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Finding Losts

October 17, 2016
Shunsui pl0x
Sahura Lucain Offline Son of the Shifting Sands Diablo // Pham Thanh There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days. 1000 HP 5,166 Years Male Eighth Division Captain Shenura
Finding Losts Apr 12, 2017, 10:17PM // 387 Words
It was too early in the morning to be thinking. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon one's outlook, he'd figured out why that particular Hollow was so familiar, and had to have enough of his brain present to explain this epiphany to Metella. The good news was, she was ever so good at deciphering Sahura-hasn't-had-enough-caffeine-this-morning, and despite his rather graceless and unrefined spluttering, she'd eventually figured out what he wanted. Aside from her, though, there was the added bonus of when exactly Shunsui was going to get in, because sometimes he was early, and sometimes he was a few minutes late, being technical about it. Sahura didn't mind; things got done, and that was the important part, but it did make planning forays into Hueco Mundo somewhat in the air and tedious.

He supposed, the good news was, he had nothing else to be doing, really. Technically, he could be doing paperwork, but Sahura didn't necessarily want to get caught up in paperwork anyway. As soon as Shunsui got in, Sahura intended to drag him off to go meet a nice Vasto Lorde (generally, 'nice' was not a term one would use to refer to a Vasto Lorde, but it happened this particular one was much less hair-trigger jumpy than many were), and it was really easier on him if he wasn't in the middle of something when that happened. Not getting caught up in something else was helpful for getting things done, after all.

Besides, he was a bit on the impatient side. One would figure he wouldn't have invested much care into all of this, given none of this had much to do with him, but he was kind of hoping being reunited with Varro would shove Shunsui into actually talking to Gin, finally. Sahura was relatively sure Shunsui knew who Gin was - hard to miss Thetis, honestly, and where there was a Thetis, her sons weren't far - and quite frankly, Sahura thought he was being a dumb-ass, avoiding him.

Not to say, Sahura wouldn't, in his position, but fortunately this wasn't about him. Anyway. Currently, Sahura was bouncing a ball off the wall. Eventually Shunsui would get here. In the meantime, he was apparently entertaining himself.
Sandalio Thetius Offline Valhalir // Lenara 803 HP 2117 Years Male Eighth Division Lieutenant Ebony Lions Commander Cielo loco
Finding Losts Apr 13, 2017, 09:30AM // 219 Words
Sixteen peaceful years under Metella. It was, admittedly, nice to be back to business as usual. But Shunsui didn't really expect it to last. It was probably the Sandalio in him, the side of him that had seen humanity's worst too many times to believe peace ever really lasted. It hadn't in two thousand years, and likely wouldn't start now.

It was an early morning, apparently. They happened sometimes, mornings where Shunsui was up and moving early enough to show up to work prior to when he was actually expected to be there. They weren't terribly common, necessarily, but Sahura didn't really seem to mind. As long as when he got there he was actually, you know, there and managed to get something vaguely constructive done.

Er. Somehow he hadn't really anticipated coming in to Sahura bouncing a ball against the wall like that. Typically he was already rather busy by this time - Shunsui knew from experience. "Good morning Taicho." His tone was generally pleasant. He considered asking if there was anything on Sahura's mind, but honestly there usually was. So... it wouldn't necessarily get him very far.

Besides that, if Sahura wanted to share, he would Shunsui reasoned.
Sahura Lucain Offline Son of the Shifting Sands Diablo // Pham Thanh There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days. 1000 HP 5,166 Years Male Eighth Division Captain Shenura
Finding Losts Apr 13, 2017, 09:34PM // 274 Words
Aha, there he was. "Good morning, hope you didn't have your heart too set on doing anything specific when you got in." Because whatever it was, if he did happen to have something in mind, it wasn't getting done yet. "Later, of course, though uh, if you're more interested in playing hookie after this, I won't tell. ... okay I will, because Metella picked up my knowing everything thing, but yeah." If she was going to pick up anything from him, that was a good thing to pick up, really. Given she ran this entire shindig, knowing what was going on was a good thing, even if... perhaps especially if, no one would tell her.

"We're off on a field trip," Sahura went on, catching the ball as it bounced off the wall one more time and setting it on his desk. Standing, stretching slightly, a few pops here and there, but nothing terrible. "I already have it cleared with Metella, so, better we get this done and over with as soon as possible, yeah?" That was what Sahura figured. And he had a hard time imagining Shunsui didn't actually want to know where Varro ended up. Then again, he didn't really talk much to Gin, beyond superficial things, despite, Sahura thought, knowing who he was.

So, perhaps he was wrong. Sahura would want to know, but, Sahura wasn't him. Well, no matter. He'd take him out there, and them two can figure out what they were doing with it.
Sandalio Thetius Offline Valhalir // Lenara 803 HP 2117 Years Male Eighth Division Lieutenant Ebony Lions Commander Cielo loco
Finding Losts Apr 14, 2017, 10:45PM // 202 Words
"Er. Well I'd planned to finish up a few stray bits of paper work that I left last night." Sounding perhaps a little confused. Mostly because usually Sahura didn't have any issues with him having plans for the morning. Unless there was... a meeting he'd forgotten but he really didn't think so. And arching an eyebrow slightly because Sahura had gone off in another direction. See, Shunsui was used to that, mostly. But this was... ah. More so than usual.

Why would he be playing hookie? He'd literally just gotten here.

"To... where exactly?" Still sounding a touch confused. Had... cleared it with Metella already. Which really knocked most arguments out from under him but still left him awfully confused. It wasn't like captains really left the Seireitei - and sure, he was a lieutenant but he was still captain class - too strong to be out in the living world unless something crazy was going on.

And Shunsui liked to think he'd have notice an alarm that major. "Not that I'm arguing just, ah, curious what I should be prepared for."
Sahura Lucain Offline Son of the Shifting Sands Diablo // Pham Thanh There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days. 1000 HP 5,166 Years Male Eighth Division Captain Shenura
Finding Losts Apr 15, 2017, 02:01PM // 375 Words
Of course he did. It was a good thing, in some ways, meant some of his lazy streak was settling out, and Sahura wouldn't complain about that. It was certainly more helpful for him if he had a Lieutenant that did actually do shit when shit needed to be done, but being completely honest about it, it was... a hair unnerving. Sort of... what the hell got you down, anyway? Perhaps he'd ask. Perhaps not. Even now, Sahura had trouble making sense of the guy, that was probably not surprising in the least. But you know, life had been much simpler back then, when Shunsui had made sense, so it wasn't too much of a jump to assume, as the world complicated, so did you.

"To see a friend, in Hueco Mundo," Sahura answered. No sense not telling him. He'd probably go along with it even if Sahura didn't tell him, but it was nice to. Besides, Ciro did still occasionally have his off moments, and perhaps the warning might be nice. Sahura didn't exactly expect it to go terribly, mind, but the Vasto wasn't quite as familiar with Shunsui's reiatsu as he was Sahura's. That'd taken some work, for the record, but he seemed to have calmed in Sahura's presence, at least. It may not take very long for him to get adjusted to Shunsui's, if only because Sahura would also be there.

Anyway, shuffling toward the door. "And yes, this is a friend, and you do want to see him. Trust me." A short pause there, and Sahura added, "And if I wanted to get you killed, I coulda done it a long time ago, so, there's that." It was true enough. Sahura certainly had a lot of other opportunities, much easier ones, even. Not that he did want to get the guy killed, but one might wonder, given he was now dragging him off to Hueco Mundo... most things in Hueco Mundo, if you saw them, they were not friendly. And even Ciro wasn't terribly friendly. More so than usual for a Vasto Lorde, at least.
Sandalio Thetius Offline Valhalir // Lenara 803 HP 2117 Years Male Eighth Division Lieutenant Ebony Lions Commander Cielo loco
Finding Losts Apr 15, 2017, 08:25PM // 220 Words
Arch. "I... do not have any friends in Hueco Mundo and I can't imagine why you would wish for me to accompany you to see one of yours." Not that he'd been aware that Sahura even had friends there - hollows didn't generally make friends with anyone, after all. But well, there were many things he didn't know about Sahura, and there wasn't much point in pretending he knew.

"I do trust you." To be fair, yes, he did. "But this is a very strange request, even for you." Just pointing that out. Ah, double checking that his Zanpakuto was where it should be. ... He was not going on an adventure to that hellish place without being able to defend himself. Not that he didn't trust Sahura but... well. The gladiator in him was all too aware that sometimes he could not rely on anyone but himself.

"Sure, intentionally. But shit happens." Just saying. Not that he really thought Sahura was trying to get him kill. More... wondering if Sahura had, perhaps, forgotten that not everyone was as indestructible as he was. "How in the world did you get Metella to clear this anyway?"

Genuinely curious.
Sahura Lucain Offline Son of the Shifting Sands Diablo // Pham Thanh There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days. 1000 HP 5,166 Years Male Eighth Division Captain Shenura
Finding Losts Apr 16, 2017, 12:40PM // 681 Words
Of course he thought that. Unlike Sahura, presumably, he didn't spend that much time in Hueco Mundo. Sahura, on the other hand, meandered that way on occasion. He was still having a minor argument circle with Kassander, about coming to the Seireitei, and bringing his little cluster of friends with him, but for the most part, so far, Kassander had resisted that idea. Sahura couldn't really say he didn't understand. He was a strange one, and had gone looking for Metella the second he could think straight enough to realise he had a Metella to be looking for, and he figured it was probably leftover instinct from when he was alive. He knew when she was around and when she wasn't. For a while, she hadn't been, and then she'd just appeared from seemingly nowhere, and reminded him he had friends, if nothing else. People that mattered.

"You have a few friends in Hueco Mundo," Sahura answered coolly. "In varying states of evolution, some have their heads on, some don't. Some are more familiar than others." But yes, there were a lot of them on that particular side of the binary. Well, many, more accurately, because one couldn't really consider a handful to be a lot, when most were here in the Seireitei. Perhaps a quarter of them were in Hueco Mundo. Call Sahura old-fashioned, having of a bit of trouble moving on, but he'd like to see them all reunited and in the same place again. Something felt like it was about to fall apart, and maybe it was just his paranoia getting to him, but every time things had gone this smooth for this long, something exploded.

Besides, Sahura was relatively sure he knew who led the Dragons. The only bright side was, he'd be surprised if Metella didn't.

"I told her the truth," Sahura shrugged. He'd told her they were after a former slave rebellion member. Varro had died somewhere between Thurii and Mount Vesuvius, he hadn't even made it to the end, and somehow, Sahura wasn't surprised to find he'd ended up a Hollow. Actually, it was something of a miracle so many of them didn't. The Goteijusantai hadn't existed back then; Shinigami were a far-off dream, at least a hundred years in the future, and to call the afterlife somewhat chaotic at that point in time was being a little generous. They were honestly lucky, that so many of them had made it here, and Sahura couldn't really help the feeling that it wasn't, in fact, coincidental. Very few things were, he'd learned.

Sahura shook his head, as if he were trying to clear his head a bit, shuffling out the door, into the Hachibantai grounds. "He's not as stable as he could be, but he's better than he used to be. Gotten accustomed to my reiatsu signature, so you should be fine by virtue of being with me. He's more likely to recoil from you than immediately go on the offensive, though, so even if he does take your presence wrong, he'll probably try to run instead. He doesn't quite remember who he used to be, it's all just flickers and names with no faces, but that's fine. I get the feeling you probably don't quite remember him, either." It'd been a long, long time. Your brain did actually have a limit to how much information it was capable of retaining, and quite a bit of Rome probably got dropped somewhere in there.

Finding a decent enough spot, Sahura paused long enough to open a Garganta, and wandered right in. He was used to this cycle, as it was a pattern by now. It was actually somewhat surprising Metella let him keep wandering off to Hueco Mundo, but, she probably knew what he was looking for.
Sandalio Thetius Offline Valhalir // Lenara 803 HP 2117 Years Male Eighth Division Lieutenant Ebony Lions Commander Cielo loco
Finding Losts Apr 16, 2017, 09:10PM // 268 Words
Did he? Shunsui wasn't so sure that he did. But perhaps Sahura would know better than he did. It wasn't like he'd been there before. ... And honestly, it wasn't like he hadn't forgotten many, many things about Rome. What he did remember was more than a little disjointed. So yeah, it wasn't hard to imagine that maybe there was something he'd forgotten. Probably a lot of somethings. "Fair enough." A few friends in Hueco Mundo.

The truth. Which was...? but Shunsui didn't bother asking. At this point it was probably going to be for the best if he just went along with it and followed him. Sometimes there was little point in arguing with him, after all. And it wasn't as if he entirely wanted to. ... Shunsui wasn't so sure about going to Hueco Mundo, but generally Sahura didn't deliberately put them in danger unless he believed there was a good reason.

Shunsui could trust in this good reason. Aaand he'd understand it faster if he just went along with. "I'll, ah, keep that in mind." And try not to worry too much if the one they were going to see reacted somewhat badly to him. It would only be worse if Shunsui reacted poorly in kind.

So, of course, following Sahura out into the yard and then into the garganta despite the corner of his mind that was just shinigami enough to scream a warning as he entered the garganta - he ignored it.
Sahura Lucain Offline Son of the Shifting Sands Diablo // Pham Thanh There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days. 1000 HP 5,166 Years Male Eighth Division Captain Shenura
Finding Losts Apr 17, 2017, 05:43PM // 463 Words
Good. Fortunately, it'd seem Shunsui had eventually decided to just give up on that one. Probably for the best, as Sahura wasn't really intending to give him much more information than he already had, you know, just in case he decided to proverbially buck like a pissy horse and refuse to go. This seemingly was his reaction to reconnecting with Gin. Sure, they got along, as much as anyone could really say they got along with Gin, but, that seemed to be about the extent of it. It was probably just Sahura being his usual nosy self, sidling into situations he probably had little business being in, but that was Sahura's way. He seemed to communicate in disruption, and sometimes, it was actually likely a very good thing. People got pacified and comfortable in the idea that things had settled, and at times, they needed someone to come kick up some dust.

Somewhere in the middle of the Garganta, Sahura made an exasperated noise. "You're so mopey, anyway," he grumbled. "You need to get laid or something." And lighten up a little, jeez. Not that Sahura was much in the business of getting laid, but hey, he could make fun of someone else because he was aware of his lack of it. Didn't really bother him much, though. Last thing he needed was kids. Actual legitimate kids, he'd had four, and they were all dead now. Why he was the one that survived and the only one that did, Sahura couldn't tell you, but you know, after losing all four of them, he was pretty done with this having kids thing. Besides, he was pretty sure the Arrancar thing would pass on and make Vizard of them, if nothing else. Sahura really wasn't terribly interested in opening that door. It went so well the last time someone did.

Not long after, though, Sahura stepped out onto the sand of Las Dias, the mirrored moon hanging in the sky, a few clouds chasing the stars. It took a moment, to figure out where the Garganta had let them out at, but after a bit of sensing, he headed a specific direction. And with any luck, Ciro was still alive and kicking, and wouldn't make too much of a fuss over their being here. Ciro generally didn't, though. Actually, Sahura was sort of hoping he'd left his little cave and joined Kassander and his little cluster of Arrancar. Certainly, it'd be a bit safer for him. Kassander was powerful enough to scare off basically anything, and though Ciro wasn't anything to scoff at, either, it'd certainly help both of them to stick together.
Sandalio Thetius Offline Valhalir // Lenara 803 HP 2117 Years Male Eighth Division Lieutenant Ebony Lions Commander Cielo loco
Finding Losts Apr 18, 2017, 11:25PM // 235 Words
"I'm not mopey." Slightly amused sounding. "And I thought you'd be pleased things were finally getting done." Kind of strange, in Shunsui's mind, to be complaining about anything that made the office more efficient without Sahura having to do anything additional. But no, apparently Sahura couldn't just take it as making his life easier.

"...By who?" Rolling his eyes just slightly. Yeah, get laid, sure. Really though Shunsui didn't think he needed to get laid. Sahura was just... strange. "You know what, you probably shouldn't answer that." Because Sahura probably did have an answer, and Shunsui wasn't sure he really wanted to know what Sahura thought of the issue.

It didn't take long to make it through the Garganta - it usually didn't, to be fair. It was a little disorienting, in some ways, stepping out onto the sands. Shunsui hadn't ever been here, he'd only heard about it from others. It was an odd experience being here, knowing very few Shinigami had ever stepped foot here.

Granted, he was not really a Shinigami anymore. But that was... beside the point. He did follow Sahura relatively closely. Getting lost in this relatively featureless place wouldn't be hard. ... And Shunsui really didn't want to go through that particular experience.
Sahura Lucain Offline Son of the Shifting Sands Diablo // Pham Thanh There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days. 1000 HP 5,166 Years Male Eighth Division Captain Shenura
Finding Losts Apr 19, 2017, 03:37PM // 421 Words
"You are mopey." And it was strange, because mopey was not a word one would typically associate with Shunsui, of all people. He hadn't seemed this depressed in. In. Ever, actually. He didn't even seem this down after the Livian Empire fell. It was a recent development, Sahura was pretty sure. Very little really escaped his notice, after all. Unpleasant that things had changed right under his nose, but, sometimes, that happened, and it wasn't anyone's fault, it just was. And maybe he should just be glad things were getting done, minus all the fussing and whatnot, but the mental and emotional stability of his officers was also a legitimate concern. He was always like that, even back in Rome, as far as he could remember. It shouldn't have been surprising that he was still like that.

Some people hybridised and changed a lot. Sahura hadn't changed at all.

"And maybe I should be glad for that, but, you're not much like yourself anymore. It's a little concerning." A little, he said. Well, it was better than really admitting the truth, he guessed. But that was what Sahura did, anyway. He was always concerned when someone was acting weird, even if it wasn't all that weird in the long run.

Sahura couldn't help the slight smirk. "I don't know," he answered, shrugging. "I'm free." You know, he had not entirely been aware he was going to say that, until he said it. But the implied offer wasn't entirely an empty one, either. He meant it, if Shunsui happened to be interested. Depending on whether or not Shunsui took him seriously, too, he supposed, and most were accustomed to him making jokes, perhaps not quite like that, but still. Sahura hardly took anything serious, so it wasn't hard to imagine it may get brushed off as him playing around. Perhaps later, he'd attempt to distract him, make it obvious he wasn't kidding, and see how it went.

Eventually, Sahura's seemingly wandering in circles led to a specific sand dune. Wandering around it a few times, and then Sahura crouched down. "Pretty sure he's in this one. Ciro," he called, somewhat softly, flaring his reiatsu slightly. Ciro did a lot of sleeping, of course, and Sahura wasn't so sure startling him awake was a good idea.
Sandalio Thetius Offline Valhalir // Lenara 803 HP 2117 Years Male Eighth Division Lieutenant Ebony Lions Commander Cielo loco
Finding Losts Apr 19, 2017, 10:29PM // 219 Words
He was not mopey. Or at least, he didn't think he was. But you know, it'd been 2000 years and things were different. He was different - Sahura wasn't, for some reason. ... Was it really so weird to be a bit more reserved at his age? Maybe it was, in some ways. Maybe moreso because it happened around the same time as his hollowification.

"Is it?" Shunsui sounded maybe a bit surprised. He wouldn't have seen a relatively mellow personality as, well, concerning. It wasn't like he'd turned into someone with major temper issues or something like that, right? But well. Sahura was worried, it was... touching, in a way.

But still strange. "Er." Surprised, obviously. Somehow he hadn't really expected Sahura to more-or-less come on to him. "You know somehow I didn't expect that from you." Admitting that easily enough.

"...In... - ... okay." Just, letting that go. And staying back here a bit because if Sahura was right and the whoever-they-were-here-for was under there, he didn't really want to be in the way. Getting shot with a cero or something, while it wouldn't kill him, most likely, was not something he really wanted to experience.
Sahura Lucain Offline Son of the Shifting Sands Diablo // Pham Thanh There's a song in my heart, and it's always playing. I think they're calling it 'hope' these days. 1000 HP 5,166 Years Male Eighth Division Captain Shenura
Finding Losts Apr 20, 2017, 10:00PM // 483 Words
Maybe it was just perception. Maybe there was nothing to really be worried about, but, Sahura couldn't entirely help it. He didn't say anything more on it, just, shrugged. Obviously he thought so, or he wouldn't be concerned about it. Sure, he wasn't starkly different, but enough that it was vaguely who are you and where is the carefree guy I used to have to pester about paperwork? Some things just became so normal, even if they weren't supposed to be, that when they changed, it unhinged almost everything.

A quiet laugh, because Shunsui's reaction was more than worth it. "Well, I don't have any commitments, neither do you, we don't hate each other at least. Why not?" Besides, Sahura did actually have some interest. It wasn't an interest he'd really bothered exploring before, if only because at least one of them had changed to some degree. It was worth it to make sure they did still get along, and they didn't end up at each other's necks, but, it didn't turn out either way. Perhaps a bit awkward, if only because their dynamic had shifted somewhat, and it took a little bit of time to figure out what worked again, but that wasn't so bad.

It didn't spell doom and carnage, at least.

"Ha, yes, in. He sleeps a lot," Sahura answered. After a few moments of flaring, though, a Cero answered him, a brilliant purple colour. Sahura rather quickly hit the Sonido switch and shot out of the way, flaring his reiatsu a tiny bit higher, and the first Cero was the last. The sand dune shifted, and what looked like a harpy, just male, crawled out of it, shook the sand off himself and out of his would-be feathers. He was clearly a Hollow, however, not an Arrancar.
"The hell, Sahura," the Hollow grunted, annoyed. His mask covered most of his face, a mimicry of the top half of a bird beak hiding his features down to his nose, leaving only his jaw exposed. "I was having a decent dream. Shit I can't make sense of, though." Strangely, the Hollow was speaking Latin.
"Yeah yeah," Sahura answered, also in Latin. "What this time?"
"Usual, actually," the Hollow replied. "Bloodied sands and screaming. A crowd chanting a name I couldn't make out. It's normal by now. Who's this?"
"Ah, this is my friend, Kyoraku Shunsui," Sahura said. "But, I think you'd recognise Valerius better."
"Valerius?" the Hollow answered. "This is Valerius?"
"He was, at least. He doesn't use that name any more."
Sandalio Thetius Offline Valhalir // Lenara 803 HP 2117 Years Male Eighth Division Lieutenant Ebony Lions Commander Cielo loco
Finding Losts Apr 21, 2017, 07:53AM // 267 Words
Shunsui was going to ask if that was really qualifications for having sex. But really, it was, at least the way both of them had lived once upon a time. Frankly several pieces were even bonuses. So, he couldn't really argue that it was, at least, not the worst idea ever. He could still be a touch confused though, because Sahura hadn't ever really shown interest in him before, and this was something of a strange time to start.

But eh. On the other hand, now was kind of a bad time to really worry about it. So he was just going to... let that one go. Yeah. He'd worry about it later.

That was kind of strange. He didn't realize they did that much. He obviously knew Arrancar slept. But under a sand dune didn't really seem like the best place to do that, either.

... That was not an Arrancar. That was a hollow. Another glance at Sahura, sort of have-you-lost-your-mind. But he didn't verbalize that, instead returning his attention to the hollow. ... Latin. It took a moment to really process that, but he understood it well enough. It was an old dialect. The one he'd learned in life.

And that dream was a disturbingly accurate replication of the gladiator arena. Er. "Valerius. ... Sandalio." Shrugging, a hair. The hollow had reacted almost as if the name was familiar. But... "Either one. Both were me, once." Still were in some ways. But he'd changed a lot, too.
Ciro Airaldi Offline Seeker // Pham Thanh May the gods have mercy on my enemies, because I won't. 810 HP 2,121 Years Male
Finding Losts Sep 25, 2017, 03:10PM // 325 Words
"Sandalio... yeah...." He had trouble keeping them separate in his head, sometimes. The names sort of blurred together, the feelings did, too. Once, he thought he'd loved a Sandalio. Perhaps Sandalio and Dimitrios, whose name he also remembered. That one only had one name. Ciro never did figure out why, but he supposed it didn't terribly matter. Vinicius and Varro were the same person, but Valerius-Sandalio was someone else. Apparently, this one, or so Sahura said, and Ciro was never terribly sceptical of anything the Great Spartacus ever said, but he was a little sceptical this time.

A second ruffle of his feathers later, and the Hollow wandered around this Shunsui, sensing, feeling, seeing. His eyes were red under the mask; only noticeable because they glowed slightly. "The other crazy Spaniard. Yeah... you're skinnier than I remember. You've been eating and whatever, right? ... do Shini - ... Vizard, have to do that?"
"Usually, yes," Sahura answered.
"Course. Yeah. Dead humans would follow human trends, even if only because of habit." Honestly, Ciro didn't know how dead humans worked. He was a dead human, but he was a special sort of dead human. The kind of dead human that didn't have no saviours. All he had were memories - tiny little stars that flickered in his heart and urged him to keep going. One of those stars was right here. But where was the other one?

"You brought me one, but where's the other one? Dimitrios, where's he?"
Sahura made a face. "Probably doing paperwork and being creepy."
... Ciro just tilted his head. Being creepy? Dimitrios wasn't terribly good at being creepy... well, it'd probably been a long time now. What year was it, anyway? He'd never asked. Never really cared, before.