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2014 / So... Heeey...
« on: Nov 02, 2014, 01:15AM »
August 25

So... he'd gone and asked Yoruichi if she wanted a Lieutenant. And she'd told him to go ask Shunsui. ... and Gin was like, okay, but why? And she goes, because a change of scenery something something boyfriend something can probably threaten him with lack of cuddles something black mail yadda yadda yeah.

And Gin was like . . . I'm gonna regret this probably, but okay. Well, if nothing else, they did at least get along, and... well, Shunsui probably could use a Lieutenant anyway. One that wouldn't get whined and pouted into leaving him to his lazy ways.

Not that Gin necessarily minded, but... ah, deadlines and whatnot. So.

Flopping down in this here chair. Thinking for a moment. "Ey. Ya gotta Lieutenant yet?" Just wondering. Probably not if Yoruichi had sent him this way but it was a better opener.

2014 / Oh Son of a -
« on: Oct 13, 2014, 01:30PM »
February 9
Aaaaiiieeeeee... ow... rolling over and burying our head under the pillow now because it felt better that way. A little, not a whole lot. Ugh. Okay. What... hmm... had a fight with a bottle of vodka.

Apparently, the bottle won.

Tcheh, what day was today anyway? With any luck, today was a day he got off work because oh man going to work like this would really fucking suck. Ugh. Crawling out of bed now, stumbling off to make tea. Yes. ... and he thought that was him cussing under his breath in Russian: Shinso was... he had no idea what Shinso was doing. Ha.

"Drreeeeeeii..." Thunk onto the dining room table. "Shoot me please." Hmm, actually, this kind of felt good...

2014 / Pleasant Buzzing
« on: Oct 12, 2014, 09:30PM »
February 8

Oh, vodka... what a love hate relationship Gin had with it. On the one hand, it was pleasant when it wanted to be. It lured you in, and then when you least expected it, the next morning, that is, it slammed you with a massive migraine. Bah. But he wasn't one to talk much about being sly; after all, he was the same. Maybe that was why he had such a relationship with vodka. It was good, and then it was really bad. Just like him.

Haha. Hum. This glass was not drinking itself. ... well he'd had about five by now, this was the sixth. And he was oddly leaned back against the bar, holding the glass up and watching the color and light dance in the liquid. That was interesting... perhaps too interesting. Yes.

2014 / Somewhere Around Here...
« on: Oct 07, 2014, 03:43PM »
Ahkay, so there was a Drei over here, and he should probably let him know Entei was messing with the living girl he'd been hanging around for a bit there. It wasn't really his problem, and maybe Drei didn't really need to know, but, the living human girl getting wrapped up with Entei, it probably wouldn't necessarily end very well. And Gin was wondering if Ilia had started messing with the girl merely because Drei was.

Drei was smart enough to come to that conclusion on his own, he'd just... not say that.

Hmm... ah, that way. Following the little wisp of Andrei. Yes. It'd been a while since they'd seen one another last, but, well, Kiril had taken it okay. Ah, who of course was coming along too. Gin wouldn't leave Kiril behind for this, they were going to see their brother. So, fft.

Just kind of... finding him... yeah. Ha.

2014 / Fine.
« on: Oct 04, 2014, 11:08PM »
Fine. Just, fine. Okay. Fine. Shinso and Anais were probably right, and he should just, stop and go see Shunsui because, it'd be a good idea. Because they had a few things to talk about. Or, well, typically they would have a few things about here to talk about, and... unfortunately, Gin... really wasn't sure how to handle any of those things.

Not that he really knew how to handle anything at all, any more. Really, he wasn't sure he ever did. It was easy, to claim that he did, but, Gin knew the truth. He didn't. Because it was all emotions and whatnot, and Gin didn't necessarily handle emotions very well.

Nn. But he couldn't avoid him forever. Such was how he'd ended up over here, in the Hachibantai barracks. And he toddled up to the Captain's office, leaning against the door frame.

It was easier, not to say anything. So, he didn't. Not yet.

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