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The Diablo

Magic Use★★★★☆
DistinctionsBone fragments
Feels like both seeker and valhalir
A mixture of both natural human soul types, the diablo are known of and accepted, but some still have a little trouble treating them equally. Many diablo opt not to bother with Valhalla and Valkyrie, and instead remain in Sheol.


The history of the diablo is an obscure one. Only one person really remembers much of it, and the diablo have remained mostly independent and scattered around since their creation, so there isn't a lot to remember to begin with. Diablo were a sort of accident, caused by breaking a seeker's mask. In a strange twist of fate, the act returns the ability to think clearly and reason, if the seeker is strong enough to survive the break. The result is a diablo, a hybrid of a seeker and an astral, more specifically a valhalir.

There are not thought to be too many diablo in the world, but the first was Sahura Lucain, who wasted little time in getting Valhalla and Valkyrie familiar with the concept of diablo by appearing in Asgard, and not going away. Valkyrie have never had specific laws in place against diablo, despite it being known that diablo can be made either by breaking a seeker's mask, or by fusing a valhalir with seeker Force in some way. While many prefer to remain rogue and usually keep to themselves, many will look for somewhere to belong, a group of people they can live alongside, as a seeker is always rather lonely, and a diablo is intelligent and level-headed enough to determine what that feeling is, and attempt to fix it.

Many diablo have come to Valhalla over the years, and Valkyrie never turns them away.

Age and Development

Diablo do not visibly age. They seem to be frozen at a certain physical age, and never vary from that age. Some look very young, others look older, it seems random and meaningless.

Factions, Groups, and Organisations

There is one faction that is comprised at least mostly of diablo, based out of Sheol, called the Dracones et Sheol, or the Dragons of Sheol. Named after their leader, called the Dragon of Sheol, the Dracones are simply a cluster of diablo and a few other spirit types that wanted others to interact with. They are known to be relatively tight-knit, but they don't have terribly high ambitions, despite the Dragon of Sheol calling himself king of Sheol.

Powers and Abilities

Diablo have a mixture of seeker and astral/valhalir abilities. Diablo are known to manifest daemons, and many of them do have a tattoo that looks and functions similarly to a valhalir's. Unlike valhalir, however, the fragments of their mask that remains behind when it is broken is what regulates their Force levels, instead of their daemon, thereby breaking their daemon does not affect them as intensely as it does a valhalir. Breaking their fragments, however, will cause immense Force instability, and may lead to a back-evolution, causing them to revert back into a seeker.

Relations with Other Races

Generally speaking, diablo don't bother other races much, and thus they normally don't have trouble getting along with others. Living humans can find them unnerving, either because they feel like a seeker, or kind of look like one with their fragments, and some valhalir refuse to really treat them equally, but the latter behaviour is clamped down on where it is found very quickly.