After some thinking, PT has decided to simply call Embers quits. It's been a long twelve years, and there were some good times, and bad times. A lot of memories and a lot of our collective child- and young adulthoods were this site, and it's sad to let it go, but to be honest, this board ended a long time ago, and we've just been reluctant to admit it. In the end, it's probably best to just put this game to rest, and look to the future.

The forums will remain in archive form for those that wish to read them. If anyone that does not have access to these wants them, please email PT at foreverburn on live. If anyone is interested in a gritty original fantasy site, with magitek and social issue backdrop, you're welcome to catch most of the TnC/Embers crew on Messiah. Alternatively, keep an eye on IP Tech, which does display the sites that PT hosts on their server, and many of them are either their own, or belong to one of the mods of TnC/Embers.

Thanks to everyone that gave their time and effort to this site during its 12 year run, and we wish everyone well.
-- With ♥, The Embers RPG