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Strange Days

Heru Lucain Offline Valhalir // Lenara 730 HP 544 Years Male Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member Vreyinth Starfire Marat Al'iilhia
Strange Days Jan 14, 2017, 04:24AM // 308 Words
Sustenance was important, for both him and the large dragon that was still very attached to him. Thankfully she hunted just fine on her own, and usually that was enough, really. Ah, but Aizen found himself craving something a little less protein filled - not that protein was in any way a bad thing, but the humanoid body craved other things. He'd found a series of bushes and such growing wild out here, and with some study identified several that were perfectly safe.

It was, admittedly, a strangely mundane thing for Aizen to be caught doing, but he found he enjoyed it, at least somewhat. Studying the plants and identifying them had been interesting. Hm. He hadn't seen this one... before. Aizen's attention had turned to a flowering plant a bit away from where the edible berries were growing. He probably would have gone to get a better look at it if a too-familiar presence hadn't suddenly made itself known.

Hollow. Even as he identified it and froze, he began to analyze the situation carefully. It was close, and coming closer fast, without his zanpakuto facing it at close range was a bad idea. Kido was not out of the question, but the destruction of his Zanpakuto had left him considerably weaker. Withdrawing towards Vreyinth was likely the safest course of action, as much as he disliked the idea.

Ultimately, that's what he did, or at least, started to do - she was often faster to respond than he was to get all the way to her. ... Probably because she never actually let him go very far from her, because she was determined to keep him safe and he supposed it was difficult for her to do that if she let him wander too far.
Vreyinth Starfire Offline Dragon // Pham Thanh 810 HP 788 Years Female Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member
Strange Days Jan 14, 2017, 12:58PM // 583 Words
... what on Ieldana's good earth Sosuke wanted with berries, Vreyinth couldn't tell you.

She was carnivorous, of course, and really didn't see the draw to berries, but, she did at least remember human things tended to be omnivorous, which meant they needed variety in their diet. Granted, in her little Vasi noggin, okay not so little Vasi noggin, different kinds of meat were plenty of variety, but you know, plant matter. So, whenever he got on his kick where he went digging around in bushes, Vreyinth mostly let him alone. Mostly, at least, because her senses were still following him, and paying attention to anything else that might pop up. Generally their lives were uneventful, full of afternoon naps and watching the stars for lack of anything else to do (normally, Vreyinth would be hoping he'd go make friends with someone, but generally, there weren't other people to make friends with). Once in a great while, though, a Hollow or another spirit meandered through.

Fortunately, Vreyinth could deal with them, generally. Her Talar might be practically a sitting duck, but Vreyinth definitely was not. You grow up a half-Kasvetli and then spend a lot of your life defending one of the Kazanic Houses. It tended to end in you kicking ass, and usually skipping the names.

Vreyinth was almost asleep, when her brain registered something was off. It took a bit before the sense of Hollow kicked in, and then it took a few more seconds before the implications of that really hit. Oh crap, Hollow, and the Dragon was up, giant scaly thing was up, okay. Scrambling to her feet and bolting toward her Rider. Just in time to skitter a bit past him, snag a branch with her teeth, and --

... well, she would have hit the Hollow with her back legs, but instead, a blur of black and blue slammed into it from the side, both rolling down the hill; Vreyinth on the other hand slammed into the tree trunk and then hit the dirt. ... well that was anti-climactic, Vreyinth drawled, mentally, standing up and shaking the dirt off. Hmm, the blue thing, it kind of felt like a Hollow, too. Oooh, wait, look... Is that an Arrancar? Head tilt. Felt like it. That blue one, the panther thing, what was his name...

She didn't have much time to ponder that, before a green flash of Kidou streaked past her snout. Squealing! "Hey! Watch it!"
"Sorry! a mental voice answered, a dark green and yellow Vasi popping into view. "Oh hey, Vreyin!"
"Shieth now," he answered.
"Yeah, I'm Vreyinth now."
"Oo, nea- Yaaaa sorry, gotta help Talarshi with the angry thing. Talk later!" And... Shieth went down the hill after the blur of Hollow and bright blue.

Vreyinth just sat on her butt. ... what just happened? Huh. You know, she thought she was the only Vasi over here. This was actually kind of exciting.
Heru Lucain Offline Valhalir // Lenara 730 HP 544 Years Male Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member Vreyinth Starfire Marat Al'iilhia
Strange Days Jan 14, 2017, 11:48PM // 262 Words
And there was Vreyinth, right on time, as Aizen had expected she would be. He didn't really like having to rely on her for the majority of his protection, but she'd proven to be reliable, at least. It probably had to do with the bonding... thing that he only sort of understood to begin with.

But it wasn't Vreyinth that managed to handle the hollow, a streak of blue - a horribly familiar one, mind - shot through and tackled it. Ah... Grimmjow, it had to be Grimmjow. That was ... well. It was either going to be perfectly fine or there was going to be a minor fight between his dragon and Grimmjow. He was hoping for the former because while he was sure Vreyin could handle the cat, Aizen wasn't sure he wanted her to.

"If that was an actual question, it appears Grimmjow Jaegerjaques appeared to attack the hollow. ... And brought a dragon with him." Dragon she was familiar with.  Bit odd, really, seeing a dragon other than Vreyinth because, they really weren't supposed to exist and yet here... they were. Okay, well, Aizen had given up understanding that because she was very clearly not a figment of his imagination.

"This is bound to be interesting." First Gin and now Grimmjow. What was he doing in the living world hunting hollows, anyway? ... Oh, bonus points to there was a Tia out a couple miles. Maybe less, depending on the day.
Gage Jordan Offline Diablo // Pham Thanh Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies. 855 HP 575 Years Male Twelfth Division Lieutenant Jade Tigers Ironscale Flight Wingleader Rider Council Member Shieth Dawnreaver Roi Panthere
Strange Days Jan 15, 2017, 05:31AM // 925 Words
A quiet snort. "I should just always assume you're going to answer me literally," probably. To be honest, it'd likely be better for her uh... blood pressure? Did Vasi even have blood pre- well probably. They did bleed, after all, albeit not the colour you expected them to bleed, but, so went life. Unlife. Whatever.

"Shi...eth, and I grew up together, sort of. We're from the same Flight." Er. "Flights are bigger groups of Vasi. Dragons. Yeah." Probably, Sosuke was intelligent enough to figure that out, but just, confirming, or something like that. Swinging her tail about there, because that was a Cero, from the Hollow; it hit her scales and ricocheted back the way it came, slamming into the dirt, not terribly far from where Grimmjow was, actually. Oops.

"Watch where you're THROWIN' those things!"
"You have a Hierro, use it!" Just saying.

On the bright side, it didn't take them much longer to finish off the Hollow. And... they apparently did a little victory dance and high-fived each other. Strange creatures; of course, Vreyinth was already conditioned to expect strangeness from Shieth, but Grimmjow... seemed different, actually. She remembered him being much angrier and very short fused. But this Grimmjow seemed to actually find some vague enjoyment in dancing around like a dork with his dragon.

Scrambling back this way, beside Sosuke, as the two came up the hill, giggling at each other over a play by play repeat of the fight. "And then it rolled and went, WHAM, and you were like, WHAM!"
"I was expecting some Kidou help, what happened?" Dusting his shihakusho off, because actually he'd just gotten it cleaned this morning, mostly because he had a very long party last night and he rarely ever wore anything but his uniform, putting the Lieutenant badge back where it was supposed to be...
"Oh, I missed," Shieth said, as they got to the top of the hill. "Almost hit her," he added, pointing at Vreyinth with his tail.
"Oh." Another Vasi. ... and then he saw the one beside her, and went slightly squinty. ... leaning over toward Shieth. "How much rum did you let me drink last night?"
"If you're actually asking... not enough. Why?"
"You see that guy, right?" Gesturing at Sosuke.
"Clear as day. ... should I not?" Shieth asked, sounding a bit confused.
"Nah, just... I am not drunk enough for this." Nope. Not even vaguely drunk enough for this.

... seemed the Espada had discovered alcohol. Vreyinth went a little cross-eyed; that was either easier than it should have been, or this was going to implode momentarily...

"Aaaah, Grimmy, Grimmy, I don't think drinking in the Living World is a good idea," Shieth spluttered, scrambling after Grimmjow because he just went toward the city. You know, where there was booze.
"Great idea, and the best part is, no one can see me."
"Grimmjow, what have we said about messing with the living people that can't SEE you!" Shieth asked, shoving his snout against Grimmjow's face.
Stopping, because... space invasion. Not that he minded space invasions from Shieth. "Then I have some switches flip or... newbies to show the ropes or paperwork to do or something. Because this?" Pointing back that way. "Yeah I don't have time nor the alcohol supply to deal with that."

"If it makes you feel any better," Vreyinth interrupted. "It's not like he can hurt you." Nope. Probably couldn't even scratch his Hierro at the moment. ... well, maybe.
"... when did you get a Va- never mind. Sure."
"Just saying..." Why, no idea, probably because this entire mess was actually her fault, in her mind, not his. ... well, the end of it was. "And the end of it was actually my fault so, be mad at me." Yeah.
"I can be mad at a lot of things and people, Vasi are typically not on the list." Typically.
Heru Lucain Offline Valhalir // Lenara 730 HP 544 Years Male Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member Vreyinth Starfire Marat Al'iilhia
Strange Days Jan 15, 2017, 09:15PM // 349 Words
"Probably." He'd be honest, he tended to respond literally even when it was apparently not really wanted.  Oh, childhood friend. That was sweet, sort of. Also kind of funny because her childhood friend bonded to an Arrancar and here she was bonded to the guy who kind of screwed a bunch of them over. Well, not as much as he could have, but unfortunately he'd ended up turning them over to Nnoitra unintentionally.

Right, dragons apparently hung out in large groups, called flights. Okay, so that was like, they herded... together? He could work with that. Must be lonely for Vreyinth out here though, if that was the sort of thing she was used to.

Wait that was a gotei uniform. And that was a... lieutenant badge. Sosuke moved around a bit, until he could see the emblem on it. "Jusanbantai, hm?" Sounding surprised, just a hair, for a number of reasons. The first being, you know, he was in a division at all. And then, did he really get along with Jushiro? Well, everyone did, to be fair. Ukitake-sama was difficult not to get along with. But Grimmjow was... but then he was also bonded to a dragon, same as Aizen. And if Aizen's suddenly being able to brain again was normal, then perhaps something similar had happened to Grimmjow anyway.

Hmm. "I guess Gin wasn't lying about the Exile laws after all." What? Aizen wouldn't have put it passed the guy to lie to pull Aizen into a trap.

"For the record, I got a vasi perhaps two weeks before I disappeared. She put my head back on straight. ... Let's say a certain Espada didn't take it well." Ah, no. No, he had not taken the attempt to put an end to the mess he'd caused well at all. Really, in hind sight, Aizen should have started with someone else. Almost... anyone else, but probably Tia would have been his best bet.
Gage Jordan Offline Diablo // Pham Thanh Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies. 855 HP 575 Years Male Twelfth Division Lieutenant Jade Tigers Ironscale Flight Wingleader Rider Council Member Shieth Dawnreaver Roi Panthere
Strange Days Jan 16, 2017, 09:41AM // 458 Words
A snort. "Yeah, Jusan. Technically, I think I'm not supposed to be out here as often as I am, but Metella's not said anything and neither has Ukitake-Taichou, you know, long as I don't kill anybody. ... and the last time was an accident. Aiming for the Hollow and I hit the living guy." But, that sort of happened, when you were a ridiculously overpowered Arrancar that did not, in fact, use the Senkaimon, so it wasn't even like he had a limiter. He was just very careful; given the only times he'd killed anybody had been aiming a Cero at a Hollow and missing, it probably said something about just how careful. And he only gave a shit because Ukitake-Taichou's Look of Extreme Disappoint was actually pretty terrible. ... and Metella's was almost as bad.

Uh, no. ... well, in all fairness, Gin lied about a lot of things, so it kind of stood to reason one might wonder whether he was lying about that, too. "First thing Metella did when she became Sotaichou was revert the exile laws. And I'm going to just go out on a limb and assume you mean Jiruga. Not that I listened to him. Probably why he tried to kill me. Bright side, he got his ass killed by a combination of Oderschvank and Kurosaki." And thank the stars for that, nobody bloody damned liked him, anyway. Actually, he'd screwed a lot of people over by deciding he didn't like where he was and wanted to be higher. It wasn't like Grimmjow gave a shit; he was below Jiruga and shouldn't have been much of a threat, but the thing with him was, for an Arrancar, even back then, he had a pretty... strange, but decent concept of honour.

And Grimmjow had never been fighting to take the Goteijusantai down; ever. Not for Aizen, not for Jiruga. To be honest, Grimmjow had probably just... been bored. And now he wasn't.

"Lot of shit is different, now. You may think about goin' back, but I ain't your babysitter. Shittons of dragons around now, too. Metella made them a floating mountain range."
"Yeah yeah, the entire Ironscale Flight migrated. We're much bigger now," Shieth nod-nodded. "130,000 now."
"Daaaaaaaamn..." Vreyinth snorted in surprise.
Heru Lucain Offline Valhalir // Lenara 730 HP 544 Years Male Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member Vreyinth Starfire Marat Al'iilhia
Strange Days Jan 17, 2017, 12:40AM // 318 Words
Well no, Lieutenants generally didn't come out here very often at all, except in very specific emergencies with the Sotaicho's permission, but apparently the new one was being much less picky about that than Yamamoto-sama was. Which was, well, fair, Aizen supposed. Circumstances changed, and Arrancar weren't really the people those laws had been designed for anyway.

Yeah somehow not surprised we'd managed to kill a living guy at least once. But uh, things happened, and it was a little late to worry about it now he supposed. Not that it was his problem anyway, because it wasn't in any way.

"Well good for them." Mildly. "But yes, that's the one." Of course it was, who else would it be. Because Jiruga was nasty, and for all he wasn't technically that powerful, compared to some, he was sneaky. It was one of his greatest strengths, the fact that he could take many by surprise. Unfortunately that strength was a little problematic too. Good choice for Aizen's original plan, unpleasant when Vreyinth forced him to think clearly and realize what a horrible idea he had.

"I've thought about it a few times." It was hard not to given the sheer amount of nudging that happened. But he'd been concerned about being led into a trap, and honestly he was concerned about what the Gotei would do if it got a hold of him. Since Aizen was pretty sure them executing him would hurt Vrey.

"...You know when you said flights were larger groups of dragons, I didn't really think you meant that large." 130,000 dragons? How did they manage to feed them all? Presumably they hunted their own food but that kind of a concentration had to wipe through the wildlife pretty quickly.
Gage Jordan Offline Diablo // Pham Thanh Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies. 855 HP 575 Years Male Twelfth Division Lieutenant Jade Tigers Ironscale Flight Wingleader Rider Council Member Shieth Dawnreaver Roi Panthere
Strange Days Jan 17, 2017, 07:20AM // 894 Words
Well, in all fairness, who else would it be? Certainly not Starrk, who was far too lazy for that sort of thing anyway. And thank whatever the fuck was listening for that, Starrk deciding to be a destructive force would've been... destructive. If Grimmjow had trouble with Jiruga, he would've really had trouble with Starrk. And god forbid he end up tangoing with Lilynette, too. One was bad enough; both? Screwed panther was screwed.

"Er... normally Flights aren't quite that big," Vreyinth murred. "Last I checked, the Ironscales only had about 13,000, and that's mostly because it was spread across the Ramoth Mountains. During the Wars of Fire and the War of the Mithril Bracelet, most Dragons migrated and hid behind Ur-Nahaan, because it was the safest place to be at the time, and most of the smaller Flights that migrated ended up being absorbed into the Ironscales. Before that, there were only a couple hundred Ironscales. It has always been the largest Flight, though. No idea why." It was strange.
"Yeah, after the War of the Mithril Bracelet calmed down, the Sovereign got overthrown and replaced, and Yanan erupted into civil war a few years later," Shieth filled in. "Calan didn't want to move the Ironscales, mostly because the new Sovereign needed the support and we'd been nesting in the Ramoth Mountains so long, it seemed really stupid to move then. But then somebody broke the seal on the War Layers and released the Ra'uel onto the rest of Yanan, the Deep Elves lost their fucking collective minds, moreso than they had before of course, and the next thing we knew, half the other Dragon Flights were gone. The Moonracers were completely destroyed, the Windspires were gone, half the Steelarrows had been swallowed by the Fade... 135,000 Dragons are left. Out of millions. The Ironscale Flight is all that's left, save for a few thousand that are either Bonded or have lost their Flight and haven't found their way to us yet. Maybe a few smaller Flights of maybe a dozen each are about. Yanan is a mess. You're lucky, you ducked out before it really got bad."
"That is not lucky," Vreyinth shook her head. "I should've been there-"
"Vrey, look. You obviously had a good reason not to be. Maybe it was the Dreamer's way of sparing you. And besides, the House of the Stars was one of the first things to go. It's in pieces now. You wouldn't have survived that. And then what? I've heard the stories. If you'd died before you ever found him, what do you think would've happened? How far do you think he'd have fallen into his insanity? Would you even have a Talar, if by some miracle you found him the next incarnation, instead of a crazed megalomaniac with a god-complex?"
... that... okay Vreyinth couldn't argue with that. Albeit the look on her face made it seem like she wanted to...
"For all anyone knows, calming the Winter War is exactly what the Dreamer wanted you to do. If you hadn't, where else could the Kazan have gone? All is as it should be, Vreyinth. The Dreamer knows what it is doing, even if we do not."
"Yeah well, as it should be sucks," Grimmjow snorted.
"Never said it didn't!"

Grimmjow huffed about there, turning away again, though this time, he turned the other way, making it very obvious there were a huge chunk of his mask fragments missing. All that was left was the far end of the jaw, just a tiny stick of bone left in front of his ear, barely noticeable under his hair, which had grown quite a bit since the Winter War. "Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, Metella's nothin' like Yamamoto. I don't think you'll die. You may have some explainin' to do, but. Well, they figured out who was in charge by the end of it, and it wasn't you." Unfortunately, not Halibel, either. She might've had better luck holding down the fort than Grimmjow did. Actually, he was also wondering why Starrk hadn't helped out, but he was probably too busy being his usual lazy ass. But Jiruga caught Halibel off-guard too, last Grimmjow heard on the subject, and... nobody had seen her since.

If he had to guess, Grimmjow was just assuming Jiruga broke her fragments, too. He seemed to really like doing that, if he and Nelliel were anything to go by.
Heru Lucain Offline Valhalir // Lenara 730 HP 544 Years Male Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member Vreyinth Starfire Marat Al'iilhia
Strange Days Jan 17, 2017, 10:03PM // 296 Words
Oh. So that wasn't normal, that was a little comforting because if there were various flights all around that size... man. Of course, then the other dragon chimed in with some background on why the Ironscales was so large. It was kind of unfortunate, really, the picture he painted of the issue. Ra'uel... Deep Elves. The Fade. These things meant little to Aizen, but he found they didn't have to, entirely, in order to get the point.

Essentially, that 130, 000 dragons were all that was left of a once more populous race. That was... unfortunate. That was a word for it.  "As it should be generally seems to." Aizen offered in a mild voice. Which was, probably, part of what had driven his raging against the idea of god, or whatever. Because all things happen for a reason didn't really help in the long run.

Blink. Whatever train of thought Aizen had been on ended rather abruptly as Grimmjow turned around and really let him get a look at the fragments - or what had once been his fragments. Now they were extremely sparse. "Odd to think I may get a chance to do any explaining." But he wasn't sure the Gotei would really want to hear it, regardless of what Grimmjow said. "... What in the world got a hold of your fragments?" Though Aizen sort of suspected he knew.

One particular arrancar had a penchant for breaking fragments, it fell in with that catching them off guard thing he was so fond of. "Or, well, it was Jiruga, wasn't it?" Getting more to the point rather than waiting for him to actually answer the question.
Gage Jordan Offline Diablo // Pham Thanh Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies. 855 HP 575 Years Male Twelfth Division Lieutenant Jade Tigers Ironscale Flight Wingleader Rider Council Member Shieth Dawnreaver Roi Panthere
Strange Days Jan 17, 2017, 10:43PM // 309 Words
Tche. Grimmjow just gave a shrug, there. "Nobody thought to replace the Central. The Gotei runnin' the whole damn show now. And fair trial and alla that." That did seem to be the idea behind it. Grimmjow never pretended he understood Metella, because really, he didn't. He'd like to, mind, if only because what the fuck was going on in her pretty blonde little head was interesting, but he didn't care that much, either. He just went along with whatever because really, it didn't matter to him what the lady did.

Long as she didn't do something really bad, whatever.

Ah... oh. Yeah, see, Shieth kept his reishi so stable any more, he forgot those were broken. They'd been broken for a long time now. Frankly, it was probably a miracle he'd survived it, because shit there wasn't a lot left. "Yeh. He sure loved to do that. I was actually kinda winnin' and then he hooked Santa Teresa under 'em and yanked. Got lucky I guess and shattered most of 'em. Still weaker'n I used to be, but Shieth keeps it mostly stable." And he hadn't had any issue with the Hollow in the back getting louder, or anything. It used to, sometimes. Kind of thought he might revert, but fortunately that didn't happen.

"Turned on Ichimaru too. But he didn't have any fragments to break, so Jiruga ripped his arm off. Almost killed 'im. That fucker never did fight fair." But he couldn't have beaten Ichimaru fairly, anyway. And certainly not Halibel.
Heru Lucain Offline Valhalir // Lenara 730 HP 544 Years Male Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member Vreyinth Starfire Marat Al'iilhia
Strange Days Jan 18, 2017, 12:23AM // 315 Words
Oh. Well that may be part of why the Goteijusantai was willing to at least hear it, or presumably. It really would be the Gotei making that decision, not Central. Which was, in all honesty, probably a good thing for him - and in general. "Impressed they didn't replace central." But pleased in a way - he'd done a lot of awful things, but Central really was horribly disconnected from the lives of the Shinigami that they gave orders to.

"I'd say I'm not sure that's lucky. But I suppose it is." In a way at least, because the other option was kind of dying and that was... much worse than just having them broken. At least, surviving was generally considered to be a positive.

"Well, that explains what happened there. I never asked." He'd been curious, but asking Gin questions was usually a futile thing anyway. Perhaps he'd have gotten an answer, but he hadn't really tried because it was more likely that he'd have gotten evasions. It didn't really matter anyway - it hadn't then, and it didn't now. But it was an interesting tidbit in the long run. What a mess he'd caused, though all this talk of Jiruga made him wonder, a little distantly, if he'd gotten a hold of the second Tercera espada the same way he had the first. She was around, he knew, so she wasn't dead. But not being dead didn't mean much, clearly.

"So I disappeared and Jiruga went nuts. Good to know." There was perhaps a hint of sarcasm there. "Or, well, I suppose he was always nuts." The fate of the first Tercera sort of hinted at that at least.
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Strange Days Jan 18, 2017, 05:34PM // 340 Words
A shrug. "I hear nobody saw a reason to. Wasn't like the Central was particularly in the know on current goings-on in the Seireitei. The Captains and Lieutenants live it, so they just figured the Goteijusantai would be better off replacing it with themselves." The separation between the two probably wasn't really all that good of an idea anyway. It did tend to lead to issues where the leading class was ridiculously detached from reality, and everyone else got frustrated with it.

"Boy am I glad we don't have leaders," Vreyinth murmured.
Shieth snorted; yeah, he was pretty glad, too. The more experience with leadership he got, the less he liked the mere idea. The Vasi way was much better, thank you very much.

Well, nobody really had. Grimmjow only knew because Orihime told him. How she knew, that was a mystery, but that woman knew a lot of shit most people didn't, about how the War really ended. She'd been right in the middle of the chaos, somehow. Probably because nobody really knew what Aizen wanted her for, and then she was just good leverage over Kurosaki. Well, that didn't work out in anyone's favour. Grimmjow was honestly glad he hadn't been around by that point. Even if he had been, he'd have told them they were being idiots.

Some Arrancar learned; others really didn't.

"I was gonna say, you surprised? Shouldn't be. ... and uh, the girl. Inoue. She's an Arrancar now. Apparently tried rejecting the Hogyoku into non-existence and it fought back. S'gone anyway, though." So, apparently it'd worked. Good for her, really. "She won' come to the Seireitei yet though. I think she's trynna regenerate bat-canary." Probably.
Heru Lucain Offline Valhalir // Lenara 730 HP 544 Years Male Eleventh Division Seat 05 Rider Council Member Vreyinth Starfire Marat Al'iilhia
Strange Days Jan 18, 2017, 11:45PM // 237 Words
Nodding a little. "Sounds accurate." It did, to be fair. "Good to know that something I did turned out right."[/b] More or less. His head hadn't been on straight, he'd done a lot of bad things, but one thing, just one, had turned out right. The Gotei was now being led by its captains and lieutenants, the people who really knew what their lives were like. The ones who saw the very real challenges every day rather than sitting in their cloistered little meeting room making arbitrary decisions about people they didn't really understand.

"I have a hard time imagining how anything gets done if you don't have leaders." Aizen admitted mildly. "But it's just a different culture, I suppose." Sounded like a recipe for chaos, but to each their own. Or... something like that.

"No, not really." Aizen wished he was, but he'd be lying - to Grimmjow and to himself. Blink. "I did not expect that to happen when I gave her the Hogyoku." Ah, no. No he hadn't. It had seriously resisted... geez. "At least it's gone." That was something to be thankful for.

Why would she be trying to do that? Aizen didn't bother asking, she was... like that, he supposed.
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Strange Days Apr 13, 2017, 10:16PM // 359 Words
A shrug there. "Some other stuff would have, if it weren't for interference." But Jiruga was particularly skilled at the art of interfering. An unfortunate thing to be skilled at, but there it was. And it wasn't particularly Aizen's fault, it just was. None of them really could have guessed Jiruga would turn out to be as much of a pain in the ass as he had turned out to be. Maybe if they'd thought about it a little more, but Grimmjow wasn't particularly concerned, at the time, with Jiruga, neither was Tia, probably, and Aizen was more likely panicking over the mess he'd made.

He was Quinto, anyway, he shouldn't have been terribly much of a problem, but, of course, he didn't play fair, and that was how he managed to best them all. Even Ichimaru, and that was sort of a feat. Hindsight, it was always 20/20.

"We all govern ourselves," Vreyinth answered, shrugging a bit. "It works, because we are raised from day one with a strong sense of personal responsibility. There's no one to blame if we mess up, and we understand that early on. You're probably right, that ultimately it's just cultural difference, because I think it's primarily just the environment we're raised in, and how we're raised, but it seems strange to us that two-legs seem incapable of governing themselves the way we do."
Grimmjow snorted. "If humans tried that, there'd be a lot of injustice, death, and suffering."
"There isn't already?"
"... true. But that just kind of validates my point."

A huff. Well, anyway. "Anyway, I'm going back. Are you?" Or did he have to potato sack him? Because Grimmjow had nothing against potato sacking.
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Strange Days Apr 15, 2017, 11:06AM // 186 Words
That wasn't really the point, in Aizen's mind. He'd started the mess that Jiruga had fed off of - it wasn't like it was his idea. But Aizen decided not to say that aloud, instead shrugging slightly. "Maybe." But a lot of things wouldn't have gone wrong that had, if he'd not done what he did either. So... there was that.

Governed themselves. It was a nice idea, in theory. But, like Grimmjow, Aizen could see a number of issues with it. There were far too many humans with inherently ill-will towards each other. Or they were self serving to the point of not even considering what it would do to others. And... Aizen wasn't sure that inherent evil could really be raised out of them.

"Unfortunately humans don't have the group-compassion required for such a method of leadership to not be detrimental." Shrugging, slightly.

"I wasn't intending to, no." His tone was rather flat, as if he'd thought that answer was relatively obvious.