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Of the Moon and the Sun

October 19, 2016
Mameha pls ... and Ciaran if he wants.
Shihoin Iname Offline Kashi // Lenara 765 HP 537 Years Male Second Division Seat 05 Ebony Lions Hyoukai
Of the Moon and the Sun Apr 25, 2017, 09:45PM // 564 Words
Iname's subconscious had been telling him something. What exactly that something was, well, that was a bit murky. In some ways the dream had been very straight forward, in others... He wasn't sure he'd ever entirely make sense of it all. But it had made a few good points, like the fact that he was pushing Mameha away and that that was a really sad thing to do. She shouldn't have had to lose them both. Well it's not like you're worth anything these days anyway. Hissed the whisper of his mind that always reminded him of what was expected of him - of what he expected of himself. For the moment, Iname ignored it, concentrating on his goal here.

The best way to rectify that was, of course, jumping in and spending time with her. The idea of facing the manor so quickly after the dream of Kai was not one Iname was quite ready to entertain. It was sad, sure, but Iname wasn't ready to face the manor yet - small steps here. And tea with his mom sounded like a good place to start. So he'd decided he was going to ask Mameha to come over for tea this evening, if she had time. Iname had considered asking her out to the ninth division's tea house instead, but it was hard to say what - if anything - they'd talk about, and Iname thought some privacy was a better choice in the long run.

It occurred to Iname that he really probably should have run it by Ciaran first, but it had been almost impulsively decided at some point today, and Iname hadn't wanted to give himself enough time to back out if it. He didn't... really think Ciaran would mind though, so he was just going to hope not and go with it. He could apologize later if he turned out to be wrong. But Ciaran rarely minded things that Iname did, unless they were some level of destructive. Oh you mean like completely ignoring the fact that you're literally falling apart? That's pretty self-destructive you shitpot. ...I don't know why I bother anymore it's not like you can hear me anyway.

Iname did sense a flicker of irritation from somewhere in the depths of his mind, but didn't pay too much attention to it.

And all that was what led Iname to wander in from drills towards the end of his shift looking for Mameha. His expression was a little thoughtful, but mostly controlled. It wouldn't take long to find the Mameha flicker in the area, unless she genuinely wasn't there, so that was a bonus.

Iname was... oddly nervous. It was just his mom, he had no reason to be nervous. He just had to find her and ask and then the nerves would go away. Mameha had a way of doing that, at least for Iname. But maybe that was normal, since she was his mom. ... Well a good place to check if she wasn't outside drilling was her desk, right? Right. So Iname wandered over that way - logic said start where she was most likely to be, after all.
Shihoin Mameha Offline Valhalir // Krystal When justice takes a day of rest, death is twice as busy. 600 HP 922 Years Female Second Division Seat 04 Shinimaru
Of the Moon and the Sun Jan 10, 2018, 05:41PM // 845 Words
For all that Cyprian ran a rather tight ship, sometimes things slipped through the cracks. That was, of course, what they were for, making sure nothing important got lost, because if things were going to be lost, at least they should be less important things. It was probably a strange way of looking at it, but, they were all still human, somewhere in them, and Mameha knew better, by now, than to expect perfection. Certainly, none of them were ever really going to achieve a such thing, and, at times, she had to wonder if perfection was a thing that truly existed, or just another one of those abstract human concepts. Most likely, it was the latter, if she had to guess, another one of those abstract human concepts that no one would ever really have true experience with. It wasn't as if Mameha wanted to have any form of experience with it. Perfection seemed rather quite dull, if she were being honest. She wasn't missing out on anything, most likely.

Once in a while, inevitably, her thoughts meandered back to her kids. Much of the time, they only strayed momentarily, long enough, that she remembered the sting of losing Kaiou all over again. Some part of her felt a little slighted. She lost one, and then lost the other right behind him, and yet Iname still breathed. It would've been better, on some odd, morbid level, if Iname had followed his brother. One never did very well without the other, when it came to twins. She would know. Ah, that was a long time ago, now. When was the last time she'd thought about him? Hmm, probably in far too long, really. She lived for them both, now, and yet could hardly be bothered to remember him, most days. It still hurt. Probably, it always would. Ikurou undoubtedly took a part of Mameha with him, when he died, and she had no one to blame for the misfortune. That was just how life had gone, for them.

Yet, even in having that blame to place, it wouldn't fix anything. Unfortunately, some part of Mameha thought that Iname had gotten caught up in deciding where to place that blame. It belonged with Tetsuya, it belonged with Second Division, it belonged with the Eagles, it belonged with Iname himself, but in the end, it wouldn't bring Kaiou back. It wouldn't even make it feel like losing Kaiou was justified, somehow, and she knew it, probably better than Iname thought. He and his brother never knew about Ikurou. Mameha never had the chance to mention him, and bringing him up so soon after losing Kaiou, it seemed a bit like a slap in the face, didn't it? Mameha hardly talked about herself, or her family; she let Shigeru do all that, if he chose to, but it seemed he'd never mentioned Ikurou, either. It was probably for the best. It seemed, almost, like gloating, easy to take wrong, easy to balk at. It didn't matter, anyway, because Iname was gone just as much as Kaiou was, in many ways. Sure, he was around. They were in the same division, and of course, they came across one another, often-times, but nothing was the same. Maybe it'd never really be again, even if, by some odd miracle, they started talking outside of work, again.

It was almost like an endless winter. Mameha wanted to tell him, herself, that it'd melt, someday. That the ice would let go of the branches, and they'd flower again as spring finally came back. But it'd never really be the same spring. That was what Kaiou had taken with him. He'd taken spring. At least, that was what it felt like, because the beautiful blossoms on the trees never were the same again. Just like they hadn't been when Ikurou left.

Ah, speaking of him, she noticed his Force signature nearby. Naturally, Mameha recognised it. It was much like her own, albeit it had a streak of Seiji, and a tiny smidgen of what she thought might be Shigeru's. She'd never mentioned any of that, not to him. It seemed an inane thing to mention, and potentially hurtful, at least in some way. She didn't expect much; generally, Iname didn't stay very long, even if he did decide to remain for some time, and it was silly to hope for it to change someday. No, Iname had chosen his path. Even if she didn't think it was the right one, he had to decide that, for himself. Instead of attempting to engage him in conversation, she sat up in her chair, slightly, and waved a bit, a small, warm smile on her face. He'd stay, or wouldn't, and then the other spring would be gone again, too, like always it was.
Shihoin Iname Offline Kashi // Lenara 765 HP 537 Years Male Second Division Seat 05 Ebony Lions Hyoukai
Of the Moon and the Sun Jan 13, 2018, 01:43AM // 399 Words
Nerves seemed to flow through him - it was silly, of course. It was just his mom. He had no reason to be so nervous approaching his own mother - she loved him, she always had. And while some part of her was probably not thrilled by the fact that he avoided her so much these days, Iname was relatively confident that she wasn't angry with him, exactly. And yet... he was nervous. At least Iname knew that was silly, he supposed.

As it turned out, he'd started in the right place because Mameha was indeed here at her desk. She'd also noticed him, which wasn't terribly surprising really. He gave a tiny smile in response to hers. The smile alone managed to steal away the worst of his nerves, somehow. ... Mother magic, or something. Anyway, Iname closed the space between where he was and Mameha's desk with only a moment or two longer of hesitation.

His gaze dropped for a moment before coming back up. "Mom." He greeted, smile fading back to something carefully controlled, though there was a hint of warmth in his tone. For a moment it was likely obvious that he considered embracing her, but stopped short of doing so - for the moment at least.

"How're you?" It was a relatively standard question, but it had been long enough since the last time they'd really talked that Iname didn't really have a clue as to what the answer would be. And it seemed like a good place to start, really, instead of jumping in to asking her to tea or something. ... Though he was still going to do that. A brief exchange in the office was not likely to be what dream-Kaiou had been referring to, and honestly now that he thought about it he missed her. ... As much as he also didn't entirely feel right.

It was sad to realize he missed his mom when he saw her on a regular basis. Which, honestly, was probably what his subconscious had been bugging him about, really. Never mind they were Valhalir and fate wasn't always kind. It wouldn't take much to lose her to - and he should remember that given how violently Kaiou had been taken from him.