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Herding Cats

October 14, 2016
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Herding Cats Oct 31, 2016, 05:40PM // 283 Words
Of course, she knew Suyis wasn't entirely serious when he plagued the corkboard of every division with sticky notes, but Laelia said she was going to find him and mom didn't raise a quitter. She stuck to her promises, dammit, and she'd find Grimmjow and drag him to Suyis if it was the last thing she did. ... okay, no, most likely she'd just flop on Suyis and whine about sneaky cat Arrancar and their convenient hiding spots. Why are Shinigami the only ones who can't open garganta? So unfair! Of course, she wasn't technically a Shinigami, but. Close enough.

Either way, Laelia was still determined to find him. She was promised kisses, dammit, and by the gods was she holding Suyis up to that. The fact that she'd get kisses anyway was totally irrelevant. Maybe she should demand 500 out of him. Or wait, no, it was 5,000 kan now. ... what iss the exchange rate between kan and kisses, anyway? Would 5,000 kan equal 5,000 kisses? Would it equal 500? Or maybe 10,000. Was a kiss worth more than kan? Probably. Damn.

Starting off at the Jusanbantai barracks, of course, because that was the logical place to look. Grimmjow was a cat, though, and cats are never where you'd expect them to be. She would know; she is a part of Nibantai, after all. A very recent transfer, but still. Kitties, kitties everywhere. Never where you'd expect them to be. Or maybe exactly where you'd expect them, because Nibantai. Hmm. Point is, Laelia expected this to just be the start of her search, but that was what made it fun!

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Herding Cats Nov 01, 2016, 03:16AM // 399 Words
Why was this set wrong? Which idiot set this wrong? That was fine. It wasn't like Grimmjow couldn't fix it himself. ... he was supposed to have today off, but a lot of the time, he ended up working right through his days off. If he wasn't here fiddling with the InVisor communication lines, he was off in Rukongai or the living world, probably either training, racing, or punting Hollows. Perhaps a little of all three in the same day. Today, apparently, it was fiddle with the InVisor lines day, but that was partially because some of the newer additions to the Jusanbantai couldn't quite keep the lines from crossing. It was an easy mistake to make, and they'd figure it out eventually (everyone always did), but they still had to be fixed. Normally, it was Grimmjow that did, because it wasn't like he had anything else to do.

... well, get into another cork-board war with Suyis, if he was really bored. Or actually take him up on that coffee date, but Grimmjow thought he'd pass on that one. He was more interested in cornering Cyprian for one of those than going along with the borderline-psychopathic Gobantai Captain. Not that he really minded Suyis all that much; their games were entirely in jest, mostly just to flip each other shit, because it was funny (well, it was). Maybe someday he'd give up and go out for coffee with the guy. He actually struck Grimmjow as the sort of guy that'd have some very interesting tales to tell, and anymore, Grimmjow was okay with stories. They were interesting. And something to pass the time with.

Thank the stars he could read, really. ... hm. He didn't recognise that reiatsu signature. Felt familiar, like he'd sensed it before, but ah... couldn't really pin it. Ah, actually, he thought he kind of associated it with the Yonbantai. Flipping this last switch, and shuffling outside.

... oh. Her. "You look like you're lookin' for somethin'." He didn't even really know her name, but he'd seen her around a few times. Her sister worked in Yonbantai, the twin; that was why he associated her with Yonbantai instead of... wasn't she in Nibantai? Hmm.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Herding Cats Nov 06, 2016, 12:32AM // 259 Words
Oh. And there he was. Well. That was easy. Laelia was honestly a little disappointed; she'd expected a chase, but nope, here he was, dropped in her metaphorical lap.

On the other hand, the sooner she grabbed him, the sooner she'd get kisses! Okay, nevermind, she wasn't disappointed anymore. "And I found him!" Smiley. Hmm, this one she actually didn't know that well. One of the newer additions the lieutenant lineup. Mental note to self to change that later; she liked keeping up to date with all the captains and lieutenants. There was no real need for her to do so anymore, seeing as her sister, her dad, her husband, and numerous friends were part of said line-up, but old habits died hard. Anyway, more friends was always a good thing. Or maybe she could do that now! Here he was, after all, and here she was, and it's not like she had any work left to do today.

"Are you busy?" He looked busy. Not that it'd actually stop her, but Laelia liked to at least maintain a thin visage of common decency. Sometimes. When she felt like it. "... no, wait!" She tapped her InVisor, screen flickering to life for a few brief seconds. "You're suppose to be off today, anyway! What are you doing still working?" She flounced closer, squinting at whatever he was fiddling with. "Someone else can deal with this. I'm stealing you."
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Herding Cats Jan 09, 2017, 03:36AM // 337 Words
And... what the hell would anyone be looking for him for? That was a question. He hadn't done anything terrible the last few days (er, he didn't think at least), so... well, then again, he was reminded of Suyis and the last cork board war. This may have something to do with that. If he remembered correctly, catching him was a 500 Kan reward. Tche. "I ain't actually up for grabs, Suyis is just an asshole," grumbled. That was the only logical thing this could be about, so of course, he figured that was it. Besides, they didn't know each other well enough for this to merely be a social call.

Yes, actually, he kind of wa- or she could check the InVisor records. What the fuck those were doing on the InVisor lines, he had no idea.

"Yeah, I work through em sometimes, sue me," Grimmjow snorted. "Somebody gotta fix the newbie mistakes, and no, nobody else can deal with it. I figure Taichou can but he's busy bein' a Taichou, and everyone else is an idiot. Ain't even sorry for that. So if ya wanna chat, park it. Figure out how to fix crossed lines. You'll have a much better time of being in my vicinity that way. ... why ya wanna, no idea." Absolutely none. Most of the interest in him had waned by now, or at least he'd thought it had. Apparently it hadn't waned as much as he thought it had.

Well, not that he wasn't used to this weird thing where people hang around him for unknown reasons which really were just kind of unknown. And he did still have switches to flip and InVisor lines to correct, so, making a face, and going back that way.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Herding Cats Jan 16, 2017, 08:35AM // 354 Words
One eyebrow rose higher and higher at his words before she finally giggled. Grumpy cat sure was grumpy, and there were plenty who'd be put off by his attitude but Laelia easily brushed it off. She may come back and bother him of her own accord someday; he was a hard nut to crack, and Laelia loved a challenge. And maybe she had a soft spot for the difficult ones, the ones who act as if they didn't need love and companionship and were entirely self-sufficient. It reminded her of home.

"Is it really?" she asked, neatly folding herself down on the ground beside him and peering at whatever he worked on as if she knew what he was talking about. "If a new recruit can mess it up it seems like something you don't need to bother a lieutenant with, especially on his day off." She poked him to prove her point, making sure to angle it so that he could see it coming so avoid it if he needed to. Some people couldn't stand physical contact. Laelia would know.

As she talked, she sent a few inquiries to her friends in Jusanbantai asking that exact question. She didn't trust him to be honest with her. He wasn't wriggling out of this, nope. Hmm, did he know who she was? Many who don't know of her tended to greet her overtures with suspicion, expecting an ulterior motive to her actions.

Those who did know of her tended to be more suspicious, as they should. It didn't bother her; she always wore them down in time, whether for innocuous or less innocuous reasons. Plopping her head on her hand, she grinned at him. "Why would Suyis have anything to do with this?" she asked, all innocence. "Maybe I don't know Suyis. Do I need an ulterior motive to be nice?"

Pouting, just a little. He was right, of course, but he didn't need to know that.
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Herding Cats Jan 17, 2017, 06:53AM // 560 Words
Heaving a sigh. He'd been vaguely hoping she'd go away and leave him to his switch flipping; to be honest, he was mostly only here because he didn't feel like doing anything else. "Ah, but that's where you'd be wrong," pointing at one of the screens. "Because, if a newbie messes this up, the communication lines get crossed. Do you know how many people that could kill if the latest Academy group can't get a hold of the right people amid a Hollow attack? Granted, it going to Nibantai instead of the Sanbantai isn't as dangerous as it could be; takes a few extra minutes for the Nibantai to pass the message on to the right guys and all's well. But that few extra minutes could be the difference between one death and fifty. And unfortunately, not a lot of newbies really grasp the full scope of how much damage they can do by not flipping the switches in the right order. Or messing with the cables. Or SITTING ON THE COMMAND CONSOLE." Pointed look at the rest of the Division, who probably didn't hear him, but...

Really? Arching an eyebrow, glancing at her like he really didn't buy that. "One, Suyis has something to do with almost everything. Two, everyone knows Suyis. Dude gets around. Three, don't know you, why would you decide to be nice out of nowhere to someone you don't know for no specific reason? Three years in Las Noches tells me you want something." Just saying. Now, whether what she wanted as a bad thing or a not so bad thing, that remained to be seen.

But really, if he was being honest about it, it wasn't like he cared. Probably, that was why he hadn't just potato sacked her and set her back outside the building and locked the door. Today was a slightly off day, apparently, but only slightly. He could be thankful his temper had clearly not quite kicked in yet. Not that it normally did around this point any more. Once, that was a lot more common.

And then he got a dragon. And really, that was probably more confusing than anything. How the hell did getting a dragon end in his incapability of living up to his short-fused reputation? He heard crap about how dragons were naturally calming, but he'd always figured it was just, you know, a tiny, barely noticeable effect, not, wow you have basically no temper left.

... besides, she was right, it wasn't like he had to be here fixing the lines, there were other higher ranked officers that could do it, but you know, something this important? Grimmjow didn't trust anyone to do it but himself. And maybe Taichou on a good day. You know the old saying, you want something done right, do it yourself. It was very valid, here. "And don't you have something better to do than bother the cat?" Come on now.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Herding Cats Jan 18, 2017, 02:10PM // 555 Words
Huh. It was interesting, actually, to learn how all of this worked. Laelia had meant to find out eventually, but she'd always get distracted or forget. It wasn't that high on her list of priorities, but it was still on the list.

"Do the new recruits mess it up a lot?" She made a mental note to run it by Seia next time she saw her, see if she could incorporate more about the InVisor system into the curriculum of those destined for Jusanbantai after graduation. Jusan was one of those divisions that didn't require any specialized classes like, say, Yonbantai or Kyubantai, but this did seem like something to dedicate at least a couple day's worth of classes on.

... she probably shouldn't mention the part about students potentially dying, though. Seia knew the risks already, but other people being concerned tended to make her more concerned, and she was already overprotective of her students. Knowing her, she'd do something like follow all future expeditions by herself to ensure her students stay safe, and she already had enough on her plate.

Also, it's creepy and overbearing. That was still a thing. Seia had a tendency to go overboard when left unchecked.

"There are a lot of people in the world! Maybe I'm not important enough for him to bother with. He is a captain, after all." Not that there were any strict criteria for the people Suyis chose to associate with. Or at least he was very good at making it seem that way. People thought the same of her, after all, and though her friends seemed random they were anything but. "Some people are just nice without any ulterior motives." Laelia sounded amused, like she was reminiscing on a private joke. Some people were nice for the sake of it, but she wasn't one of those people.

She made a thoughtful noise. "You remind me of someone I used to know," she said, easily brushing aside his last question. It's been so long that she couldn't remember his name anymore, couldn't remember the specifics of their relationship, but she was sure that there'd been a someone. He'd been grumpy and cynical like Grimmkitty and they'd bickered like siblings and she'd been shocked when he killed himself even though she really shouldn't have. Frowning, she tried to recall his name, or even his face, but both remained frustratingly elusive. Maybe dying twice messed with her memory, or maybe it was the fact that all of it happened over two thousand years ago.

She also remembered that she'd looked for him after her death, looked for years and years and years. There was the possibility that he'd been eaten by a Hollow, but Laelia couldn't wrap her brain around the concept of him being gone and refused to listen to the voice that whispered, if an empire couldn't find him then nothing can. She'd looked until she got captured and died a second time, and some part of her was probably still looking now.
Gage Jordan Offline Diablo // Pham Thanh Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies. 855 HP 575 Years Male Twelfth Division Lieutenant Jade Tigers Ironscale Flight Wingleader Rider Council Member Shieth Dawnreaver Roi Panthere
Herding Cats Jan 18, 2017, 02:41PM // 357 Words
A slight shrug. "Some of them," Grimmjow allowed. "But, mostly it's the older ones, that have been around since before the switches, and never really bothered to learn the ins and outs of the system. Probably, we'd benefit from a mandatory InVisor switch boot camp for older officers, but well, ain't nobody got time for that." Seemed that way, at least. Grimmjow vaguely did it when he caught it and knew who'd screwed up, but it only did so much good. That is, not a huge amount.

At that, Grimmjow arched an eyebrow, flipping a switch with as much sarcastic sass as it was physically possible to flip a switch. "Come on, this is Suyis. He interacts with everybody at least once. Maybe that's your deal." Oh, person I've never met before, hey, why not, sort of thing. Shinigami were weird. And... honestly, Grimmjow was glad nobody really hated him, but this whole stopping and talking to him randomly thing, it was uh. It was unnerving, a little, but he wasn't about to go and admit that. People could draw whatever conclusion from it they wanted, it wasn't like Grimmjow really cared.

An Arrancar got used to not really getting along well. Perhaps too much so.

Pff. "I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. What's with you Nibantai people, anyway, all beat around the bush-y? Say what you mean, dammit. Cyprian does the same thing, though, granted, in a different way." And, if he was guessing right, more borne of hurt, very old, deep hurts, that he'd never really healed from and didn't give enough of a damn to bother trying to heal from. Grimmjow couldn't tell you what this one's deal was, though. He'd figure it out eventually.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Herding Cats Jan 18, 2017, 03:25PM // 380 Words
Ohhh. That made sense. Old people, they tend to not like change. She'd know, being an old people. ... not that she was a really good example of that. Or the rest of her family. Or anyone they used to know back from when they were alive, like Caelius and Thetis and Sahura and... huh. Okay, they were probably just an abnormal bunch.

"Aww, it does sound like a good idea though. You'd save time! I could be bugging you over tea or coffee right now. Or would that make you grumpier?" Pause. "Guess it doesn't really matter. Or actually, knowing my husband, we'd be drinking." Because before all that she would've dumped him at Suyis' feet. "... or maybe we'd be playing chase instead."

Come to think. She blinked, slow. That would explain why dad dropped off that bell and belt at Suyis' office. She hadn't wanted to think on it too hard because. No. No.

"This is my deal." Smile. Whatever this is. "Of course it's a compliment! I don't know if you can lump me in with the rest of Nibantai yet, though, it's only been two weeks-"

Her brain finally fully caught up with the rest of what he said, and she just. Stopped, froze for a couple seconds before she looked at him with none of the playful carelessness she carried before, blue eyes sharp like a cat that just spotted a canary. "Who?" She asked, voice soft.

And maybe she was wrong, maybe it wasn't him. She couldn't remember his name, after all, why suddenly recall it now after all these years, but every bit of her stood up to attention at that name - it was close, but not the same, but it still felt right. Like something that always hovered just out of reach and he'd just handed her a net. Who'd want to retain that suffix, anyway? Someone who was proud of their family, but - Cyprianus, that was who he was - really hadn't been.
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Herding Cats Jan 18, 2017, 05:25PM // 359 Words
Making a face at her, more amused than anything, though given his typical gruff demeanour, it probably came out a little more annoyed looking than it actually was. He gave a slight shrug, there. "Never much cared for coffee. Tea's okay, long as it's green or Dai Li. I'm more of a rum guy, but my dragon hates it when I get drunk." The good news was, it did take a while before he got drunk, so it was rare that one happened.

Right. Whatever 'this' was, because there went the awkward circles again. Not that he really minded as much as he made it sound like he did. His brain did happen to like stimulation to a fairly startling degree, given he didn't really peg himself the type. Whatever made his mind happy, was all he could figure. And for all that he internally, and occasionally externally, grumbled about people and their weird dancing around truths shit, it did give him something to mentally chew on.

He was starting to get the hang of this puzzling people out gig. Probably not as good at it as he could be, but, he'd gotten a little better over the years.

Somewhere amid talking, she'd stopped and apparently gotten very interested in something. Grimmjow glanced over his shoulder, arched an eyebrow, and went back to the switches. "Cyprian," he answered. "Cyprian Valerius. He's in Nibantai, too, last I heard had enjoyed a promotion to third seat, runs a unit now and all that. Can't remember which one. Why?" Curious, more than anything. Besides, it was vaguely surprising anyone recognised his name. Dude went beyond keeping to himself into actively avoiding interaction territory. More than just interaction, life in general. Anything he could avoid that was socially charged, you can pretty safely bet Cyprian avoided it like it was going to give him the black plague.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Herding Cats Jan 21, 2017, 10:22PM // 510 Words
"Right," Laelia said distractedly, though she did actually file the beverage preference information away for later perusal. Apparently rum and tea actually made a pretty nice combo, but she'd never tried it out herself. Call her old fashioned, but Laelia still prefered her alcohol in the form of wine.

That was... hnn. There was nothing else in his name to tie him to the Cyprianus she knew, but it made sense for him to not want any ties with his old house. How common of a name was Cyprian, anyway? Maybe it was someone else. It was probably someone else. But still, he fit the roundabout and reclusive card - he had to be reclusive, for her to not have heard hide or tail of him yet despite them being in the same division. But if he was in the same division as her, how could she not know? She'd looked through all the lists of the other seated officers... well, glanced at, more like, then focused more on her own unit. Maybe it was spelt differently? They did use a different alphabet back then. Or her brain just didn't make the connection, or...

But if she didn't know him, he must've known her. Laelia was hardly inconspicuous - she could be, if she cared to try, but she rarely bothered to try. Some part of her was still surprised at her transfer to Nibantai. But if he kept to himself, maybe he just didn't know. Or maybe he was waiting for her to go to him. Or maybe he just didn't want anything to do with her, with any of them. Maybe he just didn't remember; it's been a long time, after all, and somehow that thought hurt more than any of the others, more than even him not caring.

It wasn't like her to overthink so much, but this was important. Important to her at least. She made a rule to not have many personal goals or much of personal anything (hard to, anyway, when pretty much everything she had was shared with either Narcissa or Suyis) and yet one had just fell out of the sky and bonked her on the head.

She glanced down at where Grimmjow still flipped switches, chewing her lip in thought. A small part of her wondered if it ever got tiring or tedious for him. "His name," she started slowly, "seems familiar to me. From... from before." Way before, back when they were all alive. Did Metella know? She seemed to know everything that happened in Seireitei, it was hard to imagine anyone familiar slipping through her grasp. Then again, it was hard to imagine him being a high-ranking part of her division for two weeks and her not knowing until now.

Potentially him, she reminded herself halfheartedly. There was still the possibility of this being a false alarm.
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Herding Cats Apr 13, 2017, 04:44PM // 356 Words
Familiar... kind of hard to imagine anyone found anything about that guy familiar, but Grimmjow knew, probably better than he should, Cyprian was much older than he let on. Grimmjow did have to wonder why he seemed to have closed off from everyone he knew before, then, because it was obvious at least one person knew him. Sometimes, Cyprian mentioned names, a few Grimmjow thought he recognized, distantly (wasn't Thetis the Captain of Jubantai?), but he also knew better than to push. It didn't tend to work very well with Cyprian. Nothing really worked very well with Cyprian, who was he kidding?

"He mentioned his family name used to be Caecilius once, if that's any better. ... you know, I wouldn't normally advocate for someone pestering him, but, if you're thinkin' about it, go do it. He needs to remember how to live." Shaking his head a bit. Grimmjow made some dent in him, mind, but not nearly enough. Mostly, it was Cyprian's fault, if it was anyone's, for not being particularly personable. But Grimmjow was aware that was quite purposeful. He didn't really want anyone closer than they were, and had spent quite some time revolting against the idea of even talking to Grimmjow.

It did make the Arrancar curious what all he'd never heard about, in the before. Things he'd never really know, truthfully, because Cyprian didn't make a habit of sharing... ah, well, anything.

"If it's any motivator, he's usually working. I don't think he's capable of doing anything else unless I make him." So it would seem. But this did mean, it was something safe enough to interrupt, Soul King knew he could use more breaks than he had a habit of taking. If he wasn't careful, Shihoin-Taichou and Feng-Fukutaichou were going to kick him out of the barracks one day and make him... do something else.
Laelia Livian Offline Astral // Huli 624 HP 914 Years Female Second Division Seat 06 Ha.
Herding Cats Apr 15, 2017, 09:36PM // 460 Words
Staring, she was staring, staring was impolite but when did she ever actually care about that - when she wanted someone to do something for her, right. Laelia snapped her jaw shut, willed the surprised expression away from her face. Shocked, more like, surprised seemed too soft of a word. It was only for a second, but she still slipped up. Was still slipping up; remnants still lingered in her parted lips and furrowed brow. She used to be better at this, but the thing was, she didn't care. It was him. It had to be him. Someone having the same name or coming from the same House could've been a coincidence, but having the same name and coming from the same House and with a similar personality?

Her hand tapped an impatient beat on the floor, one leg up and the other knee down. She didn't know when she'd told her body to move, but apparently it was very eager to get up. Well, nothing for it now. Smoothly, Laelia continued the movement, pushed herself to her feet like it was deliberate move. This wasn't the first time her body moved without her input, even during innocuous matters like this. Excitement and fear felt the same to her, sometimes, made her mind disconnect from her body, and she tried to swallow the tightness in her throat as her heart jumped so loud in her chest she heard its staccato rhythm. It didn't work, but whatever, another thing that didn't matter.

"Laelia!" Right on time, her friend rounded the corner. "What are you - sir," she squeaked as she caught sight of Grimmjow, and immediately straightened her posture. Laelia would've found it funnier if her mind wasn't trying to do somersaults. She still found it funny, just, not as much as she would have.

"Shaina," Laelia said, smiling, "take over for Grimmycat, won't you?" Another squeak at the informal nickname. "I'll make it up to you! I promise." Her friends had gotten back to her a while ago, and she knew for sure now that Grimmjow himself didn't have to take care of this. Shaina was a seated member, seventh or something. She should be plenty qualified.

Laelia turned back to Grimmjow. "I was gonna take you to Suyis, but I think there's someone else I would rather meet." She clasped her hands in front of her chest, eyes wide. Er, eye. ... the wide-eyed look was easier to pull off when she still had both eyes. "Please? Pretty please?"
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Herding Cats Apr 16, 2017, 02:30PM // 414 Words
Of course. He wasn't sure why not, but the sudden change of heart wasn't terribly surprising. And he knew this was about Suyis. Wait, did she just- "No sir, that's just - hey, I was-" You know what, perhaps he should just, shut his mouth about here. Eventually, he was sure this one would get far more interested in something else, and Grimmjow could go back to working. It wasn't a constant thing, that he worked through his days off, just, probably far more common than Ukitake-Taichou would prefer it to be. He always seemed a little exasperated, whenever Grimmjow happened to turn up at work when he wasn't on the rosters. But really, it wasn't like Grimmjow typically had anything else to do. Aside from pestering Cyprian, at least, and it seemed he was going to be doing that today, anyway, even though that really hadn't been in the plans.

Grimmjow couldn't really help the tiny quirk of an eyebrow arch there. "And why are you askin' me? It's not like he's hard to find if ya know where to look. ... worse comes to worst, ya clearly ain't shy about buggin' people, ask Mini-chan or Atsusu." Mini-chan was, of course, Suifeng, and yes, she was aware he called her that. Renji almost picked it up, even. And then he'd changed his mind, because Suifeng had threatened to Nigeki Kessatsu his ass into next incarnation. Something about Iname, Grimmjow didn't catch it all, but to be fair, Nigeki Kessatsu was a decent motivator for just about anything. Grimmjow had never really managed to end up on the wrong end of Suifeng's anger, and he may push the line a lot, but, only just. He had no intention of figuring out where exactly the line was, from crossing it.

"Besides, something tells me I really shouldn't be around for this, and I was working before this anyway. And don't even start in on the working on my day off thing again, it's my day off, I can do whatever the hell I want. If that's working, so be it." That was his story, and he was sticking to it.
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"Mmhmm." Laelia bent down, tucked her hand into the crook of Grimmjow's arm, and hauled him up. "And now you're not working. You're welcome." Her tone switched from distracted to cheerful as she made her way out of Jusanbantai, ignoring the furtive glances that were shot their way. Suyis was probably the only other person who dared to randomly barge in and drag Grimmykitty around, and they at least were around the same size and station. Whatever. Laelia was on a mission, and no social conventions could stop her.

Despite her still-racing heart, her hands remained steady, footsteps loose and casual. All things considered, Laelia was being remarkably patient. She was walking, for one. Walking at a slightly faster pace, but she was short and Grimmjow wasn't so she didn't even know if he would notice or not. "I can't just go bug him by myself," she said, eye fixed forward. "He talks to you. Who knows if he'll talk to me? I need you there with me." She shot him a quick smile. "You're important!"

Laelia had enough self control to keep the hurt out of her words. Two weeks. Two weeks they'd been in the same division, two weeks they'd been colleagues, and she hadn't seen him or even knew of him until now. It was probably an honest mistake, but Laelia wasn't... well, she could be inconspicuous, but she usually chose not to be. She made herself a bright beacon of light so that no one would see her slipping through the shadows. It's been so long, but the thought of him purposefully avoiding her still made her ache, a hurt that threatened to unfurl into pain if she poked at it long enough.

She shouldn't be getting her hopes up anyway. There was still the chance that it wasn't him, that it was just someone very similar to the Cyprianus she knew in Rome. But try as she might, she couldn't tamp it down.