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Lenara / Shihoin, Atsuya
« on: Nov 13, 2017, 04:19PM »
Atsuya is a rather steady sort, in the sense that he's been around long enough understand that things will rise and fall, and that sometimes all he can do is weather the storm. At some point he had to learn to keep his head on straight when the world fell apart around him. It was expected of him as a Shihoin. Like most of his family he joined the Second division, and unlike most of them, he has managed to maintain his sanity in a very careful way. His stability is not nearly so precarious as one may expect it to be, despite having watched so many of his line fall to pieces doing precisely the same thing.

Atsuya has a strong sense of duty, and a healthy dose of personal responsibility. He'll typically do whatever it takes to get the job done, so to speak. But when he's off the clock he's a relatively nice person, if a bit intimidating to those who don't know him well, purely because of his position.

Atsuya would be one of the first to say that the second division isn't for everyone. He'd also say that it isn't something to aspire to. He won't claim there is no good in it, because the Second performs a very important duty - but it is not an easy one, and he has seen many destroyed trying to do something they couldn't.

His tolerance for stupid isn't particularly high, but he will attempt to see if it can be enlightened or trained out before he gets short about it. But he's not going to pull punches if the reality is that someone is just refusing to help themselves. He is, however, surprisingly good with children.

Atsuya probably has a relatively small number of very close friends. These are people he trusts to an extreme level generally are also that he cares very deeply about. He'd do anything he could for any of them at a moments notice, if they just said the word. Beyond that circle he's amicable enough, but less likely to drop everything to assist.

Any enemy of Valkyrie is an enemy of Atsuya's. Unfortunately the majority of his living family probably also qualifies as enemies at this point. It is what it is, but that doesn't make Atsuya any less disappointed withit.

There may have been a few attempts here and there, but nothing long running. Atsuya figured out pretty early on that he is gay despite the fact that he can function with a woman. It would take some time for him to settle down with someone, most likely. Ah, someone already within his circle of friends would likely have the easiest time.

Current Residence: Valhalla
Alliance(s): Valkyrie
Valkyrie Division Choices: Second.

Daemon Name: Hikage Neko (Shadow Cat)
Daemon Appearance: Hikage Neko is sealed into a pair of thin golden bracelets. They are rather unassuming in sealed form, and he tends to wear them over the sleeves of his uniform.

Release Description: Upon release Hikage Neko the bracelets thicken in width to about an inch across and Atsuya gains the ability to extend claws from his finger tips.
Release Abilities:
Kogane no Tsume (Golden Claw): These are a bit different from the usual retractable claws in that a bright gold energy encases his fingers temporarily giving him powerful energy claws that do a bit more damage than his standard attack. (10% chance of causing a bleed effect for 3 turns).

Kudakeru tsume (Shattering Claw): Atsuya swipes horizontally across his form with his claws extended and 2 Golden arcs of energy form. The arcs of energy act as projectiles and explode on contact with his target.

Complete Description: In complete form the golden bracelets expand to full bracers, and the golden energy from Kogane no Tsume becomes the standard form of his release, rather than being fully retractable.
Complete Abilities:
Chimamire no Tsume (Bloody Claw): Only activatable after Atsuya has taken some considerable damage. The energy encasing Atsuya's hands becomes the color of blood, and a slash into the air sends out four arcs of blood red energy which strike the opponent with considerable cutting force. And then once the strike is complete, the energy goes back to being golden. It can only be used once per release. Hits 4 times, but requires Atsuya to be at half-health or lower.

Tamashī no Tsume (Soul Claw): Atsuya strikes at his opponent, and as he does so the golden energy seems to pulse, almost like a heartbeat. This is an energy based attack that has a 15% higher crit rate than normal and also a 25% chance of causing a bleed effect.

Shihoin Atsuya 1118 | Kashi/Kazan/Valhalir | Sudanese/Japanese | Hikage Neko Valkyrie

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