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Angel / Lucain, Tahsin
« on: Dec 07, 2017, 11:17PM »
Much like any other Lucain, one couldn't call Tahsin quiet. He is head-strong, deliberate, and pretty outgoing. Above all, he enjoys making others laugh, and brightening someone else's day, even if he has to make himself look a little stupid to do it. He can be a little flamboyant, and maybe a bit outlandish to some, as he's not reserved, and generally lacks in an embarrassment gene, so to say. Tahsin's generally unpretentious, and pleasant to be around. He likes being around people, but doesn't care much for drama. Imaginative, and full of enterprising ideas, his brain is always working. He's observant, and usually can figure out someone's next moves, if he uses his head. He's a lot more intelligent than he lets on, but, as he says, it's easier if they don't expect it of him. He prefers it when people underestimate him, as it makes getting what needs to be done, done, immensely smoother. Besides, the look on people's faces when they discover this idiot is the Lieutenant of the science nerd division... it's amazing.

A likable person, at least, mostly, but he has his moments of stubbornness and perhaps a strange spoiled streak. He also highly values his family, and will always take them into account, and be there for them when he can. He tends to see Valkyrie as extended family, but technically, most of them are, anyway. Surprisingly understanding and dependable, he's a good friend to have. He's awfully protective of his friends and lovers, no matter how long or short they last for. He doesn't shy away from expressing his feelings, even in public, which some may find awkward, but Tahsin never really has. It's kind of a part of being a Lucain-they never really shy away from expressing of their feelings, and all that.

Some say Tahsin has a way with words, and rarely does he end up in conflict with others. He's open-minded, but tends to stick to traditional values in certain aspects. He does enjoy being spontaneous, though, as it keeps life interesting and relationships fresh. Not terribly good at maintaining a budget, and keeping himself from impulse spending, it's safe to say he's not the dude you want having a lot of money. He does also have a terrible habit of dealing with stress by drinking too much, or overeating. Usually, it's some combination of both. He does actually do drugs, too, but any more, it's just weed.

Creative and ambitious, Tahsin does not like being by himself, or discord. He is, however, easily provoked when tired or stressed out, and can be impatient or rude, sometimes without really intending to be. This isn't much helped by his occasional bursts of impulsiveness.

I'm sure he has friends somewhere. Tahsin's very personable and likable, and it's hard to imagine he doesn't make friends at least somewhat easily. Generally, he probably doesn't have trouble keeping them, either, once he's made them, and probably places high value on those that he does have. If you can tolerate his constant mental whirring, you're a keeper.

He's a Lucain, an ex-Eagle, and Valkyrie, what more is there to say. ... good luck getting to him, though.

Ha. Hum. Okay, ah, I think he's gay? He may be polyamorous but I doubt he's had occasion to think about it. If he gets along with you decently well, he's usually willing to at least give it a shot, but he's not really settled down long-term thus far in his life. Most of his romantic connections so far have been very short lived, more fling-y than anything, so good luck taming him!

He does have a child, somewhere, if I remember right. May have more than one.

Current Residence: Valhalla
Alliance(s): Valkyrie, Ebony Lions
Valkyrie Division Choices: Eleven. Eleven. ... maybe Thirteen. But eleven.

Daemon Name: Avici (Sanskrit for waveless, a name of one of the layers of hell)
Daemon Appearance: It is a silver dagger, with a black hilt and a ruby embedded into the pommel. There is Arabic writing etched down the middle of the blade, which roughly translates to 'it is neither strife nor foe that drives a man to evil, it is his own mind.' The guard is pronged, almost like a sai.

Release Description: When released, Avici turns into a one-arm gauntlet, made of a dark steel with silver accents.
Release Abilities:
Jvaalaa Avaskanda: (Sanskrit; Flame Storm). Generates and fires concentrated fireballs. While not particularly hot they are rather powerful and generate a fairly impressive explosion when they hit something. Tahsin has used them to break apart obstacles, whether natural or man-made, with rather impressive results.

Nirasta Vaisika: (Sanskrit: Spit [Out] Toxic). Pools together some of Tahsin's Force and creates an acidic neurotoxin that targets the nervous system, injected through contact with the gauntlet's claws. Tahsin can actually shoot the neurotoxin a short distance, which he is steadily increasing with training. Its fatality level depends upon where exactly one comes into contact with it at - i.e. the closer to the brain, the more dangerous it becomes. Like a spitting cobra, Tahsin often aims its trajectory at his opponents' eyes, and it has and can and will cause permanent blindness if it comes into contact with them.

Suraa Kasaa: (Sanskrit: Snake Whip). Manifests a three tailed whip of fire held together with Force. The whip can be broken apart, but Tahsin is also capable of regenerating it and or repairing the break. If Suraa Kasaa is active he can fire Jvaalaa Avaskanda blasts through the whip ends.
Tahsin Lucain544 | Kashi-Valhalir | Bloody Mutt | AviciValkyrie Eleventh Division | Ebony Lions

Shipper Container / Lucain, Tahsin
« on: Oct 03, 2017, 01:53AM »
YAAAAS come bother him, he needs to be bothered. tbh, prolly. tahsin usually has this thing against makin his fam worry so he jst shoves it down but like, that never works well for him... so yeh... then he gets into the spiraling depression self-destructive cycle and makes them worry even more so yay for that...

Shipper Container / Lucain, Tahsin
« on: Oct 19, 2016, 11:52PM »
Like with most people, there are two sides to Tahsin - the first is the surface, the side everyone sees with little trouble. First impressions generally paint him outgoing and friendly, one of those popular types everyone knows and adores. He's a smooth talker and tends to know exactly what to say. He appears to be rather seriously concerned about his appearance, and tends to run off occasionally and get smashing drunk. ... okay, by "occasionally" it really means basically every day. He's usually either buzzed, high, or getting there. He does weed and LSD for drugs, but the latter's blissfully rare. You'll know when you run into it.

He can also tend to appear rather lazy and self-absorbed, the latter fact of which, coupled with his appearance-related fretting, gained him the nickname Narcissus. Who knows who gave it to him.

Inside of course is another story altogether. He's actually far more sensitive than he seems outwardly, and can be relatively easy to hurt, depending on the subject. Apparently also a tad emotionally insecure. He has a very protective streak and tends to be overly defensive of the things he cares about, but subtly so it's not all that obvious, and this list of things he cares about tends to just be people and beliefs.

He also tends to take things much harder than others might. This leads to him often being much harder on himself than others are. He has extremely high standards for himself, which is probably weird because he also acts like a lazy shit 99% of the time. He is, however, startlingly intelligent, a fact he likes to hide for some reason. He says it has something to do with a lack of expectations; you know, if nobody really thinks much of you, they don't tend to expect much, either, and while he's right... well, he could've been so much better than this, and he isn't. But really, most of his will's long, long dead by now, it's probably not surprising he's yet to bother trying to find it again.

Don't expect him to make sense. He's a breathing contradiction, you'll figure that out pretty early on.

Honestly, if he has friends, I will really be surprised. He's probably more the type that has people he interacts with, occasionally on a daily basis, but real camaraderie with him would be... difficult, at best. As he's usually markedly lacking in sobriety, I really doubt anyone actually gets along with him. He can be pretty hard to handle, with crazy mood-swings that generally make precisely zero sense and a weird moral ambiguity. And ethics? What are those?

He could use friends, though, just uh... patience, I guess.

He may have a few. People he's pissed off, crossed on accident, whatever. He is also an Eagle and he does NOT like Dragons. He used to be one, so they probably don't like him, either.

Lol. Good luck. He's gay, I think he's poly, and good luck. To be fair, he does fuck around a lot, so. Maybe a fling wouldn't be hard.
Tahsin Lucain544 | Shinigami | Egyptian-Kenyan-Persian-Roman | AviciJunibantai | Ebony Eagles

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 30, 2015, 12:55AM »
Mm. "[tahsin]Sense makes, that makes sense. ... well anyway, I suppose I should probably let you go do the thing now. ... cause, I kind of stole you and all.[/tahsin]" Yeah, so, maybe letting him get back to working.

Destabilisers and everything, yeah, not fun.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 29, 2015, 12:12AM »
Mm. "[tahsin]I'd noticed. But if nothing else, I can just be patient until Grimmjow gets back on his feet. He has so many friends, you're either going to be miserable for the rest of forever, or figure out how to make friends with the cat's buddies.[/tahsin]" So so.

Amused sound. "[tahsin]Cross that bridge when we come to it, and all of that?[/tahsin]" Seemed it. Not that he minded that idea.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 28, 2015, 07:28PM »
Shrug. "[tahsin]It wouldn't kill you to go out and do other stuff once in a while. Whatever happened to that friends idea? Friends are good things and maybe if you had friends you wouldn't be so lost all the time.[/tahsin]" Little bit of a teasing note there yes.

Eyebrow arch. "[tahsin]Well, not a bad thing. ... Fae are very nature-y. ... if you want, I'll keep a pot of orchids or something on the desk and you can come nap in it.[/tahsin]" Or so.

Yeah. Ahem.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 28, 2015, 01:42PM »
Snort. "[tahsin]No, but things are a lot different now. And I think you'll do fine, if only because you're so afraid you won't, you shy away from most things that aren't routine. ... it's a bit sad, you know, just mentioning.[/tahsin]" And he'd been kind of hoping Grimmjow would manage to drag him out of his shell, but. Maybe it wasn't a big deal if he didn't.

"[tahsin]Well, you might find you have an odd attraction to flowers now. Also, sometimes it is good to be tiny - easy manoeuvring, you're speedier, and sometimes ducking under radar is good.[/tahsin]" Just saying.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 28, 2015, 11:15AM »
Ff. "[tahsin]Well, you are, but I'm not. I trust you. Maybe I shouldn't, but I do. And besides, the Fae were designed to be this powerful. Kind of the entire point of you.[/tahsin]" Sort of.

Amused murring. "[tahsin]Yes they do. Also need to teach you how to shift between little form and bigger one.[/tahsin]" Yes. Important, a little. Maybe.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 27, 2015, 07:05PM »
Mm. "[tahsin]The fun thing, about Arcane, and Shade incidentally, is Arcane works with the universe to make things happen. S'the same way the other Kidou works, fundamentally. Shade Force, on the other hand, bends reality and forces it to do what it wants. So in all honesty, it's not as dangerous as it could be.[/tahsin]" Seriously though.

"[tahsin]But plenty of other stuff to learn how to manage in the meantime. Like how to fly.[/tahsin]" Smiley face.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 27, 2015, 12:12PM »
Snort. "[tahsin]Sometimes, it's a good thing to know what you're dealing with, instead of toddling in ignorant and blind.[/tahsin]" Ignorance was bliss, but other times, it really, really wasn't, and was the reason bad shit happened.

Eyebrow arch. "[tahsin]Technically, yes. ... but it can still get worse. ... and I'll turn it back on later because Arcane Force can be really useful about now. The whole reason we turned it off to begin with is because the humans decided it made a good weapon, and ended up shredding their own souls trying to stand under its weight. It started adversely affecting the spiritual balance, because they were literally destroying themselves using Arcane Force too soon, and the Gates were like holyshitstahp and they wouldn't. Of course. ... so, we made them.[/tahsin]" Shrug.

But yanno, Fae didn't have that problem, given they were technically raw Arcane Force themselves. So Tahsin wasn't concerned about that - Grimmjow, on the other hand, could barely tolerate a Hiryugekizokushintenraihou. Let's not slam Arcane Force into him. Because Grimmjow dying would be horrible enough. If he died being too close to Sosuke, well it'd just be even worse.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 26, 2015, 07:07PM »
Heh. "[tahsin]You'll love the new branches. Arcane's extremely dangerous, but there is literally nothing you can't do with it.[/tahsin]" Mhm. "[tahsin]It's like a combination of all the Kidou ever.[/tahsin]" Nod. "[tahsin]Ahm, there's also Runic, runs on Draconic runes, Summoning, and Shade. Thankfully you cannot use Shade Force, and this is a good thing. Shade Force would be extremely dangerous right now. More liable to cause instant collapse of the universe. ... Suryan just woke up and the dream ended, kind of collapse.[/tahsin]" Yeah. Specifying.

Ahm. "[tahsin]I'll turn it off, until you manage to learn to contain it, lest you injure your panther on accident.[/tahsin]" Uh, yeah. ... just, tapping his nose and doing that.

"[tahsin]It shouldn't, at least. Water Fae oversee emotion and spirituality, along with various aspects of life, to different degrees. This makes us their natural opposition, most Air Fae don't like Water Fae and vice versa.[/tahsin]" But yeah, they were kind of important. "[tahsin]But they are quite emotionally attached to life in general, and went down trying to stop the pillars.[/tahsin]" Go figure.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 24, 2015, 01:57AM »
Snort. "[tahsin]Yeah, life would've been a lot easier, if you'd just stopped thinking and trusted me a few decades ago.[/tahsin]" Just saying. "[tahsin]Ah, c'est la vie, or so. You know, I'm not entirely sure your inner Hollow will ever manage to overpower you, now. But you'll have to learn how to use the other Kidou branches. Now that you can. Also Arcane, which is extremely powerful so... try not to leak it.[/tahsin]" Something like that.

Well, Tahsin would bother with that, too, likely, because accidentally oozing too much Arcane energy might actually hurt Grimmjow - and let's not even side-eye that door.

"[tahsin]Haaa, well. We had more, before the Fall. Most of them went out trying to help Suryan or... Ieldana, or... saving something...[/tahsin]" Pause. "[tahsin]Hey, we're in slightly better shape than Water, errr Iaal, be Kaiou and Iname - they have no Fae left at all because they all died in the Fall.[/tahsin]" Go figure.

Would have to fix that but.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 20, 2015, 06:29PM »
Mm. "[tahsin]Well, no, they didn't help. But there's a very slight difference now that you are apparently too tired to notice. So stop talking for a second and pay attention.[/tahsin]" Because if he paid attention, he'd notice that he could literally sense Tahsin in his soul. "[tahsin]There are some perks to being basically the same person in two bodies. Only now that you're aware as a Fae and I'm awake as a God, that connection runs a lot deeper than it did before.[/tahsin]" A lot.

Just, yeah, hugging his brother. "[tahsin]I really will always be here. And you'll never really be alone again. All you have to do is look for me, and there I am. You can't push me away any more. I am you.[/tahsin]" Mm. "[tahsin]And technically. ... I think, more accurately, it was probably another Air Fae. ... not that those number particularly high at the moment. I think there are two others. That's it. Time has like thirty, I have three. What even.[/tahsin]" But okay.

He could work with three.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 19, 2015, 12:55PM »
Hmm. "[tahsin]I dunno, Grimmyjimmy's forward enough, I think there'd be no hounding, you'd just be suddenly displaced. Which I'd imagine is a bit preferable to the hounding thing? My nagging can't be all that pleasant to hear on a regular basis.[/tahsin]" Just saying.

Eyebrow arch. "[tahsin]Nobody said the world made sense when you're crazy, Sosuke.[/tahsin]" Just mentioning. "[tahsin]Of course you didn't figure it out. You were nuts. Actually, what you did figure out's pretty impressive. I might just remind you, being horribly hard on yourself and blaming yourself for everything, it doesn't actually fix anything. Actually it's rather counter-productive in the long run, given eventually your inner Hollow will get loud again and if you've mentally destroyed yourself, it might actually win.[/tahsin]" Just... yeah. Just saying.

Amused noise. "[tahsin]Actually merely by existing, you're doing a lot of those things. Shinigami manage the flow of spirits from one world to the next, but the Fae handle a Varisaron until it can handle itself, if we have need of a new one. They determine where spiritual energy should go and when, and get it there. Memory management, some of them work in the business of setting the gears for certain things into motion - not causing the thing themselves, but just making it possible for it to happen. You're an Air Fae, so I wouldn't worry about that one - you just keep the air moving and clean it when you can, but your main task is intellectual management, with a side of travel. You decide who learns what and when, how much they learn, and believe it or not, spiritual matters are yours too. Patron guardian of travellers and communication. Amusingly, you're the little voice, nudging people to keep going because there's always a light at the end. The hope that keeps people believing and searching for truth, even when they're not sure they can handle it.[/tahsin]" So things went.

2015 / What I Get for Forgetting
« on: Aug 18, 2015, 12:02PM »
Fft. "[tahsin]Wouldn't be that hard. He's not stupid, just tell him the truth. I work too much so my brother stuck me to you.[/tahsin]" Pretty simple? ... actually, Tahsin was morbidly curious what the heck the panther'd do in that situation, but then maybe he didn't want to know, either, because said panther was awfully touchy-feely, so.

Maybe that was better left unknown. If only because god friggin dang it, I hate being omnipresent.

... sigh. "[tahsin]Not quite. More of a soul that made itself. Given the Fae are part of the gods, they tend to be awfully close to theirs. I think that was part of what your little fit over god was. You've disconnected from the you that is Fae, and for a Fae well that's... kind of devastating. And subconsciously, I think you were trying to reconnect. You just... did it all the wrong way and got the wrong god.[/tahsin]" Go figure? "[tahsin]But then not the wrong god, all the same. Suryan's... kind of special.[/tahsin]" Not sure why that'd be. Jee.

"[tahsin]So apparently when I was born, you followed me. ... not that I mind.[/tahsin]" Nah. "[tahsin]But ah, Fae are pure energy. You can shapeshift at will. Be any size you want. You can turn yourself into a girl if you so desire. Could probably wreak a lot of havoc, Fae are the second-strongest beings in the universe. ... you could actually kill me, if you wanted to.[/tahsin]" Just saying.

"[tahsin]S'okay though. I'll teach you. Not a lot of Fae left, since the Fall, but.[/tahsin]" They'd make do.

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