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The Daeni

Magic Use★★☆☆☆
DistinctionsMan-made or partially man-made
Stunted emotional processing
Tendency toward taking things literally
Tend to shut down at random
Mechanical denizens of Asgard, the Dae can now also be found in Valhalla. While they may be a little mechanical and a bit too literal, Dae are not vicious whatsoever, and are predisposed toward helping others where they can.


The Dae were an accident, the result of attempting to learn more about souls and how they work. This led to the creation of the artificial soul, most of which were placed in robotic casings and became the Dae, the rest of which were destroyed. The early Dae were simplistic labourers, and weren't very advanced. Over the centuries, however, through exposure to their Asgardian neighbours, they began to learn more about humanity and what it means to be human, and became more personable and human-like.

Dae can now be found all over Asgard, either as labourers or as assistants in shops and businesses. The corporate boom all across Asgard led to a high demand for Dae, as there were many jobs that needed to be filled that could be filled cheaply (read, usually free) by a Daeni. The development and modification of Dae became a booming business, as well, and later gave rise to bionics, mechanical modifications of sentient spirits, either because one preferred the modification, or because they needed it to preserve their life. Daeni technology has now saved many an astral from an otherwise unstoppable demise.

In more recent years, Dae have begun to claim they can feel emotion, to some extent; it is still stunted, as if filtered through a cheesecloth, but it is there, or so they say, and indeed, some exhibit personal attachment to people, places, or things. Some Dae have also gained Force levels high enough to become members of Valkyrie, and a few have managed to manifest a daemon. Usually this daemon is just as emotionally stunted and veered toward the too literal side as they are.

Age and Development

Daeni are created, not made. A small cluster of Asgardians have developed Daeni bionic modifications instead of purposely having them done, by virtue of the inconsistent physics of Asgard. Even fully mechanical Dae do eventually shut down and never come back on, however, but when varies wildly.

A Daeni may be obviously mechanical, only just, or physically indistinguishable from a normal soul; it depends on the desires of their creator and or owner, and how they feel they should appear. Many Dae that begin to feel more human will begin to look more human as well.

Factions, Groups, and Organisations

The Dae do not have any factions of their own.

Powers and Abilities

Dae can use Force, but it tends to take longer for them to learn how to. They do not have powers of their own that no other race has, but they do tend to be very technologically savvy, and learn quickly. Many may have weaponry modifications that give them impressive firepower, but as Dae are not vicious, they will rarely use it unless they are in a security position.

Relations with Other Races

Kazan find them a little confusing and difficult to interact with, and dragons may have trouble interacting with them, as well, but there are no races that do not at least acceptable get along with the Dae.