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Obligatory Socialising

October 10, 2016
Gage Jordan Offline Diablo // Pham Thanh Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies. 855 HP 575 Years Male Twelfth Division Lieutenant Jade Tigers Ironscale Flight Wingleader Rider Council Member Shieth Dawnreaver Roi Panthere
Obligatory Socialising Oct 28, 2017, 11:51PM // 691 Words
That wasn't - ... well, maybe it was a point, but it wasn't really the angle Gage was looking at it from. It wouldn't really hurt to let him, if he wanted to help, but that wasn't really the idea. ... then again, it was about both of them, not just him, so maybe he should just, go with it. If it made Cyprian feel better, then it was something Gage could live with, right? Yeah. He'd just go with it, and that decided in his head, he just gave a small lopsided smile Cyprian probably wouldn't see. Besides, he couldn't really afford to do this more than once every few years, unless he wanted to stop having hobbies. And he didn't. He loved Cyprian and all, but not that much, and something told him Cyprian would be relatively displeased if he ended up incapable of doing things he wanted to just for this.

Yes, a little awkward, it'd be that much. Gage just huffed in amusement. "Awkward is a word," he said. Gage really didn't mind, but you know, public displays of affection, sometimes they went really well, sometimes they didn't. He and Cyprian had never really had that discussion, anyway, mostly because Gage didn't touch him unless Cyprian said it was okay. It wasn't like Cyprian made a habit of randomly outing with permission - Gage usually had to ask for that, but, he was a lot more mentally present than he used to be. Maybe that'd change, maybe not. Either way, Gage was still going to ask. ... god, when did he turn into a love-struck kitten, anyway? A very whipped love-struck kitten.

Only for two people. Which was funny, because Gage was normally not the type to bow like this. Then again, neither of those two people he bent for had asked him to, and that was probably why he did.

Cyprian let go, and Gage did, too. Rather begrudgingly, but he wouldn't tell Cyprian that. Gage hadn't realised how much he wanted to hold him until he did. He'd just hope he could keep resisting that, because it wasn't about him and what he wanted, it was about Cyprian's comfort levels, and if he wasn't comfortable with Gage touching him, then, he wouldn't touch him. "No, I get it, I'm not upset about that," Gage said. "I mean, this is a nice restaurant and I do want us to stay one night, but, this is about us both, right? Whatever you want. I just sort of came up with something because I didn't have any preferences from you to work with." And now he did. Gage didn't mind changing his plans, if it was something Cyprian wanted. Besides, it wasn't like what Cyprian wanted was something Gage didn't.

Right, his tea. Ah... reaching over, taking the cup, and downing about half of it in one go. "Alright, now we can go," he decided. Half was better than none, and it was a rather small amount left, anyway. He did have to stop by - standing, then, tossing a couple notes on the table for the server, and then heading to the front desk to pay for their drinks. The hostess looked more amused than anything, and really, Gage kind of was, too. He was more glad Cyprian had told him what he wanted. That he was here enough to want something, even. Things would still be difficult, he was sure. They wouldn't magically get better, because Cyprian would still have days he wasn't all there in his head, or he was someone else, but, maybe it'd get a little easier, after this.
Cyprian Valerius Offline Valhalir // Krystal Could it be that I fell apart, it shows; the lines on my face ate away my smile. 908 HP 2,120 Years Male Second Division Captain Azure Eagles Votum
Obligatory Socialising Jan 10, 2018, 09:29PM // 669 Words
There should've been guidebooks to things like this. Things like, you've been dating someone, for the last two years, and only just know what that means. It wasn't as if Cyprian had any sort of reason to know what dating was, nor did he have a reason to care. Most stayed very far away from him, even as they didn't, and Gage should have been no exception. There were a lot of 'should haves' that were being broken, these days, Cyprian found, and he wasn't sure what freaked him out more, that he had no idea what was going on in his own life, or that he'd only just now realised he had no idea what was going on in his own life, or that, for some reason, Gage dealt with it all, and Cyprian wanted him to, was afraid that someday, he'd stop. Certainly, it wasn't Gage's problem, and it seemed stupid, selfish, all of the above, to want him to deal with it, but now that he was here, and Cyprian had finally noticed that he was, he didn't want him to leave.

Maybe this sort of thing was normal. It wasn't as if Cyprian would really know. Most of those that might've stayed, once upon a very long time ago, they were gone now, either by his own action, or inaction, as the case often was, or merely because that was life, and death, and the two never were that different from one another. Cyprian had always prided himself on not needing anyone, or anything, not caring if someone decided to stay or go, or even if they were ever there at all. Most of them barely made it past the general dissociative fog that he went through his - his afterlife, now - in, because it was easier, safer, less painful. It seemed silly, in retrospect, that he'd remained in that dissociative fog his entire afterlife, despite his father being long gone, but at this point, his father was just one of many hurts, because the one leads to another, and another, and another... it'd taken him a while, to get out of that destructive cycle. Frankly, his own stupid choices had done him more damage than anyone ever had before, and then there was this one.

Of all the people in Valhalla, Gage should've been the most dangerous, to him. Yet, it turned out, he was the only one that didn't hurt him, at least, not on purpose, and Cyprian wasn't sure what was more sad, that he still expected Gage to hurt him, or that the diablo seemed the only one determined not to.  He didn't know what that said about the people he used to interact with, but most likely, nothing good. As if that was some kind of a strange outcome.

Gage was an odd person... yes, well, if he wasn't odd, most likely, Cyprian wouldn't have been able to tolerate him, at least, not longer than a few minutes, at the most. The valhalir shook his head, taking his bottle of wine and following Gage across the restaurant. He was right, of course, someday, they should stay, because Gage had chosen this particular location for a reason, Cyprian was sure. He couldn't imagine what reason that might be, just yet, but he was sure there was a reason of some kind.

For now, though, he'd like to - to... talk, maybe, maybe not, or just curl up somewhere, and listen to Gage breathe until he felt like getting back up, whenever that may be. It was hard to say, given, sometimes, Cyprian didn't really want to get back up again, once he'd settled somewhere. Other times, he couldn't seem to remain settled for long.
Gage Jordan Offline Diablo // Pham Thanh Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies. 855 HP 575 Years Male Twelfth Division Lieutenant Jade Tigers Ironscale Flight Wingleader Rider Council Member Shieth Dawnreaver Roi Panthere
Obligatory Socialising Jan 11, 2018, 08:09PM // 635 Words
Most likely, given long enough, Gage would probably spend several hours to several days, wondering what had changed. It was rare, of course, that Cyprian was mentally present enough to really register what was going on around him. That was not to say that he was always essentially catatonic, sometimes Gage got a decent amount of interaction out of him, he wouldn't have continued attempting to make this work if he didn't, but those moments seemed to filter in and then right back out of his head. Whatever he said one moment, didn't quite match what he'd said the last time the subject had come up, and subject repetition was a common occurrence, as Cyprian hardly remembered what they'd talked about and hadn't.

Today was, on several levels, a huge shift in what had become normal for them. Gage had expected another interaction that'd become typical, with Cyprian hardly retaining anything that was said, even as he responded, despite those responses not really being particularly empty. But today, he'd not only responded, and seemed aware of what he was responding with, he'd also displayed emotional reaction. Maybe somewhere along the way, Gage's calm patience had become as if a dangling, sparkling gem, showing him the way out of his own head. Would he stay? How long? Gage would be surprised if he didn't eventually go back in there and hide, and he couldn't fault him. He still didn't know what'd happened before, to make him like this, who'd hurt him so bad that he ran inside his own head, but he knew enough about trauma responses to know that was what it was.

If he did become angry, over all of this, he just remembered, it really wasn't Cyprian's fault. He had a hard time imagining he'd deserved any of it. Despite, or in spite of, maybe, the particular division Cyprian led, he wasn't a terrible person. Sometimes, his morality might be a bit shaky, to be sure, and at times, he chose to act instead of think, but it wasn't as if Gage could say anything about it. He was precisely the same.

Funny how the same traits displayed differently between people that had them.

The bill taken care of (shit, that was a financial set-back), Gage turned from the desk, finding Cyprian had followed. With his wine, thankfully, that was a rather expensive bottle of wine. "So, which 'home' are we going to?" It wasn't as if Gage minded, albeit, he stayed in the twelfth division's barracks, and maybe the vague publicity wouldn't really - because Cyprian wasn't much of a people person (neither was Gage, some days, but Cyprian really wasn't a people person), so it stood to reason, Cyprian might want somewhere less surrounded by presences. He did have to admit, even, that sometimes, he'd end up bothered by someone in his division because somebody flipped the wrong switches and screwed up ANNIE, or, someone blew something up, or... something. It was hard to say what'd go wrong today, but it wasn't rare that something did, and Gage would, inevitably, be doubly annoyed by being interrupted today. This was why they never went to his apartment.

"I stay in the division barracks, though, so, it may have to be yours, if you're just not up for people. I don't mind, either way." They could accept the possibility of being interrupted, or not, it didn't matter to him.