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January 11, 2018
Mature content now depends entirely on the birth date listed in your profile. It will automatically decide if you're above 18 and start displaying mature threads to you. These are highlighted yellow, so you can still avoid them if you'd rather.
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January 5, 2018
Wow it's weird to be typing 2018... anyway, we have a new theme with some fancy stuff, but some of it is still broken. Also the email field for guests appears again, I'll fix it eventually.
Introducing Battle Suite 4.0 RC2
October 24, 2017
We now have a working version of an early write-up of Battle Suite 4.0 available for use. This system completely automates tabletop functions, and is very user-friendly.

Embers // Afterlife Fantasy

Welcome to the first day of your new life. Embers is an afterlife fantasy cyberpunk RPG, running since 2006, first under the name War Chain, and then under the name Tamashii no Chikai, originally as a Bleach RP. Some Bleach influence still remains, but it is all presented differently and features new elements. The recent 2016 reboot under the name Embers follows a very similar standard and focus that War Chain and Tamashii no Chikai did, and we hope Embers will grow into its own free of its fandom ties. Here's to 157,000 more posts!
Mature themes, half the board is gay. Not recommended for bigots or individuals under 16 years of age. You must be 18 or older to gain access to the mature boards.

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Played by Lenara Kazan // 2 Posts Last Active Oct 14, 2017, 01:25AM 80 Views315 HP8 Skills215 YearsJune 12thMaleKazanLight Court/Vasi
Level 9 [ 400 / 1150 ]
Technically used most often with sorcery, because almost none of his arrows are just arrows. But for that all to work he does have a relatively strong background in archery - because it's not quite as simple as point and shoot.
Force Control ( 400 / 1150 )
Level 7 [ 325 / 1150 ]
The other major movement skill. Arael actually prefers it, in some ways because it's more abrupt and easier to take someone off guard with.
Defensive Sorcery
Force Control ( 400 / 1150 )
Level 8 [ 350 / 1150 ]
Sometimes it's for the best to just defend ones way through the worst of things. Arael has no illusions about what he's capable of surviving through.
Force Control
Level 9 [ 400 / 1150 ]
Controlling one's force gives lots of advantages, yeah? It's also the bases for half of his arsenal or something like that so it helps.
Healing Sorcery
Force Control ( 400 / 1150 )
Level 5 [ 200 / 1150 ]
Arael is not great at it, but he has learned at least the basics in healing. It helps at times to keep someone together long enough to get them to a real healer.
Force Control ( 400 / 1150 )
Level 7 [ 300 / 1150 ]
Used for moving quickly between areas and during battle, occasionally. Arael doesn't do this quite as often as some do.
Offensive Sorcery
Force Control ( 400 / 1150 )
Level 8 [ 375 / 1150 ]
Arael uses offensive sorcery with his archery a ton, so it's probably not surprising that this is here. He also can use it independently.
Unarmed Combat
Level 5 [ 225 / 1150 ]
Realistically Arael tends to only use unarmed combat for long enough to put enough distance between him and someone else for his archery or sorcery to be effective. And because sorcery is effective everywhere, mostly, he doesn't use it quite as much.