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Of an Era Long Lost

Axie pls
Metella Livian Offline Kazan // Krystal Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.' 906 HP 2,112 Years Female First Division Commander Noctis Gemma
Of an Era Long Lost Oct 20, 2016, 03:27AM // 492 Words
She hadn't spent very long following him; only about a month ago did she figure out who he was, and before she spoke to him for any substantial length of time, she did want to be sure he was who she thought he was. And really, she wasn't entirely sure why, either. She should just leave him alone, let him live his new life in peace, without her interfering with it. There were various warnings and regulations in place that sought to prevent things like this, and there were reasons why. But, perhaps, she sought something comforting, familiar; Alcides was gone, Jasper was mad and still hadn't come home yet ( and she dared not try and force him ), and Axelius was right here, or so she thought. But the more time she spent around him, the more she was sure, this was Axelius. Funny enough, he had a very similar name, too. She wondered, distantly, if most reincarnations were named similarly to one another. Axelius' was the only one she'd found, thus far.

She had Suyis, at least. She had her parents, and most of her siblings. Metella should be happy, but... it was easier to think, around him. Easier to focus on mundane things, and often she found herself doing paperwork here, within range of his spiritual pressure. Even this weak, it felt very similar to Axelius'; mostly warm, like sitting close to a fireplace, with just a hint of spark, a slight crackling under the skin. It'd been so long since she'd sensed it, she almost didn't recognise it. Well, her brain didn't; but her heart did.

Metella wasn't sure what she wanted, any more. At first, she thought she just wanted to know, but now that she did, she still found herself slipping this way. She'd memorised his work schedule, and timed herself this visit, to be here just before he got off work. He bused tables at a local cafe; it seemed all at the same time, both very fitting for him, and too mundane, but everyone started somewhere, and this one was young. Too young for her to be hanging around, but, he still made the paperwork easier to deal with. She'd tucked herself off to the side, scribbling at said paperwork, as she waited. It wasn't terribly chilly a day, but it wasn't all that warm, either, and she'd somewhat bundled up to at least fit in to some extent. She thought he knew she was dead, though; at least, technically. There was life on the other side, but it wasn't the same life, that was all.

He'd come, sooner or later. In the meantime, besides doing paperwork, maybe she'd reconsider a few of her life choices.
Axel Vasilyev Offline Eidolon // Ian The true tragedy of life is not death, it is what dies inside of us while we live. 27 HP 23 Years Male
Of an Era Long Lost Oct 22, 2016, 01:35AM // 664 Words
He knew she was dead.

Somehow, he just knew; sometimes, other people could see her, sort of (they were capable of it, but most didn't pay her any mind), other times they couldn't, and he knew she was trying to blend in, look like she belonged, but something about her always set his hair on end. It was almost like a minor adrenaline rush, but not entirely, either, and he wasn't really sure what to make of it. Every time she wandered by, even if it was for a short period before she wandered back off again, that tension in the back of his mind that he didn't even know was there before unwound a little more. He could breathe easier, had a little extra of a spring in his step, life got a little brighter. It was silly, probably; probably entirely base attraction, because he hadn't really seen much of her anyway, and when they had occasion to talk, it wasn't long. Still, he found he appreciated her wit. Her mind was as brilliant as the rest of her, and he hadn't been that interested in someone else in a very long time. Actually, he had a lot of friends, one or two girlfriends here and there, but even then, nobody really kept his interest the way she did, even for as short a period of time as she had it.

She was never around on a schedule. Either she was there, or she wasn't, and he wasn't good enough at picking out the strand of energy that was her to figure it out without seeing her. It was disappointing, when she wasn't, but he tried not to get too terribly hung up on it. She was just a girl, and he didn't even know her name; never mind the whole dead thing. He didn't... think introducing a dead girl to his mom would work out very well. ... then again, he might be surprised, his mom was rather good at rolling with the punches. And... he may be able to leave that whole dead thing out - anyway, it wasn't going to happen to begin with, so why was he thinking about it? Idiot.

He'd just clocked out for the night, finally. It hadn't been a particularly arduous day, but it had seemed to drag on forever (perhaps because some part of him was waiting for something, and he really wasn't sure why anymore), and he was pretty happy to be off his shift. And somehow, even though he was waiting for her, he still almost walked right past her. The hair, it stood out a little (she always kept it in really neat little braids and curls, and given his hair was pink, he couldn't say much about the color - a really pretty pale blonde, almost white). Only a flash of that brilliant color was all he needed to figure out she was right there. For a moment, he just stood there, watching her. Scribbling at something, like usually she was nowadays. She was probably some kind of classy businesswoman, if there were such things over there where the dead people went. Finally, he shifted his weight, got his sweater on, and shuffled over to her, taking a seat beside her.

At first, he wasn't sure what to say... usually words were his forte, so to speak. But he didn't really want to break her concentration, either, so he opted to just stay quiet. She'd address him when she was ready, and he was in no hurry to go home, just yet. Besides, sitting here next to her, the first time he sat down in several hours, it was calming, and he could feel the tension of the day slipping away, little puff of chilled breath at a time.
Metella Livian Offline Kazan // Krystal Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.' 906 HP 2,112 Years Female First Division Commander Noctis Gemma
Of an Era Long Lost Oct 22, 2016, 04:30PM // 687 Words
Ah. See, it didn't take him long, and in the interim, she'd managed to make quite a bit of progress with this stack of paperwork she'd brought along. Nothing super time-sensitive, of course, that had been done some time ago. It was such an interesting turn of events, how the Goteijusantai had incidentally been structured essentially like the Livian Empire's military; admittedly, though, the true origins were the rebellion, and, funny enough, Axelius had structured them. Many of her better ideas, they originally came from Axelius. A glance at him, as he settled down beside her. He looked almost just like she remembered him, too. Almost. His nose was slightly straighter, hair a completely different shade, eyes a little smaller, and he was built more like a titan than Axelius had been; funny, because by the end of it, one could've called Axelius a titan, too. If she bothered to watch his gaze, she could see him, in the blue. Shaking her head, more to herself, in attempt to get those thoughts out of her mind. This may be Axelius' reincarnation, if ever the gods were kind ( and she had never known them to be ), but this wasn't Axelius. They were very different people, albeit, only just. The more they interacted, the more of Axelius she saw in Axel. Irritatingly, it made her miss him the same way she did her Macedonian snake.

"I see I timed my presence correctly, this visit." Sort of off-handedly mentioned, as if it were an accident, but there was nothing accidental about her behaviour with him. She was going to catch hell for this, if ever Sahura figured out what she was doing over here. And yet, that thought did little to deter her. If anything, it made her bristle as if annoyed at the insinuation she had no business, which, she knew she didn't. Even knowing that, still, she came, and fell a little harder every time, for the shadow of who Axelius used to be, could have been, and both was and wasn't. By this point, Metella was rather sad, clinging to whatever strands of what used to be that she could find, afraid to let go, because letting go would mean it really was over. That she really had lost almost everything and everyone that meant anything to her.

But time would do that. Everyone around her died and faded in her memories, but she remained. She wondered if Sahura felt like this; probably. Yet even before they knew what he was, even before they had a name for his kind, he'd come back to her. And some part of her wondered, toyed at the idea that, maybe, just maybe, coming across Axel was no accident at all, that, in his way, he'd come back to her, too. Or, perhaps, she just hoped it worked that way, even though, most likely, it didn't. Particularly in instances wherein the given party had died a few times. And that life he'd left behind, it wasn't his, any more.

"So, how goes the day?" She should let him go. Even knowing that, she could sense herself cling to him tighter. Metella had lost him once; and it was a stupid way to lose him and probably her own damned fault, she should have known this time, Crassus would be prepared for facing her, knew her strengths and weaknesses about as well as she knew his, that this time, things would go differently if she didn't take him seriously. And yet, she'd been lulled into the false sense of security of knowing that they'd beaten him before, and he tore her empire apart, butchered her people, and pissed all over everything she'd worked so hard to build without even the courtesy of calling it rain.

If ever she saw him again, there would be no running from her; not this time.
Axel Vasilyev Offline Eidolon // Ian The true tragedy of life is not death, it is what dies inside of us while we live. 27 HP 23 Years Male
Of an Era Long Lost Nov 11, 2016, 06:28AM // 445 Words
Ah, yes, she'd timed it almost perfectly. Well, it sort of depended on how long she'd been here, but judging by what she'd chosen to say, probably not long. "I just got off shift, so, yeah pretty good timing." He didn't mind that, even though interacting with people all day, one would think he'd prefer a break. If it was her, he'd noticed a long time ago, it didn't really matter to him, if they talked or didn't. Sometimes just sitting around listening to one another breathe, practically, was what they ended up spending their time doing, and that was okay with him. Some things, they passed just fine without a word being uttered at all, and it was that kind of comfortable silence, he supposed, that he'd been looking for. He'd thought he'd found it a few times, but he was old enough now to realise that sometimes that comfort frayed and faded away. For what it was worth, he hoped it didn't with her. It was still strange, how interested in her he'd gotten so easily, but it was a very subconscious draw, and it wasn't entirely just because she was pretty (certainly helped, at least).

How goes the day..? Ha. Smiling a bit, scooting down in his seat to rest against the back of it. "Long," was what he huffed, eventually. "Some days go by in a blur, there's a lot of activity and stuff to keep up with, but other days, the minutes seem to take their sweet time. Relativity, it's a strange thing, and I don't think I'll ever understand it." Of course, he did have to wonder how time worked when you were dead. Did it still race along at some intervals and crawl at others? Or did it all just kind of blur together because there were so many years before you and so many years after? Did dead people die? That was a question. He knew she was dead, he just never really thought to ask any of that, because it seemed a bit into the realm of things he probably shouldn't know, just yet. Still, Axel couldn't help the curiosity.

"How's yours been? ... is paperwork a normal thing where you're from, because, I suck at it." Probably, more accurately, if he gave enough of a damn about it, he'd be fine, but that was kind of the problem. It was hard to get him to give a damn about anything, sometimes.
Metella Livian Offline Kazan // Krystal Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.' 906 HP 2,112 Years Female First Division Commander Noctis Gemma
Of an Era Long Lost Apr 17, 2017, 06:19PM // 731 Words
Ah, that was fortunate. Metella didn't really want to interrupt his life, she just, wanted to know him, as he was now. Of course, the more familiar with him she got, the more obvious it was how so like Axelius he really was. Sure, there were some differences. He wasn't near so heavy-handed of a flirt as Axelius was, and Metella had the feeling, if ever he did get flirty, he probably meant it many times more than Axelius would in the same position. He didn't mind close proximity, but neither did he really seem to need it the way Axelius had, even as it terrified him in the same breath. She wondered, distantly, if this might be what Axelius would have been like, had she gotten to him sooner. A difficult guess to make, to be sure, but she couldn't help the curiosity, all the same. He was her shining star, once, and perhaps someday, he might be again. Not brighter than the last time, no, just brilliant in a different way.

It was probably some kind of sad, that her heart had never really let him go, even as it had moved on. She'd grieved, in her way, the same as she did everyone else that left her, Alcides among that number, in a sense, she'd even grieved for her son. Jasper may one day come back from the furthest reaches of his mind, but, even if he did, Metella didn't think he'd ever be the same again. And then she'd picked up and kept moving, because time didn't stop because someone else was gone, because that was what Alcides and Axelius would both want of her, even Jasper, perhaps, if he was mentally present enough to want things. Nothing would ever be the same again, even if she had found Axelius' reincarnation, but she didn't think that was necessarily a bad thing. Not when the way things were had been truthfully so terrible. Even her own life had never really settled down.

"It is a thing that persists, even many years into your life," Metella answered, smiling just slightly. "You never quite get used to it, unfortunately." Time was, after all, a bit of a fickle thing. Metella found she stopped minding it as much, after a while, but it was better not to mind than to over-stress about it. Time would do as time wanted to do, and there was no real way around it, nor should you want one.

Metella loosed a quiet laugh. "Also somewhat long. Strangely quiet, actually. And yes, paperwork is a normal thing where I'm from. Depending, you could do more than I, or less, it's a matter of where you end up." Or rather, where he chose to end up. Metella could easily see him doing well in Juichibantai, for instance, and they had far less paperwork to do than some Divisions, like her own. "I'm in a bit of a special position, however, and will always have to deal with a lot of paperwork. You have choices." Well, she'd decided to lead the Goteijusantai, despite it not really being her place, but neither was following on her list of things she was good at doing. Rather the opposite, because sooner or later, something frustrated her into tearing things apart and installing herself at the top, or as close to it as she could get.

"I've noticed you have a particularly... unique relationship with the neighbourhood," a pause, here, glancing around a moment, and trying to find a human-friendly word. "... thugs. Mind telling me about that?" That was, after all, more along the lines of what she'd begun paying attention to him for to begin with, and now there was a legitimate Necromancer in the Seireitei. She thought, perhaps, that it was very untrained Necromancy Axel was using, and it wouldn't hurt to teach him to control it. Preferably before he messed up and caused a whole hell of a lot of chaos. She just needed to know how he was doing it in the first place, if even he knew.