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Embers // Afterlife Fantasy

Welcome to the first day of your new life. Embers is an afterlife fantasy cyberpunk RPG, running since 2006, first under the name War Chain, and then under the name Tamashii no Chikai, originally as a Bleach RP. Some Bleach influence still remains, but it is all presented differently and features new elements. The recent 2016 reboot under the name Embers follows a very similar standard and focus that War Chain and Tamashii no Chikai did, and we hope Embers will grow into its own free of its fandom ties. Here's to 157,000 more posts!
Mature themes, half the board is gay. Not recommended for bigots or individuals under 16 years of age. You must be 18 or older to gain access to the mature boards.

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Below you'll find pages that relate to Embers' setting and history, which should give one a better idea of the overall tone and feel of the game. Some setting mechanics are only important for certain character types, and living beings typically don't need to know much about the spirit side of things.

Blood Games
Established a few hundred years ago, the blood games are a recreation of the ancient Roman gladiator games, pioneered by the Azure Eagles. In its earliest years, it only included participants from Eagle districts, but eventually came to encompass participants randomly selected from all over Asgard, as much of it was controlled by the Asgardian gangs. Nowadays, its participants are chosen randomly, and or due to a slight, real or perceived. The Snakes have stopped participating, and the Lions and Tigers seek to permanently end the games.

When a valhalir or diablo is born, part of their soul separates out of them, and becomes a weapon. Some of these weapons take the form of weapons, while others look like something else, or have no tangible form at all. Each daemon is unique to its wielder, and says something about their personality or inner goals. Daemons are sentient, capable of communicating internally with their wielder, and eventually, at higher power levels, with others after manifesting in material form.

While many of the gods have been forgotten, there are known to be an array of gods in the Kazanic pantheon. As the Kazan were among the first peoples to exist, it is presumed their concepts of god are more viable, and a few gods are thought to have been seen walking the material planes before, albeit this cannot necessarily be proven.

Spiritual energy and power, and magic, are all called Force, no matter what state it is in, or where it exists. All sentient creatures give off some measure of Force, and higher levels of it allow valhalir and diablo to manifest daemons, and all spiritual beings to use magic. All beings need some measure of Force within them, or their material existence will fall apart, and they will become loose plasma, thereby killing them.

Asgard has a long history, and many evolutionary changes over the years have left their mark on the dimension of souls. The living world's history is the same as our own, but with other dimensions come other stories to tell.

Unlike the modern living world, Asgard is highly technologically advanced, and brings with it several different technological inventions and gadgets that are normal in every day life in Asgard. This page goes over those inventions and advancements.