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Welcome to the first day of your new life. Embers is an afterlife fantasy cyberpunk RPG, running since 2006, first under the name War Chain, and then under the name Tamashii no Chikai, originally as a Bleach RP. Some Bleach influence still remains, but it is all presented differently and features new elements. The recent 2016 reboot under the name Embers follows a very similar standard and focus that War Chain and Tamashii no Chikai did, and we hope Embers will grow into its own free of its fandom ties. Here's to 157,000 more posts!
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The Kazan

Magic Use★★★★☆
DistinctionsOdd colourations
TerritoriesKai'non (Court of Chaos)
Harche'el (Court of Darkness)
Zallahta (Court of Light)
It is believed the kazan were the first humanoids to exist, and descend directly from human species that eventually died out in the living world. Due to their age and the extent of their existence in Asgard, they have developed non-human and occasionally very odd traits.


For as long as anyone can remember, and since before time was recorded, kazan have existed in Asgard. It is said the kazan were the first settlers of Asgard, the original Asgardians, and as close to natives as Asgard has. This cannot be proven or disproven. It is also said the kazan similarly hit a population bottleneck after the event called Ragnarok, and most kazan are related to one another very distantly.

Unlike humans, however, kazan never had a concept of genetics; as such, over time, they stopped having genetics at all, much like the dragons. Kazan can change their shape and gender at will, and seem to have little gender-based social rules, barring the Harche'elians who seem to believe a soul turns out female when it is more intelligent.

The kazan were at one point the same race, and technically still are, and merely separated into multiple nations. Each nation has central worship based around the deity the nation is named for (ergo, the Court of Chaos, Kai'non, widely worships Pyxna, the goddess of chaos). True veneration of the deities is mostly sequestered away into the kazanic courts, but it is considered a personal choice, and individual kazan within each court may have a different deity they personally prefer and identify with.

Age and Development

Kazan seem to grow and develop like most humans, and then vary wildly, much like astrals. Kazan are never born in the living world, so the only population of them is in Asgard, and it's hard to say if they've always worked this way, or developed it over time. Kazanic colouration can also vary very wildly, with unnatural colourations being very typical.

The Court of Darkness is known to be born with colourless hair; it looks white because of the air particles in the atmosphere. As they age, their hair gains a colour based on their personality, the same mechanic that gives dragons their scale colour.

Factions, Groups, and Organisations

The kazan have several factions, mostly military: the Linaesin is the court military of the Court of Light; the Sthyrventlin is the court military of the Court of Chaos; and the Nightmare Crusade now functions as the court military of the Court of Darkness.

Powers and Abilities

Kazan are capable of Force manipulation, often rather advanced sorcery, and can manifest a daemon, though only certain ones do. It is unknown what mechanic controls this, if there is one.

Relations with Other Races

Primarily, the courts hate one another. Otherwise, they get along with other races just fine. They are normally particularly fond of dragons, and some kazan have slight issues with dae merely because they consider them a violation of natural rules, but they normally don't take that out on the dae themselves.

Kazan do tend to avoid living human races because they smell like death to them, and kazan do not like that scent. It unnerves them.