Sheyanth Duskrain

766 YearsFemaleDragonThirteenth Division Seat 04Rider Council Second WingFirebrand Flight Member136 Profile ViewsPlayed by Pham Thanh



They're bound to steal it away


Don't hide your mistakes


Cause they'll find you, burn you

Awards and Merits

This member has been a part of Embers for a full year. Thank you for the memories!

Suite Skills

Parent: Force Control ( 950 / 1150 )
Lightfoot when you're a dragon just sounds really dumb, so she never really learned to do it. She Blinks, instead.
Level 21 [ 1000 / 1150 ]
Defensive Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 950 / 1150 )
Not her strong suit, but she can do barriers and traps when she needs to. Mostly she leaves that to Edornis and doesn't think about it too hard.
Level 18 [ 850 / 1150 ]
Force ControlAs a Dragon, it probably comes as no surprise Sheyanth is very good at Force control. She can shift forms, as most dragons can, and can also allow Unseeing to see her.
Level 20 [ 950 / 1150 ]
Offensive Sorcery
Parent: Force Control ( 950 / 1150 )
Fire sorcery is where it's at! Shey's got the offence down, at least. Now if she'd just get the rest of it...
Level 20 [ 950 / 1150 ]
Unarmed CombatYou ever been hit by a half tonne dragon-scale covered tail going 60 mph? It's unpleasant.
Level 19 [ 900 / 1150 ]