Obligatory Socialising

Oct. 10, 2016, Hellcat
July 31, 1441
Roi Panthere
Shieth Dawnreaver
Twelfth Division
Jade Tigers
Ironscale Flight
Rider Council
Pham Thanh

Gage Jordan

Quit pissin' me off, I'm runnin' out of places to hide the bodies.
That wasn't - ... well, maybe it was a point, but it wasn't really the angle Gage was looking at it from. It wouldn't really hurt to let him, if he wanted to help, but that wasn't really the idea. ... then again, it was about both of them, not just him, so maybe he should just, go with it. If it made Cyprian feel better, then it was something Gage could live with, right? Yeah. He'd just go with it, and that decided in his head, he just gave a small lopsided smile Cyprian probably wouldn't see. Besides, he couldn't really afford to do this more than once every few years, unless he wanted to stop having hobbies. And he didn't. He loved Cyprian and all, but not that much, and something told him Cyprian would be relatively displeased if he ended up incapable of doing things he wanted to just for this.

Yes, a little awkward, it'd be that much. Gage just huffed in amusement. "Awkward is a word," he said. Gage really didn't mind, but you know, public displays of affection, sometimes they went really well, sometimes they didn't. He and Cyprian had never really had that discussion, anyway, mostly because Gage didn't touch him unless Cyprian said it was okay. It wasn't like Cyprian made a habit of randomly outing with permission - Gage usually had to ask for that, but, he was a lot more mentally present than he used to be. Maybe that'd change, maybe not. Either way, Gage was still going to ask. ... god, when did he turn into a love-struck kitten, anyway? A very whipped love-struck kitten.

Only for two people. Which was funny, because Gage was normally not the type to bow like this. Then again, neither of those two people he bent for had asked him to, and that was probably why he did.

Cyprian let go, and Gage did, too. Rather begrudgingly, but he wouldn't tell Cyprian that. Gage hadn't realised how much he wanted to hold him until he did. He'd just hope he could keep resisting that, because it wasn't about him and what he wanted, it was about Cyprian's comfort levels, and if he wasn't comfortable with Gage touching him, then, he wouldn't touch him. "No, I get it, I'm not upset about that," Gage said. "I mean, this is a nice restaurant and I do want us to stay one night, but, this is about us both, right? Whatever you want. I just sort of came up with something because I didn't have any preferences from you to work with." And now he did. Gage didn't mind changing his plans, if it was something Cyprian wanted. Besides, it wasn't like what Cyprian wanted was something Gage didn't.

Right, his tea. Ah... reaching over, taking the cup, and downing about half of it in one go. "Alright, now we can go," he decided. Half was better than none, and it was a rather small amount left, anyway. He did have to stop by - standing, then, tossing a couple notes on the table for the server, and then heading to the front desk to pay for their drinks. The hostess looked more amused than anything, and really, Gage kind of was, too. He was more glad Cyprian had told him what he wanted. That he was here enough to want something, even. Things would still be difficult, he was sure. They wouldn't magically get better, because Cyprian would still have days he wasn't all there in his head, or he was someone else, but, maybe it'd get a little easier, after this.