Feng Xiaolen

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Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.


Full Name: Feng Xiaolen
Nicknames: Xiao, Mini-chan
Age: 475
Birth Date: February 11, 1541
Gender: Female
Species: Valhalir
Birth Place: Valhalla
Nationality: Chinese
Known Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English
Alliance(s): Valkyrie Second Division
Living Space:
Mostly, she lives in the Feng manor, which is relatively traditional Chinese in design, but it does feature a handful of oriental-style decorations. Xiaolen's room in particular is relatively bare, and basically only exists for her to sleep in; it shows.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 4' 11"
She is a very petite woman, and it shows. She is small, slender, but actually rather muscular beneath the petite. Despite her small size, she does have some curvature, so usually she looks more stocky than anything.
Unique Features:
Varying scars here and there.
Dress Style:
Most of the time, she just wears her uniform.
Daemon: Mafeng (hornet)
Brand: On her right ankle. The outside.
Sealed Appearance:
It is a thick gold bangle, with a black strip in the middle. The stripe is engraved into the metal and enamelled black. When tapped, the bangle makes a slight humming noise, almost like a buzz.
Play By: Suifeng

Player: Kendra
Time-Zone: CST (central standard, gmt -6)
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Suite Skills

Parent: Force Control ( 1000 / 1100 )
Blinking isn't her favourite thing to do, but she's decent enough at it.
Level 20 [ 950 / 1100 ]
Defensive Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 1000 / 1100 )
A strong suit of hers, Xiaolen is rather skilled with defensive sorcery applications when they are necessary. Given neither of her daemon's release states lend to defensive uses, she needs to fall back on something.
Level 20 [ 950 / 1100 ]
FirearmsShe had a stint in the Crimson Snakes. Turned out to be the best sniper they've ever had. Go figure that one.
Level 20 [ 950 / 1100 ]
Force ControlFar from a master of the art, but still, Xiaolen has very impressive control over her Force, and can use it in a variety of raw Force applications with intimidating ease.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1100 ]
Parent: Mafeng ( 1000 / 1300 )
The complete state of Mafeng. When Xiaolen swings the arm the gauntlet is on, it causes streaks of lightning, which can be somewhat manipulated mid-trajectory, almost like an electrified whip.
Level 19 [ 900 / 1400 ]
Parent: Mafeng ( 1000 / 1300 )
A specific sting in a specific place, this technique causes the opponent's muscles to lock for a random number of turns (this will roll a die, can only be at most 6 turns).
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1300 ]
Parent: Force Control ( 1000 / 1100 )
Xiaolen is a master of speed, which she will very often use to her advantage, and damn anyone that cries cheating.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1100 ]
MafengMafeng releases into a gold and black gauntlet, mimicking a wasp's patterns. The gauntlet has a stinger-like protrusion that goes over her middle finger; it's on her right arm.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1300 ]
Offensive Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 1000 / 1100 )
Offensive sorcery uses are not her strong suit; Xiaolen prefers to rely on her speed and agility instead of sorcery to win her battles, but when she does use sorcery, it packs a decent punch.
Level 20 [ 950 / 1100 ]
Parent: Mafeng ( 1000 / 1300 )
This technique uses Mafeng's venom to leave a mark behind. It looks essentially like a pair of hornet wings, spread out. If Xiaolen hits the same spot twice, it instantly causes a knock out.
Level 19 [ 900 / 1300 ]
Unarmed CombatXiaolen has never seen a reason to learn a skill besides unarmed combat, save for once. She's infinitely better at unarmed combat than anything else, thanks to living and breathing it all her life, essentially.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1100 ]
Parent: Mafeng ( 1000 / 1300 )
This counteracts poison by flushing it out with Mafeng's venom, instead.
Level 20 [ 950 / 1300 ]