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Shipper Container / Umbrian, Regillus
« on: Oct 19, 2016, 11:26PM »
We all have that one friend. This is that one friend.

Regillus is rather well-known for being particularly outspoken, and somewhat temperamental. He is known to snap over the smallest of things, and can be quite rude, blunt, and not at all the epitome of a well-spoken man. Amid his small list of virtues are his inability to judge others by hearsay and rumor. Regillus has become rather accustomed to the knowledge that only a very small percentage of what is overheard is correct, and as such, will typically take only minor heed to rumors. Ultimately, how he treats you is entirely and thoroughly up to you; Regillus may be your best friend, or he may be your worst enemy, and which one he becomes is ultimately up to you. He gives only what he gets, in that respect. Thereby, he does not take out his temper on those whom did nothing to deserve it, and has, in his time, confused plenty of people by being calmer than they expect.

He is a determined little shit. He will get what he wants, regardless of how long it takes to get it, nor how much of a struggle it turns out to be. When he sets his sights on something, he gives it everything he's got, even well beyond the point where there's anything left to give. Most will know Regillus' walls, first; he's been burned before, and will usually come off aloof and cold in demeanor, sometimes even for those he's known for years. Few are aware of the maelstrom beneath his calm exterior, and yet, that is exactly how he prefers it.

I... really doubt he has any right now. He's probably shoved himself off into a corner of Hueco Mundo and minded his own business up until this point. He does have a driving interest in finding a few people he used to know, though, so he may come out eventually. In the meantime, if you feel like tripping into his territory, and attempting to make friends with him, be my guest.

Well, most of his enemies are dead now, so...

He is flaming gay and happens to be poly, so joy to the world or something. He will eventually end up back with his former boyfriend, Axel, eventually... may take a while, but in the meantime, and even after, if you feel like trying to trip him into another relationship, knock your socks off.
Regillus Umbrian2,118 | Arrancar | Roman | BoreasAlliance of stay tf away from me?

2014 / Strange Ideas
« on: Oct 12, 2014, 01:42PM »
February 6

This... had only taken forever. And it was weird. And he'd had to lie to make it work, but, well, the lying thing, it sucked but it was a big part of it, yes. Because, well sir I'm a dead guy and I think women should live how they want to, away from people that think they're insane, that wasn't going to go over very well.

... at least he knew that well enough to, like, not try?

Err, over here, in the clearing again, waiting. Because he still had no idea where she lived. This time, he wasn't wearing what he usually wore, instead black hakama, a silver kisode and another light blue one over it, lotus patterns across the hems in gold. And of course, Sati had seen fit to stuff him in a breastplate and metal bracers. A couple swords, along with Mathoska's oddly separated halves were strapped to his back.

Today, his name was not Jiva anymore. Instead, it was Kitano Ryoshi. ... Sati had strange, strange naming methods...

2014 / Wandering By
« on: Oct 12, 2014, 01:52AM »
Date: February 2

Errr... hm, well, he knew he was in the right place, so that was a good thing. The problem was, he had no idea where she usually was. So, instead, sitting here, in the little clearing where they'd been the last time, meditating because that was what he did. Mm. At least, Atenra was where he was supposed to be, now, learning proper combat techniques from Sati. Who... was finally above the sand rather than in it.

Yeah, so he hadn't... thought this one through. That was alright, maybe he'd get lucky and catch her reiatsu. She had so little of it though, that wasn't... a promise, by any means. Argh. Ah well. Wasn't like he really had anywhere else to be. Ha. Still, staying here too long could be problematic. At least he could fight for shit?

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