she noticed a Force signature sitting in it. Ah. Familiar, that one. It was Jade.
'Why is that funny?'
'Jasper and Jade, do you get it? Because I get it and - ... sorry.'
'Moooom. Whyyyy.'

Of course. It would be, albeit a few weeks late, about the time Jade came back. She had to wonder, sometimes, if he even knew what day it was, amid chasing the vague ghost of her son. The one she'd destroyed without even the courtesy of ending his suffering. Sometimes, Metella wondered, if it wouldn't be better, in the long run, to kill him. It wouldn't be terribly difficult. Jasper was strong, but she was stronger, more calculated than he was, now. Perhaps it would be better, to make this chapter end, so another could begin. And yet, no matter how much she thought it was better, she could never bring herself to do it. She'd never told Jade. ... she'd never told anyone, for that matter, even her parents, her sisters.

She shifted just enough to get the door to move out of her way, smiling just slightly. "Nice to know we haven't been entirely forgotten," she said, shuffling to her desk to set these papers down. It sounded like it might be a dig, but it really wasn't meant to be. Jade was far more optimistic than she, that was all. "Have you eaten recently? Would you like some tea? How about a bath? I expanded my bathhouse a little bit. Has a jacuzzi and heated flooring, now." To say the least, it was nice in the winter. A bit of a sauna in summer, though, but that was to be expected.
Jade Acre Offline Valhalir // Lenara 458 HP 1126 Years Male First Division Seat 15 Smaragd Tijger
Long Time Coming Jan 15, 2018, 06:29PM // 350 Words
Jade ducked his head slightly, having the sense to look chastised by her remark. It probably wasn't exactly what she meant by it, ah, but Jade felt the slight sting there - even if it wasn't intended. It'd been too long again, he knew that. And he'd missed them, just, it was always hard to leave Jasper. Which was probably sad, really.

"I could never forget you." Jade spoke with a small, but warm smile. But it was the truth - he could never forget her. Could never forget the woman who was as much as his mother as his own biological mom had been. No, she was much to important to be forgotten, even among his own distraction.

On the other hand, he supposed it might be hard to convince some people of that (not Metella necessarily, but people who didn't entirely understand the situation) simply because on the surface it seemed he never really looked at or thought of anyone else.

Ah, she would ask that. Of course, she was mom. "I have eaten recently." Which wasn't a lie. "Tea might be nice though. ... And a bath." At some point. After talking to her, maybe. Not that he had a lot to share or anything, but he'd missed being around, so there was that. And it was never a bad idea to try and catch up and see what he'd missed while he was gone.

Sometimes important things happened in Valhalla, and Jade could get behind on those, sometimes. ... and a good place to catch up was with Metella herself, given she usually did a good job of keeping track of what went on in her realm.

"Ooo. Sounds like that was a bit of a project." Expanding the bath house usually was, he supposed. But... it sounded pretty nice when it was cold, at the very least.

"How've you been?" Asking, because he was genuinely curious.