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Mature Content Tweak
January 11, 2018
Mature content now depends entirely on the birth date listed in your profile. It will automatically decide if you're above 18 and start displaying mature threads to you. These are highlighted yellow, so you can still avoid them if you'd rather.
New Year, New Theme!
January 5, 2018
Wow it's weird to be typing 2018... anyway, we have a new theme with some fancy stuff, but some of it is still broken. Also the email field for guests appears again, I'll fix it eventually.
Introducing Battle Suite 4.0 RC2
October 24, 2017
We now have a working version of an early write-up of Battle Suite 4.0 available for use. This system completely automates tabletop functions, and is very user-friendly.

Embers // Afterlife Fantasy

Welcome to the first day of your new life. Embers is an afterlife fantasy cyberpunk RPG, running since 2006, first under the name War Chain, and then under the name Tamashii no Chikai, originally as a Bleach RP. Some Bleach influence still remains, but it is all presented differently and features new elements. The recent 2016 reboot under the name Embers follows a very similar standard and focus that War Chain and Tamashii no Chikai did, and we hope Embers will grow into its own free of its fandom ties. Here's to 157,000 more posts!
Mature themes, half the board is gay. Not recommended for bigots or individuals under 16 years of age. You must be 18 or older to gain access to the mature boards.

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Play Bys

This list is automatically populated, using whatever players input into the Play By field in their profile. As such, this is, by necessity, first-come, first-serve, however, some players will be okay with sharing their play by with another player, so if you are interested in doing so, be sure to ask the given character's player.

Please enter your play by name in format Lastname, Firstname.
Ciaran Owen Abarai, Renji Written by Ian
Heru Lucain Aizen, Sosuke Written by Lenara
Sheyanth Duskrain Art by Anne Stokes Written by Pham Thanh
Cynemaer Eccleston Art by Arceus Written by dragonborn
Shiba Shigeru Art by Arceus Written by dragonborn
Sati Lucain Art by Arceus Written by Ian
Calan Dawnreaver Art by Arceus Written by Ian
Siranth Skyscream Art by Arceus Written by dragonborn
Isilen Skyclaw Art by Arceus Written by dragonborn
Kenjira Ajiran Art by Blackeri Written by Krystal
Kalix Lucain Art by Feimo Written by Pham Thanh
Shihoin Iname Art by PT Written by Lenara
Shihoin Atsuya Art by PT Written by Lenara
Zhierven Embersong Art by Sandara Written by Ian
Sidonai Blackstar Caelum, Noctis Lucis (Older) Written by Pham Thanh
Tihaan Lucain Caelum, Noctis Lucius Written by dragonborn
Shihoin Mameha Chiu, Cindy Written by Krystal
Metella Livian Clarke, Emilia Written by Krystal
Andrei Deiorio Cotrona, DJ Written by Ian
Kaspian Sorrenson Elthalion, Jacey Written by Ian
Calypso Esra, Nadia Written by Huli
Nyori Lucain Giacometti, Christophe Written by dragonborn
Tahsin Lucain Gilgamesh Written by dragonborn
Rohan Black Hakim (Nessa no Rakuen) Written by dragonborn
Mikhail Vasilyev Hemsworth, Chris Written by dragonborn
Axel Vasilyev Hemsworth, Liam Written by Ian
Arion Katsaros Ichimaru, Gin Written by dragonborn
Kawada Yume Inoue, Orihime Written by Krystal
Gage Jordan Jaegerjaques, Grimmjow Written by Pham Thanh
Alasdair Thetius Koldun, Dima Written by Lenara
Jade Acre Kon, Rei Written by Lenara
Jeon Habaek Kuchiki, Byakuya Written by Ian
Sandalio Thetius Kyoraku, Shunsui Written by Lenara
Jasper Livian Lancer Written by Pham Thanh
Surya Lucain Lonsdale, Keiynan Written by dragonborn
Bjorn Weiss Lutz, Kellan Written by Pham Thanh
Ciro Airaldi Maeda, Keiji Written by Pham Thanh
Axelle Delacroix Matsumoto, Rangiku Written by Krystal
Thetis Nikiatou McKee, Roxanne Written by Pham Thanh
Julian Tiao Moon, Jongup Written by Pham Thanh
Jeon Seojin Okatsu Written by Krystal
Nakajima Kasaya Paddra, Nsu Yeul Written by Krystal
Narcissa Livian Panettiere, Hayden Written by Pham Thanh
Cyprian Valerius Pegler, Luke Written by Krystal
Mirah Lucain Pratt, Ashika Written by Huli
Alexios Nikiatou Rathbone, Jackson Written by Lenara
Arael Snowdancer Rhapsodos, Genesis Written by Lenara
Jia Yanxi Sakamoto, Yuki Written by dragonborn
Willow Vaughan Samuels, Giovonnie Written by Krystal
Vreyinth Starfire Self Drawn Written by Pham Thanh
Casaedra Giovanni Self-Drawn Written by Pham Thanh
Mnemen Skyrain Self-Drawn Written by Pham Thanh
Suyis Livian Self-Drawn Written by Pham Thanh
Sahura Lucain Self-Drawn Written by Pham Thanh
Kimura Akane Self-Drawn Written by Huli
Kajiyama Ichiro Sesshomaru Written by Ian
Rory Owen Shima, Sakon Written by dragonborn
Isis Hakim Sims 4 Creation Written by Pham Thanh
Jiva Lucain Sinbad Written by dragonborn
Kassander Julian Smith, Lucky Blue Written by Krystal
Feng Xiaolen Suifeng Written by Pham Thanh
Rakhit Lucain Tidus Written by Pham Thanh
Diego Deiorio Tokugawa, Ieyasu Written by Pham Thanh
Ryhil Livian Villiers, Snow Written by Ian
Seia Lucain Vogler, Courtney Written by Huli
Lucius Livian Worthington, Sam Written by Ian
Morohtar Blackstar Yazoo Written by Ian
Akiyama Zuko Zuko Written by Lenara