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Huli / Lucain, Seia
« on: Oct 13, 2017, 04:25AM »
Mostly a quiet and maternal presence, Seia keeps to herself and rarely makes waves, rarely causes controversy or purposefully steps into the spotlight. Even so, she doesn’t always fade into the background as she has that quiet presence where it’s obvious that there is more going on beneath the surface. It is hard to tell what, exactly, goes through her head. Seia doesn’t bother hiding the fact that her placid mask is a mask, but as for what is going on beneath that mask, well… you don’t need to know. Because of this, she does occasionally have a mysterious, unknowable air and may appear distant and unapproachable. While she is courteous and polite, Seia will rarely spare any kindness where it is unneeded. However, neither does she have a cold presence, and one may get the sense that her not overextending herself is simply an addition to her courtesy. Seia values her privacy, and she will assume the same of others until she is told otherwise. She will not intrude where she is unwanted, and if there is no extended invitation then she will not trespass.

Diplomatic and sensible, Seia leans towards neither optimism nor pessimism and instead maintains a realistic worldview. The old adage of hoping for the best but expecting the worse applies to her, and even when she does take risks she will have several back-up plans. Most likely, though, any risky behaviour of hers stems from the actions of someone else. As she is surrounded by impulsive idiots, this occurs more often than you’d think, or perhaps exactly as often as you’d think considering she is surrounded by impulsive idiots. A taming influence among the wild whims of the Livians and Lucains, Seia is cautious and discreet, occasionally veering towards calculation but never outright manipulation. Instead of a warrior, she is a tactician, preferring to retreat into the shadows and work behind the scenes in order to achieve her goals. Pragmatic and watchful, Seia has a keen eye for detail and a tendency towards catching on to what’s said between the lines. Even when she doesn’t seem to be paying attention, she is paying attention, and it’s hard for anything to slip past her. Occasionally it can be unnerving when she knows something about you that she shouldn’t. No, she’s not psychic. Most likely, either she overheard it from someone else, or you told her yourself and then forgot about it, or she pieced it together from seemingly unrelated info.

There is a vivacious personality hidden under her calm demeanor, but it only shows itself in certain situations. Not due to shyness, at least, not anymore, but because Seia sees no need to spare the effort for total strangers. They don’t need to know what lies beneath her placid shell, and frankly, they have no right. What Seia chooses to reveal to the world is by her discretion and her discretion alone. Among the original Livian cohort, Seia was the baby of the family. Obviously, she isn’t anymore, and she retains few of the typical youngest child traits into her old age, but some of them still linger. At times she can be petulant, and though she will never throw tantrums she can still be a bit of a sore loser when she doesn’t get her way. Though not acerbic by any stretch of the term, Seia can have a sharp tongue when she chooses to use it. Usually, it is tempered by kindness, and she is never overly blunt or forceful, but she chooses her words carefully so that others cannot misinterpret them. If you want to play stupid, that’s your fault, not hers. She’s too old to play the he-said-she-said game.

There is a snobby, intellectual streak in her. Seia doesn’t look down on those who prefer hobbies that may be considered more crass and common, but she will not indulge in them herself. When it comes to physical labour, she prefers to delegate. Similarly, she doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, but if the need arises then her honour dictates that she should do the deed herself instead of pushing that off on an underling. More commonly, though, she will find ways to work around it so she wouldn’t have to take that route in the first place. When it comes to hurdles and hardships her first instinct is still to ignore them and hope that they either go away on their own or that someone else takes care of it for her. She doesn’t, of course, and she does deal with her own issues, but it is a learned response and something that she still has to regularly remind herself of. Unfortunately, her avoidant personality appears to be a life-long thing, which can get trying when you count your lifespan by millennia. Though Seia is capable of standing on her own, she doesn’t like to and would much rather linger in the shadows of those she considers better and brighter. She does have anxiety and a minor inadequacy complex, but both are not as bad as they could be, at least, not anymore. While Seia can tolerate the spotlight, she still only tolerates it. She doesn’t like it, and would much rather redirect it to someone who flourishes in it instead.

Seia has a fast-paced mind that is always hungry for knowledge. You’ll often find her flipping through books in her downtime or listening attentively to someone who’s been through experiences that she hasn’t, or knows a lot about something she doesn’t. Somewhat artistically inclined, Seia has a penchant for picking up new hobbies, putting them by the wayside, and maybe eventually wandering back to them if they pique her interest again. Sometimes they spill over to the rest of her family, both the Lucains and Livians. Her daughter, for example, got her interest in metalwork from her which has expanded in recent years to include clay and ceramic and glass. Mirah is actually pretty renown for her decorative and functional pieces, and Seia always teases that she should be getting credit for her success. Some other hobbies that she’s picked up and put aside include weaving, needlework, basketry, embroidery, sewing, beadmaking, bookbinding, calligraphy, feather painting, kirigami, engraving, paper making, woodworking… she knows the basics of pretty much anything you can think of. … when you live to be as old as her, you accumulate a looooot of experience in various things throughout the years, especially when you are as curious as she is.

Much as she tries to hide it, Seia is actually very tactical-inclined and has proven herself time and time again to be an outstanding war tactician. She especially shines as a field commander where she cannot afford to second-guess her plans. Many who know her now are surprised to find that she is a many-times war veteran, but maybe it shouldn’t be a shock. Valkyrie had not always been at peace, and Seia had been with it since its founding. She tries to downplay her accomplishments on the field, as she doesn’t actually much like violence and is probably the closest to being a pacifist in both her families.

Some of the surprise probably come from the fact that there is nothing really intimidating about her, at least in her demeanor and appearance. In fact, she doesn’t really look intimidating at all, just… cute. Maybe pretty, if that’s what you’re into. Despite being over two thousand, Seia still looks like a teenaged girl or a young adult. This is fine with her, as intimidation isn’t really her style. Of course, age and appearance don’t work the same way in Asgard, but relating the two is a habit that is so ingrained for most that it is hard to discard. This doesn’t mean, however, that she is incapable of putting down a firm hand, and she lets her actions speak for her rather than vice-versa. As with everything else about her, this is something that is revealed only once you get to know her. It is easy to underestimate Seia, and she makes no moves to correct those misconceptions. Obstinacy is not her style, and she works with what she has instead of trying to make up for what she hasn’t.

It is not often that she needs to put down a firm hand, anyway, in her line of work, and besides, everything is easier for her if she remains approachable. Seia is not an unreasonable boss; in fact, she is perhaps more lenient than she should be. What many don’t get is that her leniency doesn’t come from her being a pushover, but rather from courtesy. When it comes to small infractions, Seia is willing to look the other way, but she draws her lines clear and bold and if anyone steps over those lines she will know that it is no accident. Mercy and fair play are both important to her, and she will hear them out if they have a legitimate reason, but she is still capable of doling out punishment and while her temper doesn’t burn bright or hot, it still exists. Few can ever recall her being truly angry, but perhaps that is another reason to be wary when it finally shows its head.

Beneath it all, Seia does have a soft heart that is still vulnerable and open to hurt even after the various traumas she’s experienced. Or perhaps it is because of those various traumas that she is so easy to hurt, as she was broken too early to develop a tough skin. What didn’t kill her only hurt her instead of making her stronger, and there is a fair bit of pain hidden under her courteous and soft-spoken mask. Seia rarely likes to talk about the past, and few will hear her true age from her mouth. Despite the leniency she affords to her subordinates and colleagues, she has very high expectations when it comes to herself and any failure to meet those expectations is, in her eyes, another mark against her. While she doesn’t view pity as a bad thing, and she doesn’t instinctively shun any kindness or comfort that is extended to her, Seia still shies away when it is directed at her sometimes because she feels she doesn’t deserve it. Unfortunately, her shying away does occasionally resemble lashing out. Along the same lines, Seia will never volunteer to share her troubles. Someone else has to ask first. … she may, however, hover awkwardly or drop various hints when she wants to talk. Some consciously, but mostly unconsciously.

Seia both is and isn’t a part of Valkyrie proper. She is the founder and headmistress of the academy attached to Valkyrie, that trains new recruits before they join Valkyrie proper and also offers education to the noble children and children born to members of Valkyrie. Seia has also founded many schools across the various nations of Asgard, though they are run by the locals.

Seia is a Mom. She is Such A Mom, and everyone knows this. If you make friends with her, be prepared to have her constantly fussing over you about everything. She will make you food. She will clean your living space. She will pester you about going to bed on time. She’s had several kids, and it shows. Seia seems to have absorbed the Lucain penchant for adoption along with inheriting the Livian penchant for adoption and somehow manage to have both coexist within her. Everyone is her child. Everyone. Even if you are not her child, you are her child, and you just have to live with this.

When she’s not dealing with the Academy, she actually spends more time on Asgard proper than Valhalla, searching for Astrals who have enough Force to become Valhalir. Actually, Seia mostly just wants to make sure that they don’t starve and incidentally points them at Valkyrie while she’s at it. If your character is Asgardian and needs to find their way to Valkyrie somehow, Seia is more than happy to be their patron. Similarly, if your character is already a part of Valkyrie and used to be Asgardian, Seia could’ve been their referrer.

Seia is supremely uninterested in having any enemies. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll leave you alone. If you don’t like her, then she’ll avoid you. If you make yourself a danger to her or hers, she will systematically break you until you are no longer a danger, only killing as a last resort. … look, she tries really hard to be a pacifist, but she is related to Metella and married into the Lucains and knows by now that not every issue can be solved peacefully. Still, she will at least try. Unfortunately, too many mistaken her mercy for weakness and push too far until she has no choice but to destroy them. … usually, though, her sisters or her children or her husband gets to it first. They all know that Seia is far too kind for her own good.

Taken. Very taken. Like, there is an ideal, and she is the ideal, taken. … this version of her might be poly, though, but I can’t really see anyone making a move on her when she and Surya are everyone’s OTP. Not that she cares. She is very happy with Surya. Very very very happy. Gross.
Seia Lucain2,106 | Valhalir | Roman | CeridwenValkyrie

Shipper Container / Lucain, Seia
« on: Oct 25, 2016, 12:05PM »
Character Name: Seia Lucain
Character Age: 2,106
Character Species: Shinigami
Birth Place: Rome
Current Residence: Seireitei
Non-Gotei Alliance: Shinoreitsujin. Idk if this counts as Gotei or not actually. Hmm.

Zanpakutou Name: Ceridwyn - A legendary Welsh enchantress, sometimes regarded as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration.
Release Command: Anadlu (Breathe)
Zanpakutou Appearance: When sealed, Ceridwyn does not take the form of a sword, or, indeed, any weapon. Instead, it takes the form of a combined necklace and hair piece, both gold, connected by thin golden chains, seemingly nothing but an elaborate piece of jewelry. Seia does carry two golden daggers with her; most people assume that's her zanpakutou.

Shikai Description: A glaive seemingly made of apparently pure gold. Despite its appearance, it can cut just as well as steel.
Shikai Abilities:
This one isn't much for precision. Seia sends a jolt of electricity through the point of her glaive, paralyzing all enemies within ten meters. Allies will be unaffected. There is a small chance of this causing minor damage.

A wall of white and blue fire appears between Seia and the enemy. The longer its out, the bigger it grows, until it curves around her opponent(s) and completely engulfs them.

Invisible "bombs" appear around the battlefield. They don't affect her allies or neutral parties, but if an enemy steps on them or even appear above them they explode, dealing damage. This lasts even after Ceridwyn reverts back to its sealed form; the entire Shino grounds is actually a veritable bomb field.

All allies get a +10 in damage.

Bankai Description: Creirwy - In Welsh legends, Creirwy is the daughter of Ceridwyn, sometimes associated with Persephone and Prosperpina. In bankai, Creirwy takes on the form of golden chains that encircle the battlefield, constantly moving and shifting and attacking enemies while protecting allies. Each link of Creirwy hisses and spews out a thick mist that limits visibility while also drowning out sounds.
Bankai Abilities: Along with visibility, Creirwy's mist also blocks reiatsu. The reiatsu of everyone will seem to almost completely disappear, and all kidou attacks will be halved in strength. Any spells below level 20 just cannot be cast. Seia herself is exempt from this rule, along with everyone she considers an ally. Neutral parties will still be affected. Creirwy's chains will attack anyone Seia considers an enemy, dealing melee damage. Occasionally, they may completely wrap themselves around an opponent and paralyze them. -20 health will be docked every time they attempt a kidou attack, and damage will be quartered instead of halved.

Apzu will be initiated if all opponents are trapped. A jolt of electricity passes through Creirwy's chains, paralyzing all opponents for three turns and dealing 3x the rolled damage for all of those turns.

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