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Lenara / Acre, Jade
« on: Oct 19, 2017, 09:11PM »
Jade is an extremely gentle sort with a warm personality. The sort of personality that lent itself to people who didn't know him to ask why he hadn't settled down and had a family yet - and probably a few of the ones that did know him wondered the same. But he had his reasons, or well, one in particular. Things were complicated and all. The basis for that warm personality has its roots in his compassion and his want to help others.

Any temper Jade has is pretty thoroughly buried beneath the surface - but the majority of it is directed at himself anyway. He's angry at himself for not managing to save Jasper, and for not being able to help him now despite his best attempts. Still, Jade doesn't like people who hurt those who are weaker and has a very distinct hatred for Eagles. ... Though he also acknowledges that many Eagles are not there because they want to be.

There is a rather thick streak of stubborn that drives him to hold on to things long past when most people would have called a situation hopeless. And it's mingled with a one-track mindedness that ends in him losing large chunks of time here and there while he tries his best to fix someone that is broken beyond all recognition. It's alright though, Jade is patient and he doesn't mind waiting. And thankfully certain people seem to be patient with him too.

Jade probably has lots of friends here and there - or at least people that he knows and is nice to. When he's in Valhalla he probably visits with them and things of that nature, but he's been gone for about six months with minimal contact, so there's that. Some of them may resent his in-and-out behavior - and they're welcome to tell him so.

Hm. Well, any enemy of Valkyrie is, of course, an enemy of his. Jade doesn't have many personal enemies though, so there's that.

Haha. Hahaha. Good luck. No, really. Unless you are Jasper good luck, because he literally still has the ring Jasper gave him all those years ago, and he wears it on a chain around his neck (except in Valhalla, where he actually wears it on his finger). It was a promise ring and Jade has kept his promise, so to speak. Seriously though, Jade isn't interested and he'll give you a very polite but firm turn-down.
Jade Acre1126 | Valhalir | Germanic | Smaragd TijgerValkyrie

Offices / Long Time Coming
« on: Sep 28, 2017, 11:12PM »
Jade wasn't actually sure how long he'd been quietly trailing Jasper. He wasn't sure how long it had been since his last check in - he only knew that it was long enough he really ought to be arrested for merely daring to show his face in the Seireitei. Somewhere out there he'd lost track of time, and had really stopped caring, too. Except as much as he had his reasons for being out there, he knew that he couldn't be there all the time.

Being out in the seventies was hard in a lot of ways. Watching Jasper was harder, in some ways. Jade was never really worried that Jasper himself would hurt him, but there were a lot of things out there that weren't Jasper, and Jasper also wasn't really himself. Things were very touch and go, and honestly, he'd made no progress in the time he'd been doing this.

But Jade was stubborn, and he tried to be hopeful.

The good news was, Metella was the sotaicho, and despite his being gone way too long no one was likely to bother him as he made his way across the grounds until he reached Ichibantai. He wasn't sure if Metella was around at the moment or not, but going to her office was usually a safe bet because eventually she'd come back from wherever she was, even if she wasn't there when he got there.

It was generally easier than trying to track her across the whole Seireitei. So, yeah, slipping into the office quietly.

Shipper Container / Acre, Jade
« on: Oct 21, 2016, 12:19AM »
Jade is an extremely gentle sort.

Friends overview.

Enemy, frenemy, and rivalry overview.

Lovers and crushes overview.

Current Residence: Rukongai, usually.
Currently Rogue, but returning to the Seireitei soonish. He was in a division. He won't say which one, because he spends all his time in Rukongai and hasn't been to work in a long ass time.
First Division Choice: Probably ichibantai when the time comes, to be near Livia.

Zanpakutou Name: Emerald Tiger
Release Command: "Spring" (in the form of leap/lunge)
Zanpakutou Appearance: It's sealed appearance is a simple katana with a dual-tone green hilt wrapping and a gold colored hilt cap and guard. The sheath is a deep green matching one of the two colors in the hilt wrap.

Shikai Description: Upon release the long katana hilt changes from a standard almost checkerboard design to a solid green with darker green stripes mimicking a tiger's coat pattern. The guard widens slightly but remains circular - though if you were to examine it there is a design of a tiger etched into the guard.
Shikai Abilities:
Crouching Tiger: This is actually a stealth move. Generally quiets Jade's movements, more or less masks his reiatsu in a sense of 'there's nothing here'. The skill is more of the notice-me-not sort of stealth rather than making invisible or anything like it. It just... makes him seem like he belongs.
Storm Tiger: A charge of electrical current travels up the blade as Jade attacks.
Blazing Tiger: An arc of flame is generated following the path of one of Jade's swings.
Frost Tiger: Defensive move. Jade holds the blade point down and generates an ice shield in front of himself. Will survive one direct it.
Bankai Description:  "Tiger of the Emerald Dream" The hilt of the blade takes on the appearance of a tiger etched out of emerald. The front legs curve down under the hilt as a sort of guard, and the back legs curve down and inward to match. The original circular guard is replaced by the tiger's head with it's mouth wide open in a roar. The blade seems to take the place of the creature's tongue. It remains a lightly curved katana blade of blued steel.
Bankai Abilities:

Jade Acre1126| Shinigami | Unknown | Emerald TigerGoteijusantai

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