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January 11, 2018
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January 5, 2018
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Introducing Battle Suite 4.0 RC2
October 24, 2017
We now have a working version of an early write-up of Battle Suite 4.0 available for use. This system completely automates tabletop functions, and is very user-friendly.

Embers // Afterlife Fantasy

Welcome to the first day of your new life. Embers is an afterlife fantasy cyberpunk RPG, running since 2006, first under the name War Chain, and then under the name Tamashii no Chikai, originally as a Bleach RP. Some Bleach influence still remains, but it is all presented differently and features new elements. The recent 2016 reboot under the name Embers follows a very similar standard and focus that War Chain and Tamashii no Chikai did, and we hope Embers will grow into its own free of its fandom ties. Here's to 157,000 more posts!
Mature themes, half the board is gay. Not recommended for bigots or individuals under 16 years of age. You must be 18 or older to gain access to the mature boards.

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Narcissa Livian Offline Fourth DivisionSeat 13
And I must live, knowing of all these fates that I cannot change, no matter what I do.Played by Pham Thanh Valhalir // 15 Posts Last Active Jan 13, 2018, 09:38AM 171 Views458 HP6 Skills2,109 YearsJuly 5, 93 BCEFemaleValhalirRomanDahlia Nigrum
Full Name: Livia Andronica Narcissa
Nicknames: Cissa
Age: 2,109
Birth Date: July 5, 93 BCE
Gender: Female
Species: Valhalir
Birth Place: Capua, Rome
Nationality: Roman
Known Languages: Just, assume she speaks it, she probably at least understands.
Alliance(s): Valkyrie (Fourth Division)
Living Space:
She lives, actually, not with her family in the Livian manor. She lives instead in the Fourth Division barracks, because she wants to be closer to her division, in case they need her. Her apartment thing is rather bare and simplistic, but there is a lot of art on the walls.
Hair Colour: Gold blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5' 8"
Curvy and effeminate, Narcissa could be called pudgy or fat; neither of those labels bothers her, nor are they very technically incorrect. She certainly seems to enjoy food, and really doesn't seem concerned by this enjoyment.
Unique Features:
One may not notice right off, but if you spend time around her and pay attention, her eyes often go from somewhat glassy and half-there, to 'I have seen Some Shit', and back, sometimes relatively quickly.
Dress Style:
Usually very girly, lots of lace and frills and flowing dresses. Her uniform is somewhat designed like an ao dai, with a very long dress as the top and the pants underneath.
Daemon: Dahlia Nigrum
Brand: She does not know Dahlia's name and has never seen her brand.
Sealed Appearance:
It's not exactly a hairpin, but she kind of modified it into one. It's a metal open tubular flower design, in gold. It sort of shimmers more of a maroon colour in the light, but only sometimes; no idea why it changes colours, nor what the conditions for it are. There are black gemstone teardrops danging from some of the petals.

Narcissa attached a barrette to the back of it, and wears it in her hair, usually putting her hair into a half ponytail and then twisting the pony under the rubber band, and attaching Dahlia Nigrum to the band.
Play By: Hayden Panettiere

Player: Kendra
Time-Zone: CST (central standard, gmt -6)
They're bound to steal it away
Don't hide your mistakes
Cause they'll find you, burn you
This member has been a part of Embers for a full year. Thank you for the memories!
Defensive Sorcery
Force Control ( 600 / 1100 )
Level 11 [ 500 / 1100 ]
Narcissa isn't the best at defensive sorcery techniques, but she is at least decent enough for it to be a worthwhile attempt most of the time.
Force Control
Level 13 [ 600 / 1100 ]
She picked up on Force control relatively easily, and has a very precise, fine control over it.
Healing Sorcery
Force Control ( 600 / 1100 )
Level 13 [ 600 / 1100 ]
It shouldn't surprise anyone that Narcissa's talent lies actually in healing. Well, this is why she gunned for fourth.
Force Control ( 600 / 1100 )
Level 10 [ 450 / 1100 ]
Certainly not the fastest in Valhalla, but she can still run relatively far before getting winded and needing to stop.
Offensive Sorcery
Force Control ( 600 / 1100 )
Level 10 [ 450 / 1100 ]
Narcissa's not much for offensive fighting, and it shows in her lacking ability in offensive sorcery.
Unarmed Combat
Level 10 [ 450 / 1100 ]
She's still not much of a fighter. Oh well.
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