Site Rules

First, a note about tolerance. You do not need to agree with the way anyone on this board lives their life, but you should be aware and accept that you have no say about it.

If you have a problem with another member, PM an admin. If you have a problem with an admin, PM a different one. Communication is key, and the staff exist to ensure that no OOC drama leaks onto the site, because we don't want that. Be the bigger person.

Finally, your best bet with Embers is to dive in and act like you've always been here. Embers has been private for several years now, and we're all very close - we have chemistry. We recognise this and will try to prevent it from feeling too cliquey, because we are not a clique, we just get along really well, but you'll have to make an effort to be a part of this board, too. It isn't all our jobs to make you feel welcome. It is also your job to make us feel like you want to be here. Dive in head first. You won't be disappointed.

General Rules

001: All issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis, as they come up, should they come up, with respect to the circumstances and situation. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, for any reason, or no reason at all.
PT does keep logs, by virtue of having access to the database, of the personal messages that go through the site. They may occasionally be sighted during server maintenance, or when troubles arise over PMs, to prove or disprove events.

002: There are no limitations on character counts, no word count minimum or maximum, no restrictions on the type of character you can make (barring Necromancers), and no strict activity rules.
— We ask only that you communicate with others. If you're not feeling a thread or a character, communicate that to your writing partner. If you want to drop a character, PM a staff member. If you're gone for over a month, you'll be filed inactive, after another month, your application(s) will be archived. You may return at any later point, just PM an admin to get things moved back.

003: Avatars are 250x250 in size. Signature images may be used, but do not stretch the board. The side-image in threads is 275x500.

004: Play-bys / Face Claims are mixed media. Use whatever or whoever you want.
— It is good courtesy not to use the same representation that someone else is using, so while we don't have strict claims, we do have a list of who everyone is using. This is auto-generated when the player fills out their board profile.

005: Before you ask for a leadership position, remember, staff will not run your group for you.
— This means, the rankings, missions, organised events, etc, are all up to you. YOU are responsible for making sure your faction is functioning and an active part of the site. If it is not, you may be deposed. Lieutenants and Co-Leaders are chosen by the faction's Captain or Commander; if the character does not think you are a good fit, you won't get the position. This should have nothing to do with OOC feelings, but what the character thinks.

006: Please do not use gifs, posting templates in IC threads, images in IC threads, don't make the font size smaller than default, and please don't use bright or blinding colours.
— We're old. Some of us can't see well. One has mild epilepsy. Thank you for understanding.

007: Yes, you do need to do your character's skills in the Battle Suite.
— No exceptions. Even if you will be free-form playing. And if you be stupid about it, we can and will disable your ability to toggle free-form mode on. Free-form mode is not a right.

Site Maintenance

The site is self-hosted on a server in PT's basement. Some things may be a little rough here and there, and if PT loses power or internet, the server will also go down for the duration. We also do server maintenance and upgrades on occasion. You can check the Twitter, @iptech_arceus, in the event anything happens.

The Battle Suite is also a custom in-house code, and many new features for it are planned, thereby it will in fact change over time, and PT may ask nobody use it while they're updating it. Be aware of that.