Casaedra Giovanni

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Full Name: Casaedra Anne Giovanni
Nicknames: Cassie
Age: 19
Birth Date: June 22, 1997
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Soul Seer)
Birth Place: Milan, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Known Languages: Italian, English
Alliance(s): None
Living Space:
Currently she sleeps in the basement of a Catholic church. She thinks the minister and other church staff know she's there, but nobody's said anything. Sometimes, she finds boxes of dried and canned foods by the stairs.
Hair Colour: Dingy Golden Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5' 6"
Slender, maybe a bit too slender, she has some musculature, but it's all from running around and jumping over things. Her body's not filled out as much as it could be, and she looks a bit willowy and slightly gaunt.
Unique Features:
A few scars here and there, she probably has a few temporary bruises, and her posture is a bit off.
Dress Style:
Whatever she can find. Her hair's usually a mess, too, and looks like it's trying to dread lock itself, at least, as much as a European girl's hair can (that is, not much).
Daemon: She do not have one yet.
Play By: Self-drawn

Player: Kendra
Time-Zone: CST (central standard, gmt -6)
Other Characters:


Born to a relatively normal family, Cassie couldn't tell you why she sees what she sees. It never really caused tension in her household, however, despite neither of her parents seeming to see the weird war Cassie was always privy to. Her mother thought of it as child-like creativity, and actually encouraged it, and her father just seemed to think it was a cute phase. Their family were rather well-off, and Cassie never really wanted for much growing up. Her mother was a home-maker, though she did cook, can, and sell varying foodstuffs, like home-made jams and jellies, home-canned pickles, and sometimes, pies and cakes. Her father was a pretty big shot businessman. Casaedra never figured out what he did, exactly, only really knowing he had friends over a lot from many places across the world. She learned English by talking to the English-speaking business friends her father had.

When Cassie was six, her mother was killed in a car accident. She didn't entirely understand it at the time, but she did see her mother's spirit hanging around for a few days after. Eventually, she went away, and Cassie isn't sure if one of those masked things got her, or she went wherever souls are supposed to go. Her father was never the same again, throwing himself head-long into his work, and never looking back. The house maids took care of and looked after Cassie after that, as her father couldn't be bothered even to just say hi. When they did finally talk, they argued a lot. About her grades, how she dressed and did her makeup, about going or not going to school dances and similar. She stopped bothering to try and get her father to sign field trip permission forms, and just learned to forge his signature.

At sixteen, she met and became good friends with the son of one of her father's business partners, from Canada. His mother was busy, so he came to Italy with his father, and he was the first person besides her house maids to give Cassie the time of day. They had a lot in common, and he helped her refine her English, and they talked about physics and astronomy and mathematics, groaned about school, and soon enough, they were sending letters to each other.

The last time Cassie ever spoke to her father, they'd gotten into an argument about i cento giorni, meaning the one hundred days, a party organised by Italian students 100 days before final exams for graduation. Cassie wanted to attend her class' i cento giorni, and her father didn't think she should, insisting she needed to focus on her graduation exams, or 'turn out a little hussy.' The two did not speak again afterwards, and Cassie graduated, and then left her father's home, taking several of his credit cards with her, and flew to Canada, hoping to make a new start.

Unfortunately, she met up with her father's business partner's son, and he turned out not to be quite the angel Cassie had believed he was. The two became a romantic item, and things were okay for a while. He found her somewhere to live, and for a while, things were fine. Cassie had a bit of culture shock to deal with, but she figured it out, and she didn't have to worry too much about anything. All dreams end, though. Someday, you have to wake up. Wake up she did. And it was unpleasant a wake-up call. Things were okay once, and then they fought all the time, and eventually, he hit her.

There wasn't much thought put into it. Cassie got her meager belongings, and left. She found, through trying to use them, all of her father's cards had been deactivated. She had no home any more, and the only person she thought she could trust turned out to be terrible for her. Her father didn't care - she tried to call him, and he hung up on her. With nowhere else to turn, she stuck to the streets and eked out a really rough living. She's turned to stealing as a way of getting by, and eventually took up residence in a catholic church's basement. Oh, and those masked things? Yeah, they've progressed to trying to kill her.

Life is great.


Anton Giovanni
One almost wouldn't consider them to know one another, anymore, as she hasn't seen nor spoken to her father since she left home. Some part of her regrets this, but she also doesn't. Cassie did what she could to bridge the gap, and her father just wasn't having any of it.

Axel Vasilyev-Lucain
Who doesn't see dead things and know Axel? Cassie's not really close with him, or anything, nor is she entirely sure she wants to be, as he's rather a bit of something to handle. Cassie's quite done with the exuberant, friendly nice guys, but he doesn't seem to really mind her distance.

Gage Jordan
A Diablo, whatever that means, that comes by Sollebrunn sometimes. Cassie doesn't know him too well, but she does kind of like how blunt he is, and finds his no-nonsense demeanour kind of charming. She's never seen this dragon he talks about sometimes, though.

Jeon Seojin
Occasionally found bickering with Gage, it was hard not to notice her. Apparently Cassie is blue, whatever that means. Cassie did eventually put together that Seojin is rather quite blind, at least, and figures she sees by seeing force.

Lucretia Jaeger
One of the two other girls in the I see dead things club, Lucretia's about as quiet as Cassie is. As such, they're usually hiding behind each other, or close by at least.

Willow Vaughan
Willow's the other girl in the I see dead things club. She's friendly enough, but Cassie's always been a little intimidated by her. She's just a bit over the top and loud, a bit like Seojin, just... somehow louder and more blunt.

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Suite Skills

Dagger CombatMost of what Cassie knows about daggers was learned on the fly, and she's not terribly skilled at it. Hit her hand the right way, and she'll lose her weapon, anyway.
Level 1 [ 10 / 100 ]
EngineeringHere's her real skill; using her brain. She can reverse engineer almost anything she gets a hold of that happens to be technological, and she's pretty good at figuring out how to make what she needs based on what little she has available to her.
Level 2 [ 52 / 100 ]
Force ControlCassie is certainly not the best at it, but she can control her Force to some extent. For the most part, she can keep it reigned in, but if she gets extremely emotional, she'll lose control of it.
Level 1 [ 20 / 100 ]