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Oster-Norr / All The Little Things
« on: Oct 21, 2017, 04:41AM »
Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Mirah wasn't freaking out. She was... okay, maybe she was freaking out. A little. Only a little! Tiny bit. Slightly. She was Mirah Goddamn Lucain, she didn't freak out, which sounded good in theory when she wasn't freaking out. Except, she was. She was totally freaking out. Internally, thankfully, she managed to keep it contained, hopefully she could continue to keep it contained enough that Andrei wouldn't see it. ... hopefully. Unfortunately, Mirah never seemed to be good at keeping secrets from him, or maybe he was just too perceptive. Not that she ever tried to hide anything major; she might occasionally be too stubborn and full of pride, but she wasn't stupid. Just. Personal secrets? Emotions. Feelings. Those things ... she was tripping over her words, even in her head. Gods, she was a mess.

Why was she this nervous anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal. At least, it shouldn't be. Not that she didn't care, or wanted to not care, just, people did this all the time. This, where two people went out for dinner, because they were friends and friends did this kind of stuff together. Not that Mirah herself had done it much, before, because she was bad at socializing and having friends. She did actually have a substantial amount now, only because she travelled so much, but they were less friends and more acquaintances. She didn't have any colleagues, not anymore, but she did have people who owed her favours and vice-versa, clients who kept requesting her services and who could make the jump to friendship if Mirah reached out or acknowledged their offered hints. Most of the friends she had, she wouldn't trust to watch her back. Mirah might accept their dinner invites, but she wouldn't offer it herself, not unless she needed something from them or to repay a favor.

She didn't do this. And yet, here she was, restlessly tapping a finger against the cracked wood of the bar. Gold eyes scanned the crowd that walked past, keeping an eye out for any familiar faces. One, of course, moreso than others, but Mirah knew people, and Andrei knew more, and she wanted to at least keep note of anyone who might see them. Her. With him. Not that they should care, but - augh. Friends did this all the time, but this wasn't just a friendly outing. Or, at least she didn't want it to be, though he might've taken it that way? ... did she want it to be? No. Or. Yes, because that was more uncomplicated, but - fff. Finally noticing her nervous tic, Mirah pulled her hand off the bar, smoothed it down the front of her dress, nervously ran it through her wavy hair. Wait. No, she didn't stop a nervous habit just to fall into another one. Not that she blamed herself for being nervous, because she didn't do this, she didn't, she didn't think about this sort of stuff, she didn't - she shouldn't care. It had just slipped out before she could stop it, and while she had mentally floundered for a way to take it back behind her blank expression, Andrei had accepted, and, and, and she was so lost.

Mirah didn't socialize. She certainly didn't go on dates. What the fuck do people even do on dates? Maybe she should've picked a fancier location. Then again, Andrei didn't seem the type for glitz and glamour, anyway, and an outdoor kiosk situated on a semi-busy side street seemed to suit him more than an expensive restaurant with a five-course meal. It wasn't like this was a trashy place, anyway, just, more of a homey feel. Like most places in Asgard, they served mostly drinks, but they did have food for anyone who needed it. Mirah wasn't hungry, but it might just be nerves twisting up her stomach. What was she doing, what was she doing, she didn't take gambles, didn't take risks, and yet...

"Here you go, Doctor." A cheerful voice shook her out of her thoughts. Mirah dragged her eyes away from the street to find a drink being slid towards her, water catching on the cold glass. "On the house. Try this while you wait, yea? Is it a friend, or...?" The bartender trailed off suggestively, mischievous smile on her lips.

With some effort, Mirah kept her cool, controlled expression. "Thank you, Amy." She peered into the dark drink, caught a whiff of something fruity. There was what appeared to be mint leaves floating amongst the ice. Blackberry mojito? Amy did like to experiment. "How's your grandfather? Are you working alone today?"

"Gramps is doing great! Thanks again, Doctor. He's actually in the kitchen right now." Amy waved her hand at the silk screen that separated the kitchen from the front of the bar. "Can barely tell he's got a limp, now. And yeah, but don't worry, I won't interrupt your date."

Mirah took a small, cautious sip, and pointedly ignored the wink that was sent her way. "Do tell Carson to be careful. His leg should be healed by now, but the bone is still weak. We wouldn't want him to fracture it again."

"Yes, ma'am!" Amy gave her a salute, then, thankfully, got distracted talking to another customer. Mirah let out a short breath, then turned her eyes back to the street. With the short distraction gone, she was reminded once more that she was nervous. Haah, she was so lost, she was going to muck this up. What was she doing, asking Andrei Deiorio on a date. Shit.

((Mirah: O V E R T H I N K S))

Huli / Lucain, Mirah
« on: Oct 17, 2017, 06:43PM »
Like her father, Mirah has a quiet presence that is, nevertheless, hard to ignore. Her silence is a very loud one, and though she might not be as boisterous as some Lucains, she is just as intense and heads tend to turn wherever she goes. No one can mistake her silence for shyness or impassion; simply, she doesn’t care overmuch for excess or having to repeat herself, and when she speaks she doesn’t mince words and gets straight to the point. When she talks, people tend to listen. And if they don’t, they will learn to rectify their mistake. Also like her father, a lot of her communication is nonverbal, but unlike Surya, for her this is a mostly unconscious thing. Much as she tries to hide it, Mirah is a very expressive creature by nature and even when her lips are sealed she is always saying something. The trick is to understand her language.

Bossy and assertive, Mirah is a natural-born leader and takes command easily, perhaps too easily. Even if she agrees with them, she doesn’t take kindly to authority and has a habit of taking the lead in whatever situation she is in. Thankfully, Mirah does have a good head on her shoulders and she has proven herself to be a capable leader many times over, so most have no problem conceding to her. And even as she bristles, her logic and common sense are usually strong enough to overcome her pride and she will obey if she agrees with the ruling. If she doesn’t, however… there are few forces in the world strong enough to move Mirah when she doesn’t want to be moved, and if all else fails she has no qualms against nodding and saying yes and then doing whatever she wants anyway.

Somewhat of an imposing presence, Mirah knows the art of intimidation and wields it as well as any weapon. In fact, it is the weapon she is best at wielding, and she does not hesitate to prove it. Like her mother, she is polite and courteous, but unlike her mother even that seems to be a weapon for her to use. When Mirah is polite, she amasses power instead of giving it away. If people are sheep then her courtesy is like the cage that contains a starving tiger. Take away the cage, and you are worse off than you are before. Mirah has both connections and power, and if you prove yourself a danger to her and hers then she will ensure that you won’t be for much longer. Efficient and resourceful, Mirah does not leave any dangling loose ends that may come and bite her in the future. Even if she seems to have left something alone, trust, she is working on a way to be rid of it, if only in her head. Surprisingly patient, Mirah may wait years or decades before striking back. She does not gamble, and the risks she takes are calculated ones, and if the probable outcomes lean more towards the negative than the positive then she will wait until the scales tip in her favour.

Though never purposefully cruel or condescending, she holds herself at a distant and it is difficult, if not downright impossible for others to find a way to make a more genuine connection. Mirah is not only closed off; she has her shell, and over that shell lies a thick layer of armour, and after surmounting both those obstacles there is still her distance to deal with. She tends to regard anyone who tries lowering her guard with suspicion, and it is only those who don’t, who step back and allow her to go to them instead of trying to break through to her who make any real progress. However, even as she lashes out, Mirah rarely manages to hold back all that she is feeling. She’s had enough practice by now and does it so much that most people are convinced otherwise, but bottling and lying about her feelings actually does not come easy to her. Still, even as she is skilled enough to fool a stranger, she might not be able to fool someone perceptive who knows how she works.

While distant, Mirah is not cold. All of her burns, and even as her self-control is superb, none of her is contained and her lashing out tends to have a trickle effect that leaks into her family, friends, and the inner circle of whoever is affected. Sometimes it may affect their outer circle as well. It’s all or nothing when it comes to her, and she keeps a tight lid on either all or none of her feelings. Usually, she can at least control when this happens, but when the build-up becomes too much she might not be able to hold all of it back, or all of her back. This actually happens more often than you might think; Mirah likes to pretend that the messy, emotional side of her doesn’t exist, and while she is usually honest with her emotions, she would almost rather die than let anyone else see them instead of just know them.

Like much of her family, Mirah has a brilliant mind suited to an inventor and easily gets bored without some sort of stimulation. She doesn’t really understand the concept of free time, and even during her off time she is always working on or towards something, finishing one project and then immediately switching to another. This does do her some favours, as it makes her very proficient in her areas of expertise. Despite there being many who have been at the same crafts for longer than she has been alive, Mirah is considered by many to be one of the best healers and metalsmiths on all three realms. However, this also contributes to her distance as she rarely spares time for socializing and doesn’t take kindly to someone taking her away from her work. Mirah flounders when she is pushed into social situations with no professional topic or theme for her to latch on to. Unfortunately, her floundering usually comes off as haughtiness or arrogance, like she feels she is too good to mingle with the common people.

At her core, Mirah is actually a very altruistic individual. Even as she amasses power wherever she goes, she gains power so that she may give it away, so that she may help the fallen back to their feet. The archetypal mother and healer, Mirah doesn’t know how to live for herself and she has few ambitions of her own. This side of her is actually not that hard to see; she doesn’t hide it, just, most people don’t bother looking. She literally retired from Valkyrie and spends most of her time down on Asgard now as a travelling doctor, hopping between the various nations and healing the poor and disenfranchised who cannot afford better care. It’s not exactly a secret. … though she is actually more well known for her metalsmithing than her healing prowess, much to her chagrin.

Mirah also has the habit of adopting any strays she finds, or sending them back home to her mom and dad. And like her mother, when she finds a Valhalir on Asgard, she tends to nudge them in the direction of Valkyrie, checking up on them as they work their way through the Academy and even after they’ve graduated to make sure that they’re doing okay. Many of them become her unofficial children. What can she say, she’s a Lucain.

Mirah is a very useful person to have on your side and she knows this, so even if your intentions are sincere she will still regard you with no small amount of suspicion. Though she won’t be outright unfriendly, she’ll still be reading between the lines of your words and looking for veiled threats or double-talk for the first little while of your acquaintance. Yeah… she is a bit (okay, a lot) paranoid, but she has good reason to be. You have to prove yourself to her first before she will show you any warmth. Despite her personality and how difficult it is for her to warm up to you, I actually see Mirah having a fairly wide net of people she is at least friendly with on Asgard and on Valkyrie, though most of them are probably acquaintances at most. She’s travelled to many places, and much of her family is more personable than she is. She is much more open and friendly among her family and those that they know, even cracking the occasional joke, so it’ll be easier to become her friend if you were friends with another Lucain or Livian first. Just know that her family will always be her first priority, though.

She doesn’t try to purposefully make waves, but she does, anyway. Mirah is neither passive nor shy, and if she sees an injustice she will not hesitate to step in and end it. Probably, a lot of people resent her for stepping in and making their business her business. Who the hell is this uppity bitch, anyway, telling me what to do, etc. Most of her enemies, though, she probably would’ve already taken care of herself. As previously stated, Mirah doesn’t leave any loose ends dangling. She doesn’t tend to like Dragons, but even that’s not a hard and fast rule as she’s actually healed a fair number of Dragons in her time.

It takes a long, loooooong time for her to trust someone enough that she even starts to think of love. If you want to try at romance, you’ll need an established relationship with her first. She is pansexual and can be poly, though she tends to get so enthralled by one person that she doesn’t bother looking at others until they’ve been in a relationship for a while and she is sure that they won’t run off and abandon her, and can do monogamy as well. Thankfully, despite her emotional stupid, Mirah does recognize when she has a crush. … just, she probably won’t say anything about it. See emotional stupid.
Mirah Lucain533 | Valhalir | Indo-Cauco-Afro | Nar HeykelCrimson Snakes

Shipper Container / Lucain, Mirah
« on: Oct 21, 2016, 03:10AM »
Character Name: Mirah Lucain (Currently going under Zoe Kamali)
Character Age: 573; assumed 51
Character Species: Shinigami; assumed human
Birth Place: Seireitei
Current Residence: Living World

Zanpakutou Name: Nar Heykel - Arabic for fire temple, I believe
Release Command: 'Asheil', ignite
Zanpakutou Appearance: A simple-looking uchigatana. Nar Heykel's guard is a yellow ridged cone with the flared end opened towards the blade. The hilt is yellow, wrapped in white cloth, and the sheath is a dark matte grey; both it and Nar Heykel's blade always feels warm to the touch, even when sealed. There are two golden bells attached to the end of the hilt - you can always tell whenever Mirah is coming because she jingles.

Shikai Description: Nar Heykel changes into a thick whip the same grey as its sheath with runes of an indeterminate language carved up and down its length. They glow a flickering orange-red when at rest, like there's a fire burning within the whip and they are the windows. The more reiatsu Mirah channels the brighter they glow. It seems to lengthen and shorten in accordance to Mirah's will, and doesn't always move according to physics; she can control its movement to an extent, but nothing too obvious and only while it's already in motion. To outside observers it may just look like she's extraordinarily lucky. The handle seems reminiscent of a rounded katana-style hilt, saffron yellow wrapped in rich red cloth.

It's still got the bells. This annoys Mirah to no end. At least they never seem to get in the way.

Shikai Abilities:
Passive abilities
When released, Nar Heykel is always burning hot to the touch, and all successful strikes to an opponent will have +5 to +20 in damage on top of what was rolled.

[Trace] - Only active for one round, or one strike. Nar Heykel will "draw" a line of red flames through the air; if only the flames come in contact with the opponent, it will deal only half of the rolled damage. If both whip and flame hit, it deals 1.5 of the rolled damage. When Aththar is active, Nar Heykel's runes glow red.

[Mark] - Mirah fires a burst of reiatsu at a target, actually vaguely reminiscent of a cero. If it hits, a small, glowing orange X will appear on the target and her next three strikes will always hit provided said target stays within her line of sight. If her target is not within her line of sight, then Iisharat will remain active until she's gotten three strikes in. While Iisharat is active, the runes on her whip glow orange.

Sham Qibla
[Sun Kiss] - Nar Heykel swings around her in a circle, sending beams of yellow light up to a 9 meter radius. The light beams don't do any damage, but they can paralyse an opponent for two turns by solidifying and pinning them to the ground. Any living being caught within her circle will be paralysed, whether friend or foe. When activating Sham Qibla, the runes on Nar Heykel glow yellow.

[Swallow] - When Yalathim is active, Nar Heykel glows green. The exact shade ranges - it's never pure green, always leaning more towards yellow or blue. When using Yalathim, attacks on a living opponent do not have the +5 to +20 added damage. After six strikes to inanimate surfaces, the places where Nar Heykel touched bursts into green flame. It doesn't hurt her, but it will hurt everyone else who comes into contact with it, including allies. Each fire deals half of its rolled damage, and they will remain burning for the rest of the round even after Yalathim is no longer active.

[Rain] - Can only be activated once every three turns. When Ainhamar is active, Nar Heykel glows bright blue. Mirah spins it above her head, and each revolution draws a semicircle of blue flames through the air. A maximum of three lines can be drawn; each counts as a separate strike and deals the amount of rolled damage. They all get a +5 in accuracy.

[Smother] - Activated once per round. Nar Heykel elongates and draws a wall of white flames around Mirah and her opponent. The flames rush towards her opponent and deal 3x the rolled damage. If Mirah doesn't get out in time, she sustains half of the rolled damage. When Khannaq is active, Nar Heykel glows white.

Bankai Description: Nar Malika Min Ghadib (Rage of the fire queen) - Mirah's outfit changes to that of a layered dress with frayed edges. The topmost layer is dark red, and the layers progress from orange to yellow to white. The bottom half of her hair also turns dark red, forming a gradient with its usual black. Nar Malika Min Ghadib appears as two whips attached by chains to shackle-like gauntlets that cover her entire forearm, one per arm. The hilt is a darker gold, still wrapped in red cloth, and two bells are attached to the base of each whip. In bankai, Nar Malika Min Ghadib is entirely capable of independent movement.

A ring of fire surrounds Mirah's feet. It doesn't seem to burn anything, and it doesn't hurt her, but it will always expand to include her entire body within the perimeter and will reflexively lash out at anyone who gets close to her whether Mirah herself notices or not. It won't do it if Mirah recognizes an ally, but if they sneak up on her they'll still be hurt. These flames glow the same colour as the whips when she's using a special attack.

Bankai Abilities:
Passive abilities
When her whips make contact with an opponent, it always does +20 of the rolled damage. If an opponent gets too close to her, they'll also suffer damage even if Mirah doesn't actively retaliate. If a strike is made with kido or a weapon, however, they will remain unaffected.

Malika Fi
[Queen's shadow] - Like Aththar, Nar Malika Nin Ghadib glows red during the duration of Malika Min Fi. This can last the entire round. When Mirah attacks someone with her whips, four whips made of red flame will rise from the fire at her feet, two for each whip. They flank the whip they're shadowing, one on each side, so her strikes have a wider range. Each fire whip deals half the rolled damage; if all three hit, then it's 2x the rolled damage.

Malika Jayiza
[Queen's bounty] - Mirah marks her opponent with her reiatsu like she does with Iisharat. Whips made of orange flame rise from her feet and strike at her opponent without Mirah's input for the next three turns. She can still hit them the whips attached to her forearm; it won't add to the cumulative total. If she switches to another technique before the three strikes are up, the effect disappears. Nar Malika Min Ghadib glows orange while using this technique.

Malika Baruk
[Queen's blessing] - Chains made of yellow fire erupt from her feet and wrap around her opponent. Each chain deals some damage; six is about the maximum she can maintain. If her opponent doesn't break free, they will be paralyzed until the end of the round, or until Mirah switches to another technique. Like Sham Qibla, this one has a yellow glow.

Malika Jue
[Queen's hunger] - Nar Malika Min Ghadib erupts in green flame the same shade as Yalathim. Every successful strike will deal 1.5 the rolled damage, and anyone who comes in contact with her defensive flame barrier will not only be hurt but also trapped and held in place by green chains that also deal damage. Green fire will burn in the last nine places she hits with her whips, damaging her opponent every time they come in contact with it. This lasts until the end of the round, even if she switches to another technique.

Malika Qadem
[Queen's bite] - Like Ainhamar, Mirah swings her whips above her head and each whip can send out three lines of blue flame. Unlike Ainhamar, Mirah can control the trajectory of these flames. If one misses a strike, they don't fade, and will keep chasing her opponent until they hit. Each counts as a separate strike, dealing the amount of rolled damage, with +5 in accuracy.

Malika Marsum
[Queen's decree] - This technique is pretty taxing on Mirah, and once activated cannot be switched to a different one. A dome of fire surrounds her and her opponent; no one can enter or leave without sustaining major damage, and Mirah steps beyond its perimeters she will suffer damage as well. Other than that, the fire won't hurt her. Mirah has full control over the dome and access to all her other abilities. They will appear the colour of the dome instead of their associated colour. When active, her whips and the ring of fire around her feet glow white. The dome will initially also be white, but as the round progresses it will fade to blue, then green, then yellow, etc. Once it reaches dark red, Mirah will no longer be able to maintain her bankai.

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