Ciro Airaldi

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May the gods have mercy on my enemies, because I won't.


Full Name: Ciro Airaldi
Nicknames: Cici, Varro. He used to be known as Vinicius.
Age: 2,121
Birth Date: Fall sometime, he doesn't remember the date.
Gender: Actually kind of non-binary.
Species: Seeker
Birth Place: Hispania somewhere. More accurately the Iberian peninsula, likely.
Nationality: Iberian.
Known Languages: Old ass Spanish, more Basque than anything, Latin.
Alliance(s): None.
Living Space:
He has a nice sand dune in Tamisra he hides in.
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 6' 1"
Bulky, he actually looks a hair fat if he wears the wrong clothing styles.
Unique Features:His mask fragments, sort of take the shape of a bird beak, just the top, and shade his eyes. There are also bone bracers around his wrists with spines that go down over his fingers, sort of mimicking bird talons.
Dress Style:
He hates clothes. He'll do whatever he can get away with to wear the least amount of fabric possible without being modern-day indecent.
Inner Seeker:
Orrav. Currently, Ciro has no idea where the fuck that came from, but that's fine. He doesn't try making sense of the crazy voice in his head anyway. They have a love-hate relationship. For some reason, his inner seeker seems to hate him for being a supposed weak shit, but you know what, he's an alpha seeker, okay, how much more powerful to you have to be to earn the title of "not a weak shit anymore," anyway?
Daemon: Saevitia Falco (I believe this means blazing falcon, but it's more accurately cruel falcon)
Saevitia has not manifested yet, as he is still a seeker.
Play By: Maeda Keiji (Sengoku Basara)

Player: Kendra
Time-Zone: CST (central standard, gmt -6)
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Suite Skills

Parent: Force Control ( 1000 / 1100 )
He can get around if he wants to. The thing is, he doesn't usually want to.
Level 23 [ 1100 / 1100 ]
Flame ClawThis is a Force-melee hybrid technique. Ciro slashes with his talons and releases a streak of Force; given his is fire-aligned, it'll burn. This skill hits twice.
Level 20 [ 950 / 1100 ]
Force ControlCiro's been around the block a few times, for a while now. He can use his Force to rather deadly effect, if he bothers to. His Force is elementally aligned, apparently fire.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1100 ]
Parent: Force Control ( 1000 / 1100 )
Ciro doesn't use Lightfoot as much as Blinking, mostly because he doesn't really need to zip around, he just needs to be where he's going.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1100 ]
Offensive Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 1000 / 1100 )
While he normally doesn't have to, any more, he is still capable of using his Force offensively in the form of sorcery. He's not terribly shabby at it, either.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1100 ]
SwordsmanshipListen, he's not had a bladed weapon in a long time, but he can remember how to do it, at least. Sort of.
Level 4 [ 150 / 1100 ]
Unarmed CombatWhen you're all claws and beak, you'd better figure out how to use those natural weapons to your advantage. And trust, Ciro did a long time ago.
Level 23 [ 1100 / 1100 ]

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