Bjorn Weiss

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Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind.


Full Name: Bjorn Wulfric Weiss. He was actually born just Bjorn.
Nicknames: Jorny
Age: 2,117
Birth Date: August 17, 101 BCE
Gender: Male
Species: Valhalir
Birth Place: Germania (somewhere around modern Poland)
Nationality: Germanic
Known Languages: Very old German, English, Latin
Alliance(s): Valkyrie Eighth Division, Ebony Lions
Living Space:
He typically stays in the barracks of his division, and while his apartment seems mostly lived-in and cared for, it isn't exactly. It's the sort of cleanliness that indicates he's not home very often, but he does try and keep it somewhat decorated.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 6' 1"
Bjorn was, at one time, a gladiator, and it shows. He has a pretty solid build to him, but if he wears looser clothing that covers a lot of skin, he tends to look more pudgy than muscular.
Unique Features:
Varying scars scattered across his skin; there's also a V burned into his left inner wrist, and a Helm of Awe tattooed on his right shoulder. It fades now and again.
Dress Style:
Mostly he sticks to his uniform, but outside of that, he likes loose shirts, comfortable pants he can move in, and scarves. He and scarves have an ongoing affair.
Daemon: Shilassa
Brand: His daemon brand is on his right ankle.
Sealed Appearance:
It is a teardrop shaped crystal, clear, with an odd pearly sheen to it, attached to a gold chain with pearls in between the links every half inch or so. Bjorn tends to wear it wrapped around his wrist or his neck so it doesn't disappear on him.
Play By: Kellan Lutz

Player: Kendra (Pham Thanh)
Time-Zone: CST (central standard, gmt -6)
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There are many things about his long life that Bjorn no longer remembers, but there are certain facts that he either does happen to recall, or people have told him repeatedly, and he's accepted as fact. He was born somewhere in Germania, he thinks closer to modern-day Poland than modern Germany, but he no longer remembers which tribe, nor the precise area he was from. It'd be many decades after his capture by Romans before he learned to read a map. ... read anything, really. He doesn't remember his parents' names, nor really what they looked like, or anything about them, really. He remembers they died, somehow, and it was just he and his twin brother Soren for a long time, probably a year or two, before they ran into Romans, and both were taken to Rome. They were together for a while, but eventually they were separated, and it took almost two decades before they were reunited again.

He had decent skill in combat, and his gladiator training began. Bjorn never was much for the arena; he was okay at it, to be fair, and never died that way, but the stereotypical Germanic viciousness just really wasn't in him. He thought it more sad, that so many lives were wasted and ended on the sands, for no real reason. His real talent lie in medicine, which he wouldn't learn for quite a while. He was one of the first handful of gladiators House Batiatus ever had to its name, a house now only famous for its owning Spartacus. Bjorn still hangs around Spartacus to this day, and had always admired him. He wasn't the brutish, vicious gladiator most of Rome painted him to be, but many gladiators weren't. It wasn't new.

Through Spartacus, he met Julian, a Raetian (Celtic) gladiator that was more of a healer than a fighter, much like Bjorn. He learned medicines, what rudimentary forms of it they had at the time, learned to better handle injuries, and eventually was moved from the gladiator stable back to the house as a healer. He remembers liking the Batiatus patriarch's youngest son, and when said youngest son took over the house as paterfamilias, things got much easier.

Still, Rome was corrupt and built on the backs of foreign soldiers that breathed their last for nothing. Ill treatment of slaves was very rampant in Rome at the time, and it was only logical that the slaves eventually revolted. A few similar revolts had occurred before, called Servile Wars, but none had really managed to put a dent in Rome before. Sertorius' rebellion a few years prior only stirred the pot, as it somewhat served to ignite the fire of revolt on the Italian peninsula. This Servile War, the third, would be the first and only Servile War to reach the mainland.

Headed by Livia Andronica Metella, with several former slaves leading units, the rebel army went around the Italian peninsula, gaining numbers and steam as they went, and then aimed for crossing the Alps into Cisalpine Gaul, free of Rome. Bjorn died somewhere between Mount Vesuvius and Thurii, and wouldn't personally see them succeed, but he hears they did succeed, tearing down the Roman Republic, and establishing the Livian Empire (the Roman Empire in history books), which survived them by almost two millennia.

Bjorn isn't sure what happened after that, not exactly. He thinks he sort of wandered around until, eventually, he found the light, and got curious. It does have an interesting subconscious pull, from what he remembers. As he found himself in Asgard, he thinks he hid somewhere and just stayed there. At the time, Asgard was a right mess, as all the nations were fighting seemingly all the other nations, and those Romans that had died were trying to recreate Rome on the other side. There were several nations resisting this new Rome, and it didn't get terribly far. He doesn't remember, now, how long it took him to find anyone familiar, but he was one of the lucky ones. Because he just sort of hid somewhere and stayed there, he escaped the more terrible things that could've happened.

Eventually, though, he came out, and he remembers, after that, following Metella, as she established Valkyrie. He was one of the first members of Valkyrie, albeit his lacking power levels certainly don't show that. Bjorn doesn't mind. He has plenty of complications from living and remaining in isolation so long, he probably shouldn't be surprised he's on the weaker end of the Valhalir spectrum. Eventually, he joined Eighth Division, probably because Sahura took it over, and Bjorn was more comfortable with Sahura than anyone else, and, he stayed. He hasn't thought about transferring, as he's content where he is.


Soren Weiss
His twin brother, and honestly, his best friend. Bjorn is a lot more open with Soren than anyone else, even in comparison to those he calls his closest friends. Being separated repeatedly, for very long periods of time, Bjorn supposes it'll make you cling pretty hard.

Sahura Lucain
Probably his other best friend, Bjorn still sits and talks with him. They go quite a ways back, and Bjorn won't easily forget all the ways Sahura has helped him. Sahura always made him feel like he was a part of something, even if he didn't think he was, that he mattered, and that's pretty important to Bjorn.

Sati Lucain
Sahura's son, Bjorn remembers fighting alongside him, and considers him a close friend, too. Most don't recognise him, now, given the accident that made him a Daeni also made him a 9 foot tall Manubis, but Bjorn figured it out eventually. Sati's quieter than he remembers, and that's sort of sad, but he supposes it makes sense all the same. He's still a good friend, and Bjorn insists on pestering him sometimes.

Surya Lucain
Sati's son, and another of Bjorn's friends, albeit much more distantly. He kind of wishes Surya wasn't so closed, because maybe he could help? But he does understand. He and Bjorn aren't terribly tight, and it's probably more because of that than anything, that Surya doesn't talk much. Bjorn's usually keeping at least half an eye on him, and tries to help where he can when Surya gets overloaded.

Sandalio Thetius
Bjorn remembers him from Rome, but only distantly. They don't really interact much outside of work, either, though he does like him well enough.

Metella Livian
Completely honestly, Bjorn is honoured to be following Metella again, and he has full confidence in her as a leader. Crassus doesn't really concern nor scare him much with Metella at the lead. As a person, though, she should talk more to the people that are close to her about... everything. There's a lot on her shoulders, and he knows it, and she doesn't have to deal with it all by herself.

Narcissa Livian
He and Narcissa aren't really tight, but they're friends enough, often swapping healing tips, and talking here and there. They go out for tea once in a while, and occasionally Bjorn hears whispers about them supposedly dating (very wrong, very not happening).

Laelia Livian
Laelia knows pretty much everyone, and insists on knowing everyone. Aside from knowing one another back at Rome, she does drop by Eighth Division occasionally. Bjorn's too nervous to be around her very long, she has way too much energy and freaks him out too easy just by being so bubbly, but he does say hi sometimes.

Suyis Livian
Who doesn't know Suyis? The freedman's son turned dread pirate, Bjorn doesn't really remember him from Rome, as he didn't have consistent contact with him before, but he does run into him occasionally when interacting with Narcissa or Metella. He likes him well enough, but he's another one Bjorn can't be around too long.

Awards and Merits

This member has been a part of Embers for a full year. Thank you for the memories!

Suite Skills

Parent: Force Control ( 650 / 1100 )
Bjorn is actually pretty decent at Blinking, though he does not like doing it, as lord knows what you're actually Blinking into...
Level 13 [ 600 / 1100 ]
Defensive Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 650 / 1100 )
This is an umbrella skill for defensive sorcery techniques. Bjorn's actually quite strong at these, despite his failing ability at offensive sorcery.
Level 13 [ 600 / 1100 ]
Force ControlWhile Bjorn's offensive capabilities may be a little lacking, he does have rather decent control over his Force.
Level 14 [ 650 / 1100 ]
Healing Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 650 / 1100 )
This is Bjorn's talent. He should probably be in the Fourth Division, but this is very semantics and he actually rather enjoys where he is. Anyway, Bjorn has enough fine precision control to heal even relatively life-threatening injuries, and has dragged comrades back from the edge of death before. The death god must hate him.
Level 14 [ 650 / 1100 ]
Heller Blitz
Parent: Shilassa ( 600 / 1300 )
On a strike from Shilassa's blade, this ability releases an instant streak of light, which follows the trajectory the blade was moving before it struck. This skill rolls alongside the standard one for Shilassa.
Level 10 [ 450 / 1300 ]
Parent: Shilassa ( 600 / 1300 )
Causes a beam of light to shoot down from the sky.
Level 10 [ 450 / 1300 ]
Parent: Shilassa ( 600 / 1300 )
Shilassa's blade gathers light, glowing very brightly, and then fires it. It looks a bit like a comet.
Level 10 [ 450 / 1300 ]
Parent: Shilassa ( 600 / 1300 )
A basic energy blast, though it takes the form of a very brilliant flash of light. It does not do anything besides damage, however, though it will zip right past the opponent and then strike behind them.
Level 12 [ 550 / 1300 ]
Parent: Force Control ( 650 / 1100 )
When he can, he much prefers Lightfoot to Blinking. Screw that Blinking stuff. Also Blinking makes him nauseous anyway. Bjorn will actually use Lightfoot as a tactical manoeuvre in battle.
Level 14 [ 650 / 1100 ]
Offensive Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 650 / 1100 )
He's probably going to miss. Screw this offensive stuff.
Level 10 [ 450 / 1100 ]
ShilassaShilassa is unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your outlook, not a sword in release, she is a spear. Type. Thing. Naturally, he had to learn how to actually fight with her.
Level 13 [ 600 / 1300 ]
Parent: Shilassa ( 600 / 1300 )
This skill also causes a brilliant streak of light, but this simply blinds the opponent for two turns when it triggers successfully.
Level 12 [ 550 / 1300 ]
SwordsmanshipNot really Bjorn's thing, but he's decent enough at it. Kind of came with the really old German territory and all of that.
Level 10 [ 450 / 1100 ]
Unarmed CombatBeing able to defend yourself without a weapon is a good thing, if history has taught him anything. He's not very good at this, either, but he's not terrible at it.
Level 10 [ 450 / 1100 ]